Blockland Forums (lol this sux)

Nitramtj2005-10-03 15:50:36
Yay forums :D, I guess heh
Badspot2005-10-03 16:07:48
JCDenton2005-10-03 17:18:27
woot fourms

Bri Guy2005-10-03 17:51:46
Will you have the stuff from the old forums on the new forum? or is it another complete redo......
Badspot2005-10-03 18:03:44
If they restore the database, I'll have everything that was there. Otherwise I'll have to use my last backup which was like a month ago.

Also I think I'm going to ditch phpBB and just buy a forum package. Any suggestions? WowBB [url][/url] is looking the best right now.
Codejunky2005-10-03 18:18:12
Im surprised that Rob still has his, well he has it hosted for free by a friend. He still didnt come out with TBM 2.0 LOL! Just find a good free message board.
Goron2005-10-03 18:27:45
Codejunky....... not flaming, but the beta for TBM 2.0 has been out for a while now. BTW nice site Badspot.
hello2005-10-03 18:41:08
GET IPB its the best i used it for like 2 years now.. it cost around $200.00 but its real good
Matt Claypotch2005-10-03 18:57:54
I ditched brinkster about 6 months ago for Dreamhost. They reward loyalty (weekly disk space and bandwidth increases!!), and their feature list is second to none. (yeah, that's a shameless referral link, but i seriously recommend them.) I am also an immense fan of blockland.
hello2005-10-03 19:29:46
I want a free host to with FTP and more :P
DarkMonkey2005-10-03 20:07:57
just posting to let everyone know that I will not be posting here, so if someone says it's me their a fake.

That is all
jmkogut2005-10-03 20:25:21
I suggest using vbulletin.
Wedge2005-10-03 20:26:54
It looks nicer then the old forums.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-03 20:30:07
W00t I can finally make a post without having to pay for another e-mail adress!
Wedge2005-10-03 20:31:21
Thats strange... Guess it doesn't list the port then. Thats my brother, everyone!
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-03 20:37:32
Heh... That does prove a problem that we both ahve the same IP...
jmkogut2005-10-03 20:37:53
it r0x0rz
jmkogut2005-10-03 20:38:35
Stupid. Wedge and Snackbar are the smae dudez
jmkogut2005-10-03 20:38:57
Unless you guys are under the same router. Which is highly unlikly
TechHut2005-10-03 20:57:15
Hey guys! Want a blockland forum that you can go to temp?

Unoffical Blockland Forums!
techhut2005-10-03 20:58:27
badspot, use SMF. It is MUCH better than PHPBB, and can habdle much abuse. Great... um.. forums i guess...
techhut2005-10-03 20:59:59
badspot, use SMF. It is MUCH better than PHPBB, and can habdle much abuse. Great... um.. forums i guess...
Ratty2005-10-03 21:00:15
whats the website 4 the RTB forums i usually bookmark it but i replaced my hard drive so yeah
techhut2005-10-03 21:16:59
admiral snakbar and wedege are brothers.

Badspot, as a temp solution, if you want to link to the forum i made as a temperory solution, you could.

Hmm... i wonder if i would even get *close* to me 100GB bandwidth limit...
Badspot2005-10-03 21:18:45
About hosts, uses about 80gb a month, except for february when it did ~510gb and march when it did ~270gb. 30gb/month just wont work and I can't afford to use some place that only gives you 85gb then charges you out the ass when you go over.

I've rented a dedicated server from which gets me 1200gb/month which should be plenty. Plus I can host a serious game server when I need to like for IGC this weekend. Plus theres no content restrictions.
Bleh77772005-10-03 21:20:28
I love no signups...
TechHut2005-10-03 21:25:04
I LOVE geolocation... anyways someone from the northern Us is on the forums... (that is the only info they give is northern, northeastern, southern, etc
Rollface2005-10-03 21:25:27
Rollface2005-10-03 21:26:14
rtb =
Goron2005-10-03 21:39:20
Hello everyone.
MagicPants2005-10-03 22:30:37
Oh snap, I hath returned. All rejoice.
Wedge2005-10-03 22:31:52
Wedge2005-10-03 22:32:14
This is like, the spam page >_>
duh slobber2005-10-03 23:06:36
so when i try connecting all i get through is the "loading datablocks" and then it just sits there. i was only patient enough to wait a few minutes, should i have waited longer?
A FAT NIGGER2005-10-03 23:08:04
2005-10-03 23:15:49
The guy who made TBM (gay)2005-10-03 23:24:06
(IP: 23:25:22
hax ;/
gobbles2005-10-03 23:29:18
yay something i'm not banned from! ^_^
gobbles2005-10-04 00:05:02 they call you sunshine? Because you're blinding me!
Izzy fureel2005-10-04 00:08:01
Hm,this seems like an opportunity for the TBmers who were banned to speak their minds >_>
Badspot2005-10-04 00:09:45
The TBMers who were banned don't speak their minds. They only speak their egos. Thats why they were banned.
Sig Maker2005-10-04 00:48:45
Hey look at my sig i made!
Packer2005-10-04 02:00:38
Use my Forums Have have links to Mods Downloads and a place to add things like Maps and stuff
Badspot2005-10-04 02:30:07
Dont post about your forums anymore.
Packer2005-10-04 02:32:21
Also, go to for free web hosting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's where I host every file I make post! One more thing, SWM DOESN'T SUCK RAT FACE!
*=-zero-=*2005-10-04 02:51:02
well this sucks
Ratty The Hand Puppet2005-10-04 03:20:38
this is my full name and umm u kno what this fucking sucks man lets go flock to the unofficak forms until the forum is back on. seriously and re-post the mods there
Packer2005-10-04 06:24:50
Here that RTB link some ask for
MagicPants2005-10-04 07:07:42
Badspot banned me for being too negative. :(
Goron2005-10-04 09:05:28
Ratty and Packer, stop, we can all tell you are the same people. you have the exact same IP >_>. I like speaking my mind :D
Wedge2005-10-04 09:20:21
Wow, my prediction came true!
Have a nice day everyone.
TheRenderMan2005-10-04 11:16:35
Hey guys its really me and I want to say that StuntBL is back up the forums will be posted soon. And a public beta is coming out next week. Red Giant will be posting the download link on the forums or maybe here.
LOL MAN!2005-10-04 11:17:45
Packer2005-10-04 11:21:29
Wedge2005-10-04 11:43:49
Wedge2005-10-04 11:45:05
Why do TheRenderMan and LOL MAN! have the same IP? Was it am imposter, or SBL seeking a dramatic return?
Sig Hater2005-10-04 13:09:11
Wow..Sig Maker...that's the best sig i've ever seen!
Sig Maker2005-10-04 13:10:49
Thank you! I only used PhotoShop CS2 Trial without any plug-ins or anything to make it look better...i used the trial stuff to make it!
Sig Hater2005-10-04 13:11:06
Sig Maker2005-10-04 13:11:34
stfu SOB and get me some soda, Packer
=(RED)=Packer2005-10-04 13:14:56
Every one can use my Forums in the mean time
DARK2005-10-04 13:30:25
So why are you going to have your own game server for IGS?
Can't you just keep using the GG server?
And I think this is
=(RED)=Packer2005-10-04 13:32:02
Nope! Now that SWM is out i'm going to do my "SWM Barely has any new content. Only the vanala BL stuff and crappy little tiny stuff" Dance/song! *trips on a banana and throws up a groin*
blockland player2005-10-04 13:33:48
i would like to download return to blackland but I can't find it, can you post it here so i can get it?
=(RED)=Packer2005-10-04 13:43:37
Don't use my name your RAT!!!!
=(RED)=Packer2005-10-04 13:53:06
No, it's my name, Mother Fucker. You don't use MY name. Your the dirty RAT! Now go play with yourself if you know what i mean ;)!
Packer2005-10-04 13:58:22
I can tell how I'm real Packer my IP and that I know who is on my SWM Team
RichardCQ2005-10-04 15:12:07
Hm....Let me post the TBM channel's current topic:
* Topic is 'Badspot (IP: - The TBMers who were banned don't speak their minds. They only speak their egos. Thats why they were banned. <-- Hypocrisy!
Its a point of view issue. Try presenting your opinion in a more propper fashion.
Luquado2005-10-04 16:41:06
Whoa. I know kung-fu.
TechHut2005-10-04 18:14:34
Hey guys!!


TechHut2005-10-04 18:45:23
C/mon guys, it is a good backup, and heck if you want a theme for me to downlaod and get, i will get it...

And if someone signs with a name that doesn't belong to them, I will change their name to n00b screwer 01, 02, 03, etc...
Wedge2005-10-04 18:48:58
@ Luquado: Cool.
@ TechHut: Hmmm... Dunno if anybody is going to bother signing up. Yeah go join everyone, I need more people to talk to. The problem is, some one who is not Luquado or Goron or TheRenderMan or Badspot or Packer or anyone else could sign up as them. So sign up as quickly as possible to reserve your screen name, and TechHut will can check your IP with the ones here I guess... Someone could have lied here to, but I don't think that thought had really occured to many people, or at least, not many people tried it. <--- This is the end of my propaganda campaign.

Have a nice day... Again.
Badspot2005-10-04 18:58:33
1. When you say "guys" you're talking to like 3 people. There just arent that many people here
2. Stop advertising your damn forums. Next person to mention their forum gets ip banned.
MCP2005-10-04 19:03:34
TBM FAGGOT2005-10-04 19:04:22
LOL I'm BadSpot2005-10-04 19:06:05
:) lets all create Cookie Monster Stories and we can have fun and i promisse i wont ban you if you make a stupid cookie monster story or i wont delete your post like i did to a persons 20 page long post of the Bum Bum song copied and pasted over and over again cuse i wont do that anymoe
LOL I'm BadSpot2005-10-04 19:07:27
Im a dumb nigger cunt who cant think straight i am dumb doy doy fat niiggger soup fuck a duck i am a gayi love men ilove to fuk little boyus i am dumb faggot badcpot i eat fags i am a fag i eat fags i am a fag i am stupid i created dujmb ga6y game and fag a fag
Speckz2005-10-04 19:07:31
Sigh, we speak our "egos" to stand up for the mod you're bashing.
Rob2005-10-04 19:09:34
Speckz2005-10-04 19:09:41
Why don't you give the beta a try? Oh wait, right, it has "viruses". Sorry, I didn't realize my computer was vulnerable to the rest of the TBM staff.
Rob2005-10-04 19:10:23
Yes, now only if that was me.
Speckz2005-10-04 19:13:13
Wow, without the TBM players, Badspot's forum(s) are full of idiots and spammers. Congrats on that, BS.
Rob2005-10-04 19:14:43
By the way, sir Badspot:
"Next person to mention their forum gets ip banned."

I'd thought you'd figured out by now that IP addresses are by no means a way to prevent someone from accessing public pages.
snot2005-10-04 19:17:40
Badspot2005-10-04 19:18:24
What are you going to prove how cool you are by spamming the page with anon proxies? That'll really show me how good TBM is. Dumbass.
Badspot2005-10-04 19:21:37
Yes, i do. I think my previous post illustrates that quite well.
snot2005-10-04 19:22:41
why cant you be Goodspot instead :(
Speckz2005-10-04 19:24:58
Badspot, it's a public page, not a real forum, you cannot ban us from a public page. Understand?
Speckz2005-10-04 19:27:55
Edit: Why would he do that? He was only pointing out that you made a stupid comment.
MCP2005-10-04 19:30:10
[ see ]
Quote: I'd thought you'd figured out by now that IP addresses are by no means a way to prevent someone from accessing public pages.

Ya, he's tried this on me. You'd think that all those years at VT in web design he would have learned something. BTW Eric why don't you answer your phone?
Badspot2005-10-04 19:31:17
1. It was CS, not web design.
2. You've never called me.
3. I know about anon proxies ok, stop acting like you're going to 'learn me bout teh interwebs.
Rob2005-10-04 19:35:17
"3. I know about anon proxies ok, stop acting like you're going to 'learn me bout teh interwebs."

If you really knew, then why'd you state you could ban folks and pretend like it would be effective? Resorting to scare tactic?

I'd rather like to think I'm not spamming, as all comments are relative to the conversation at hand.
Speckz2005-10-04 19:37:58
It looks like you have the wrong number, MCP.
Badspot2005-10-04 19:38:34
"Resorting to scare tactic?"
Yes. The comment was aimed at Techhut and packer, and they're both idiots.

@MCP: what are you calling my old dorm room or something? lol
MCP2005-10-04 19:41:35

Nope I just called him, and he won't answer. That's so rude. LOL, CS that's not what the registrar said.
Speckz2005-10-04 19:44:06
Give out your phone number, then, Badspot. It could be some fun.
Speckz2005-10-04 19:44:20
Edit: Your REAL phone number.
MCP2005-10-04 19:46:55

What is scarey about calling people? Why is everything a threat with you. Chill out man.
Speckz2005-10-04 19:48:55
[18:41:55] <@MCP> he is a social retard
[18:42:08] <@MCP> that is why he is always pissy and lives with his folks
[18:42:20] <@MCP> he has no friends because he has no idea how to make them or keep them
[18:42:23] <@Speckz> oo

Freedom Of Speech2005-10-04 19:55:54
Ratty 2005-10-04 19:57:14
im not packer whoever just called me that so stfu dont just accuse anyone right away witchout any proof u dumbass
Ratty2005-10-04 19:57:49
you can tell by our IP's
Speckz2005-10-04 19:58:02
What a surprise, Badspot tries to slap the epenor on the keyboard anywhere he is on the Internet.
gobbles2005-10-04 19:58:55
Make love not war! please :(
TechHut2005-10-04 19:58:57
oh boy Badspot, I am offended... not... Anyways I have a list of over 5000 proxies I could easily pick up.

And remember, you piss off many people, and those prople wont buy retail...
Speckz2005-10-04 20:00:00
Tell that to our "loving" hair-brained leader.
Ratty2005-10-04 20:00:02
btw if u play guild wars join -:RED:-
Badspot2005-10-04 20:01:48
If you guys hate me so much, why not just go away? If my forum sucks so much and is full of idiots, why do you keep re-joining it? You're not going to convert me or make me less of an idiot by posting some dribble on the internet.
Speckz2005-10-04 20:02:00
btw if u plai gu!Ld warzzzzz join -:RETARD:-
Badspot2005-10-04 20:02:52
"And remember, you piss off many people, and those prople wont buy retail..."

Wow, you mean the people who hate my guys and have vowed to destroy me wont buy my game? DARN! >:o(
Ratty2005-10-04 20:02:56
even tho we both r in red im a co haha
techhut2005-10-04 20:03:35
Because at least some people have good points like Spekz and MCP.
techhut2005-10-04 20:08:06
lol nice find wedge...
Wedge2005-10-04 20:11:52
Oh, wow, look at the time... I'd better go have dinner before this webpage explodes from all the tension!

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Badspot2005-10-04 20:12:33
nice find? He "found" view->Page Source? ... congrats... i guess.
Wedge2005-10-04 20:13:56
I wonder if I broke the argument... =)
MagicPants2005-10-04 20:16:20
MagicPants2005-10-04 20:16:55
I wish I was a real boy. :'(
Wedge2005-10-04 20:17:40
<div id=commentName>techhut (IP: - 10/4/2005 - 7:08:06 PM</div><div id=commentText>lol nice find wedge...</div>
Badspot2005-10-04 20:19:20
Hey lets play a javascript port of an old dos game that i was working on but didnt finish because the code was this crazy mish mash of JS and ASP [url][/url]
Wedge2005-10-04 20:20:05
Wedge2005-10-04 20:21:44
I need help... How do I un-plug the cistern? Or is no customer support offered?
Speckz2005-10-04 20:59:28
Lol, Techhut, TBMers aren't stupid. Thanks for the compliment. :)
Speckz2005-10-04 21:02:40
Quote: "because people have good points like MCP and Speckz"

Badspot2005-10-04 21:15:36
move with arrow keys, get all the moneybags, head for the blue X. The rocks in the cistern don't chain react properly so you have to climb up and walk past them.
Speckz2005-10-04 21:15:46
Well, give our mod a try. That's all I ask of you.
MagicPants2005-10-04 21:15:52 does not exist.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:16:16
As our President once said-
"Will the highways on the Internet become more few?"
Wedge2005-10-04 21:17:03
Oh, I have to collect all the money bags?
Speckz2005-10-04 21:17:24
I consider President Bush a tremendous idiot. Glad I'm Canadian.
TechHut2005-10-04 21:18:39
Ofcourse TBmers aren't stupid.

Alot of times you bring up great points, the only thing I had against you guys was the exploit. LOL.
Badspot2005-10-04 21:19:12
"Glad I'm Canadian."

heh. I'm not really supposed to say anything, but lets just say everyone will be american soon. :D
Speckz2005-10-04 21:19:59
Don't you mean, "People will be overweight McDonalds addicts soon." ?
Speckz2005-10-04 21:22:06
Either way, I'm feeling a bit of insecurity about now.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:22:17
I've been to Canada. They have a better view of Niagra Falls then America does. Their Coke cans are bilingual too. Actually, everything is. Except in Quebec, where its all in French. Its preety cool.
Speckz2005-10-04 21:23:13
I am living in Ontario.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:23:15
@Speckz: It will pass. Just have to wait to be assimilated properly...
Wedge2005-10-04 21:23:41
Part of my family lives in Windsor.
Speckz2005-10-04 21:23:55
No, I refuse. I'm like that guy in that one movie.
Speckz2005-10-04 21:25:55
You know, where they do that thing, and the guy's all like "I REFUSE".
Wedge2005-10-04 21:27:38
I am afraid not. Sorry, lol, I am not good at remembering stuff from movies.
Speckz2005-10-04 21:29:38
Well, I'm going back to work on my Deathmatch mod for TBM.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:33:43
Speckz2005-10-04 21:34:03
Speckz2005-10-04 21:38:01
Someone, join me in IRC, I am lonely.
techHut2005-10-04 21:40:58
I hate having suck a moron for a president. Sadly the majority of voters chose him.
Ace232005-10-04 22:04:49
i played blockland a while back but then stopped. Now I come back to c how it's doing and it's practicly dead:(
Ace232005-10-04 22:05:07
this sucks
Ace232005-10-04 22:07:40
The game had such promise.....
Ace232005-10-04 22:08:34
By the way, is the retail ver. out yet Badspot?
Ace232005-10-04 22:20:45
some1 anser plz
Ace232005-10-04 22:21:13
some1 anser plz
HUUHHHH2005-10-04 22:36:52
how do you save a game?
Luquado2005-10-04 22:40:40
Ace23 said:
i played blockland a while back but then stopped. Now I come back to c how it's doing and it's practicly dead:( this sucks
Meh, 002's been out for about 8 months now, most games don't even make it that long.
BJway Bandit2005-10-04 22:44:29
hey badspot I could always host your forum for free and you could have full access to your own database
MagicPants2005-10-04 23:31:09

Strider2005-10-04 23:35:59
Where do I get the newest version of whatever the most common mod or something man
Plague2005-10-05 02:22:41
I would just like to mention that the TBM fanbase is growing.
Because more people are figuring out there is no exploit/virus in 2.0.

Also the Exploit script was only in the "TBMcomplete" download on the website,and all of those who updated from 1.0 were not affected.
And finally the exploit was never actually activated,and is nothing but useless code. :D

I have used TBM since before 1.0 and I have never felt threteaned by the mod.
I feel that it brings a variety of new and interesting features to Blockland.
And even though mods like RTB and AiO have their useful qualities, TBM has shown a higher quality of work and attention to detail that I admire.

The things they have done in only MCP's beta are awe inspiring,in terms of Blockland Modding.
And though we all may get frustrated at some times, we want to be trusted by our
And any scripts that may have been harmful in 1.0 have long since been removed.

The only thing TBMers have included in their work, is a simple script that checks to make sure it's being used in TBM,and cannot be execed outside of TBM.
Badspot2005-10-05 02:51:16
"Because more people are figuring out there is no exploit/virus in 2.0."

More like, "no one has found it yet" am i right?
DARK2005-10-05 03:09:52
@Dark ...yea...
@BS: Why dont we get a free bullitin or something?
DARK2005-10-05 03:16:05
@Ace 23: You'll be surprised what happended while you were gone.
MCP2005-10-05 04:07:34
BS knows good any well there is nothing in TBM like he claims, but he does however pride himself on his ability to be a pernicious cunt.
Badspot2005-10-05 04:21:09
MCP, on the other hand, prides himself on his ability to put $6 words like "pernicious" in front of common expletives.

My claims about TBM are backed up by independent experts.
Sorthy359 aka hax0rd2005-10-05 04:29:45
badspot, ever think about using a torrent or somethin? And maybe bumping up a few mirror's.. On the download page, you could make a php script to randomly change the download link to whatever mirror(would be un noticeable though).. So it would all be equal and people wouldnt always choose mirror #1 or whatever. As long as you have trustful people to host your mirror's. ;)

With this thing below as i mentioned above, you should order a few of those packages in my opinion.. Maybe like 3 or 4.. Or make some sort of deal with them so you can have enough bandwidth on mirror's.

Power Reseller
4,000 MB Space
30,000 MB Bandwidth
Unlimited mySQL, E-Mails, FTP Accounts
PHP, CGI, SSL Support
CPanel/Reseller WHM with Fantastico & RVSkin
Unlimited Accounts!

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Annually: $34.99 For Your First Year, $69.99 For Every Year After

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hax0rd2005-10-05 04:31:52
Oops, i meant ordering about 3 of the power resellers or whatever as mirrors.. or 4.. Plus with that, you could also make forums with it of course..(php, mysql, ftp, etc)..
Badspot2005-10-05 04:34:47
You know how lame it is to keep posting your referral link with a huge spammish ad like that? Whats next? Are you going to post one of those 'free ipod' schemes?
Plague2005-10-05 04:59:35
I have worked with the TBM crew,and hung out with them in the IRC.
And I can assure you,that the only "exploit-like" code is a simple script that calls for the folder the mod is in.

It checks to make sure it's in the TBM folder before executing the .cs
This keeps TBM's more private scripts from being ported to other mods.
Badspot2005-10-05 05:25:31
Yeah I remember hearing assurances like that when the exploit was first discovered
Packer2005-10-05 06:05:24
I never new what was wrouge with TBM is it some thing that lets them hack into your computer or some thing???
Badspot2005-10-05 06:41:57
There's a backdoor function that allows them to upload and execute any script to any server, regardless of admin status. They claim that the exploit was only activated if the user stole code from tbm, but in reality it would be activated on any user's server that had aio installed.
TechHut2005-10-05 07:06:40
Actually with a prev. point, on the forums you guys seem... very egotistical...
MagicPants2005-10-05 07:10:11
Techhut fails trying to use a big word.
snot2005-10-05 08:54:39
why cant you be Goodspot :(
Packer2005-10-05 11:34:16
Any news on the new forums Badspot
Badspot2005-10-05 13:51:28
The most common mod by far is RTB.

It can be found here: [url][/url]
TheRenderMan2005-10-05 13:53:13
Wedge (IP: - 10/4/2005 - 10:45:05 AM

Why do TheRenderMan and LOL MAN! have the same IP? Was it am imposter, or SBL seeking a dramatic return?

Dramatic return lol maybe, but Chris why arnt you on AIM anymore? LOL Now you can tell its me! LOLOLOLOL! Also the forums are back up!
Plague2005-10-05 13:59:03
If anyone was that worried abnout the exploit,I wouls suggest keeping TBM in a seperate folder from AiO.

Though I can assure you,I have no reason to lie about an exploit.
The whole reaon we have the scripts DSO'ed is to keep the code from being stolen.
There is no reason for an exploit in a mod with DSO's for scripts.
AcidFire2005-10-05 14:11:00
AcidFire2005-10-05 14:12:34
wow.....everyones ip shows up next to there name..... is that legal?
AcidFire2005-10-05 14:12:57
well, that dont matter cause IM NOT ON MY NORMAL COMP!
MagicPants2005-10-05 15:28:50
Too bad you're still a giant fag.
Cam2005-10-05 15:39:03
Havent played in a while, where is the 1.6 mod?
w00t2005-10-05 16:02:20
i like cookies, GIVE ME SOME
Plague2005-10-05 16:04:59

BLM 1.6 is long gone.
You can still get it at but you should try getting a newer mod like TBM or RTB

I recommend TBM because of all the amazing features it includes :D
Aloshi2005-10-05 16:59:28
When I choose "Join Server" from the main menu, then push "Query Master", the loading indication thingy comes up, but then disapears VERY fast, and it show NO servers! I know there is a dedicated server, but THAT isn't even showing up! GRRRRRR! WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?! I use RTB, on a very fast computer (Can run RTB fine), fast internet connection. How annoying this is... :(

Please help!
Speckz2005-10-05 16:59:59
Stop advertising, Plague, people can pick for themselves.
Badspot2005-10-05 17:54:50
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
Wedge2005-10-05 18:06:28
Check your internet connection.
Then, re-download RTB. Thats all I can think of.
Sig Maker2005-10-05 18:11:19 MY SIG ROCKS YO TINY LITTLE WORLD! NOW LISTEN TO THIS! ~farts~
Xiath2005-10-05 18:23:43
This place scares me now,all there is is people ranting about everything. Why can't we be friends?!
Speckz2005-10-05 18:33:34
People like Badspot can be sued for slander and defamation of character.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 18:33:41
Come on everyone, can't we all just get along? Come on! Let's go do something else besides sit on the computer all day! Let's go out, and do something important, like a Save the Whales campaign!
Speckz2005-10-05 18:34:51
Or we can go play Blockland TBM and build ourselves a great big castle.
Xiath2005-10-05 18:36:48
I'm in, let's go!
MCP2005-10-05 18:43:01
Or me and Magicpants can go be the ostentatious stiff necks we are!
Speckz2005-10-05 18:43:46
Xiath, come to #dtb on (IRC)

You can beta test some stuff for me.
Aloshi2005-10-05 18:49:49
I re-downloaded / installed RTB AND BlockLand. It is detecting a few servers, but not all of them (I check to see if it has all the dedicated servers). Dang! :(
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 18:53:23
Maybe that's all there is up...
Xiath2005-10-05 19:02:21
Speckz, get on AIM need your help. *N00b at IRC*
Speckz2005-10-05 19:13:28
k. I have a new AIM. Add LordSpeckz
Ratty2005-10-05 19:44:35
I hate u all
Maveric2005-10-05 19:44:49
It's about time Badspot got a host that works. Hopefully we won't have to repost everything...
Ace232005-10-05 19:47:12
where can i find a TBM Mod pack?
Ratty 2005-10-05 19:48:00
wish u can all go to hell u bastards except 4 some people
Ace232005-10-05 19:51:06
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 19:51:28
Woah, someone's a bit touchy. Apparently that guy doesn't have anything against the rest of the TBM team... Just MCP and MagicPants
Ace232005-10-05 19:51:40
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 19:52:49
If you want the TBM mod pack, as Ratty says, just go to their site.
Ratty 2005-10-05 19:53:27
btw you let the dead get in!!!!
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 20:00:41
That's completely random...
?2005-10-05 20:30:55
Sig Maker2005-10-05 20:31:29
Sig Maker2005-10-05 20:32:05
i don't mean take it from me i mean as in a punch of it in yo face!
LOL I'm BadSpot2005-10-05 21:20:09
Thing Knower2005-10-05 21:36:20
1. It's Badspot, not BADSPOT.
2. This thing shows your IP, so we see it's not Badspots IP.
3. Stop with the impersonating, Retard.
Thing Knower Fan2005-10-05 21:37:20
*claps* You know everything, Thing Knower! *claps*
BJway Bandit2005-10-05 21:57:34
OK badspot here are the details if i host the forum for you

*it is free for you and you only except the members
*you get your own database
*I wont interfeir with the forum unless it is for a good reason and you are aware of it
*over 100 gigs of bandwidth
*you are admin
*same as always after that
LUEshi2005-10-05 22:46:35
Spam Hater2005-10-05 22:48:54
Spam Hater2005-10-05 22:49:35
But that is cool but IT IS SPAM BITCH!
(IP: 23:14:10
This is mainly commants for a picture :D
MagicPants2005-10-05 23:31:18
LUE sucks, LUELinks sucks, and LUEshi sucks.

Use TBM.
Pure Anger2005-10-05 23:33:13
CMen2005-10-06 02:58:07
..... wow
you think this might never end
CMen 2005-10-06 02:58:38
damn i have an unknown IP
CMen2005-10-06 03:12:04
ok who the fuck is eric?????
the name eric pisses me off abit

now i need to kill someone
snot2005-10-06 03:54:36
eric = Badspot
Badspot2005-10-06 04:24:02
This page is awesome. From now when ever anyone asks me why I'm so mean, I can just point to this page and say "look what I'm dealing with here". I can't wait to see what this looks like when I get back from igc.
TechHut2005-10-06 07:32:44
2 Things...

1) What is IGC

and 2) how was it?
TBMRox2005-10-06 11:12:10
I am a fan of TBM. Why don't you like TBM Badspot?
TheRenderMan2005-10-06 11:13:40
QUOTE BADSPOT: This page is awesome. From now when ever anyone asks me why I'm so mean, I can just point to this page and say "look what I'm dealing with here".

This is what it was like when we had no banned people lol. Now see what is going on.
AshTR2005-10-06 14:36:34
You could go for free boards instead, Badspot, like or
Luquado2005-10-06 15:01:55
You're going to IGC tomorrow? Are you just going or is GG setting you up with booth space?
LUEshi2005-10-06 16:39:23
lol MP doesn't know wtf a LUEshi is or were it's from :P Yet he trys to make it seam like he does. And no I don't want to use tbm, your adds wont change my mind on it so easily.
Nitramtj2005-10-06 17:19:06
Badspot doesn't like tbm because of how mcp and rob have acted in the forums in the past, they were normally acting like gods all the time, and it was annoying, they also had that exploit, and I think he thought that went too far so he banned them, though I would think that he would think tbm has some good coding at least, but basically, the way the creators have acted, thats why a lot of us havn't switched to tbm, and why rtb is still here.
a dude2005-10-06 17:53:56
Badspot created teh game. Your mother created you. would you treat your mother like this? :D
Codejunky2005-10-06 18:34:10
Wedge2005-10-06 19:02:34
Modding your mother?
xej2005-10-06 19:05:42
TBM owns, plain and simple.
All these accusations are bullshit and TBM owns.
And badspot sucks.
Wedge2005-10-06 19:20:34
Start>Control Panel>Network Connections

Right click Local Area Connections and click disable.

MagicPants2005-10-06 19:36:06
@ LUEshi (IP: - 10/6/2005 - 3:39:23 PM
lol MP doesn't know wtf a LUEshi is or were it's from :P Yet he trys to make it seam like he does. And no I don't want to use tbm, your adds wont change my mind on it so easily.

Board 42, I believe on the GameFAQs message boards. Also known as the cesspool of the internet.
MagicPants2005-10-06 19:37:24
Also, visit these sites
BJway Bandit2005-10-06 19:43:42
or people who don't want to talk about badspot can go here
techhut2005-10-06 20:01:31
BJ, watch out, Badspot may go loco since you have a link to a forum... Anyways whoever suggested proboards... just die. Poor Boards basicly shouts out "I Can't adminitrate MY OWN forum and I need someone else to host it who i dont know and I like to have the same board as many other teens!!!"
BJway Bandit2005-10-06 20:14:07
oh shit i did not mean this

or people who don't want to talk about badspot can go here

I meant the people who don't want to talk about blockland and just want to talk about technology can go there if you want to talk about blockland don't go there
Ratty2005-10-06 21:04:25
Now i will magically change my ip wait 4 me to post again
Ratty2005-10-06 21:08:34
mr dude 2005-10-06 21:30:55
omg rtb ran off and left me
MagicPants2005-10-06 22:54:27
Use TBM.
MCP2005-10-06 23:25:11
That is me -->
LOL, you guys kill me. So much anger and hate for no reason at all. Pretty sad really. Wow, BS is going to IGC too? I am so bringing my camera. If you didn't register in advance you can forget about coming too, but if you wait outside with a sign I will be sure to drag Eric's inebriated unconscious body for you to take pictures with in comprimising positions.
Ace232005-10-06 23:38:48
i am using TBM, but for some reason i can't select a block fron my invatory at the bottom of the screen
Ace232005-10-06 23:39:28
Any help?
Ace232005-10-06 23:41:07
sorry for being stupid
hax0rd2005-10-07 00:14:03
i wasn't advertising a site of mine.
It isn't owned by anybody i know. Sorry for tryin to help bro :)
VerticalHorizon2005-10-07 00:15:37
Hey gang, holy shit, cant wat till the real forums back up. But yeah, my comps bugged, and I need some help: Why dosent blockland work on my laptop? I mean, i just got Service Pack 2 and everyting, Thermoman, if your out there: WHY?! Well, this was a shitty way to come back to the community, oh well. TCM was going so well and *phht*, comp dies to death. BUT, I put it on File Front before for safe keeping so, if the TCM crew is reading this: Do not worry, the base is still saved, but the new stuffs needs to be modelled AGAIN, so very sorry I did not see this in the future, but at least we still go the base. VerticalHorizon signing off.
MCP2005-10-07 00:23:10
That is what he does hax0rd. Fairly common action for Ricky Blocko.
Some random guy2005-10-07 08:05:26
There ya go.
test guy2005-10-07 13:33:10
hey wats the site for the return to blockland mod?
test guy2005-10-07 13:33:16
hey wats the site for the return to blockland mod? thanx
Wedge2005-10-07 16:01:17
Wow, an IP beginning with a single digit! Haven't seen many of those.
Firefly2005-10-07 18:39:18
OMG amazing! Anyways Badspot stop being a bad gay. We all know your a queer.
gnat2005-10-07 19:44:56
Yo eric, if you need a new bulletin board skinned and integrated into your site, feel free to check out what I can offer you:
gnat2005-10-07 19:48:23
PS, if you need some cheap, reliable hosting, check out and/or I use them both and can vouch for them.
BJway Bandit2005-10-07 20:14:15
hey MCP you are so full of your self and you think that you are better than badspot but with nothing behind your accusations. Put your money were your mouth is and make your own god damn game that is both innovative and fun instead of saying you are better than a person who has made their own game that is very popular. So either shut the fuck up or prove you have a reason to be a bitch
BJway Bandit2005-10-07 20:26:21
Ratty2005-10-07 20:28:57
Did he leave yet?
Wedge2005-10-07 21:46:55
Welcome to the Duchy of Milan!
BJway Bandit2005-10-07 21:49:30
Hey Wedge and why is it so quiet did everyone read the pot above lol
Wedge2005-10-07 21:58:24
Skia2005-10-07 23:14:41
MCP2005-10-07 23:21:31
i have 2 addmit... im gay
Google2005-10-07 23:56:13
VerticalHorizon2005-10-08 00:02:12
Hey gang, I have a forum you can post on :) Its: I havent been working on it since noone goes there, so if yall wanna come and use that one so we have a organized place to post, id be happy to work on it again, the only thing bad is the banner is outdated, anyways, please come, i know its better then this shit.
pfffffftt2005-10-08 00:46:39
Pfffftt WTF IS THIS???? Heh badspot you still are trying to be all know what? YOU AINT SHIT!
2005-10-08 00:47:49
Wizzard12005-10-08 00:51:32
Aw man, I finally got my computer back and THIS is what I find? Oh well, I changed my IP :-) No more noobs! I'll catch you all later. Everybody who knows my email or AIM SN can still get me there, I now will be going back on Blockland every now and then.
Wizzard12005-10-08 00:52:47
Oh, and I dont like how the IPs are showing :-P I like keeping my old one a secret, I guess this one is blown now as well.
2005-10-08 00:56:37
Skia (IP: - 10/7/2005 - 10:14:41 PM

Eric is out suck dicks
2005-10-08 00:56:57
MCP2005-10-08 04:30:13
Bjway, you really need to chill out and do a little growing up man. So do your little followers.
DARK2005-10-08 06:47:45
@Skit: Eric Heartman is Badspot.
@"MCP": I\/ICP d0tn \/\/ Iike this.
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 07:21:04
Dis be me... no really its me.. or tits it?
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 07:24:16
hey pffft or who ever the fuck you really are.... he is big and bad cuz.. if he wasn't "bad" you wouldn't have anything to do aside from watch gay porn and jackoff that is wat u do with 75% of ur time anyway... Pfffft Jerkoffski
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 07:29:55
ok for all these impersonators your a bunch of morons....
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 07:35:29
ok as i read through this forum i see alot of "TBMer's" talking "smack" on badspot... but if it wasn't for him your stupid, ugly, dumb, ignorant, fat asses wouldn't have any damn mod now would you? oh i didn't think so... you had a good thing and you ruined it like a bunch of "FUCKTARDS" and btw.... the "TBM" race is nothing more than a bunch of old men (despite wat they say) trying to get back in the game.... they're never gonna get back in... so give it up we're tired of it so go home and fuck each other.... ya fuckin' goddamn bunch of idiots.
Luquado2005-10-08 07:50:39
ya fuckin' goddamn bunch of idiots
Unlike you, of course, who are the pinnacle of human intellect, as evidenced by your rant.
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 08:41:30
I might not be grammarly intellected on the internet, talk to me in person and you might see other wise, and you are the pinnacle of human intellect? I highly doubt that.
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 08:42:26
Notice: He doesn't "attack" my other comments... and attacks my grammar...
TechHut2005-10-08 09:26:33
Woah! Everybody take a breather now..

And all this impersonating is just crap. I, as some others check IPs... with previous posts...
MagicPants2005-10-08 09:32:56
If you notice Mr. Dumbass, the only TBM user who has even mentioned BS in a bad way is MCP when he said he would get pictures at the festival.

I'm not talking about the new TBM users, I'm talking about the loyalists.
Doo Dee
Green Lantern

None of those people have said anything negative, minus MCP's little comment. Also, you're a fucking dumbas Venom. Learn to type, and please go away die.
MagicPants2005-10-08 09:34:44
Hmm...I could have swore I had "and" in there somewhere.

*...please go away and die
Wedge2005-10-08 10:27:43
@Venom- Not cool. Go swallow a couple of ice cubes, like the round ones you get on airplanes that always of the little hole in them. Got eat one, or two, or thirty.
@MagicPants- Good, but try to exert some control over the idiots in your community. Or something like that.
@Badspot- Can you have this wrap onto other pages, or delete some?
@TechHut- ...
@Wizard1- YAY! Don't know your AIM, but I'm glad you are back.
@IP: This is an example of one of MagicPants's points, that there are a few terminal idiots in their community.

@Everyone Else- NO MORE FORUM ADS! I WILL RIP YOUR EYES OUT. Not serious about that last comment, but I would appreciate it if you would please stop. They have, like, 3 people on them, and if you haven't been able to tell yet, BadSpot doesn't want them.
Wedge2005-10-08 10:28:45
EDIT: Maybe thats not what MagicPants meant, but that is what I interpreted it as.
^RM^Venom-AK2005-10-08 12:09:35
Right, and a couple of quotes from the forum...

Speckz:Wow, without the TBM players, Badspot's forum(s) are full of idiots and spammers. Congrats on that, BS. (not positive, negative magicpants you dumbass)

Speckz: Tell that to our "loving" hair-brained leader.(talking directly to BS, magicpants once again you dumbass learn how to read)
Penis2005-10-08 12:21:06
Penis2005-10-08 12:21:30
Pen is2005-10-08 12:21:40
Pen is
Pen is C2005-10-08 12:21:58
Pen is C
Pen is Co2005-10-08 12:22:10
Pen is Coc
Pen is Cock2005-10-08 12:22:21
Pen is Cock
Pen is Cockeral2005-10-08 12:22:34
Pen is Cockeral
DarkMonkey2005-10-08 12:23:49
I am a monkey, whom is dark
SpamMonkey2005-10-08 12:24:41
I am a monkey, whom is spam
MoneyMonkey2005-10-08 12:25:04
I am a monkey, whom needs a hard spankin'
Wedge2005-10-08 12:29:23
I didn't say anything about them, well, actually I did, but my main point was CHILL OUT.

TBM and BadSpot will always hate eachother, I'd just prefer it if they kept it to their own, individual, forums. TBM might not be saying a lot here, but they do on their own forums, which is fine, as long as it stays there. Same with the couple of people here posting about how TBM sucks.

Since now the two communities are now together, it would probably be best to keep your opinions to yourself, as you will immediatley be flamed by someone else, and, apparently, people don't seem to understand that everyone on this forum is an actual person, not just some bot who likes to absorb all your insults and responds with some kind of pre-determined response, so you need to use TACT.
MagicPants2005-10-08 12:34:42
Oh Wedge, you're such a peace keeper. It warms my heart.
2005-10-08 13:07:39
TBMRox (IP: - 10/6/2005 - 10:12:10 AM
I am a fan of TBM. Why don't you like TBM Badspot?

He's a gay nazi
Luquado2005-10-08 13:58:49
Hey Venom, maybe I didn't reply to the rest of your comments because I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form, here, bucko. Maybe I just attacked your grammar because nothing you said was of any substance.

But, hey, if it makes you feel better about yourself in your tiny little world like you're some kind of man, feel free to keep mashing on your keyboard. I'll pop in every now and then with remarks like this tinged with sarcasm when I take breaks from what "old people" do - y'know, working, making cash, and later on tonight going out to have some fun. In the meantime, quick question: what have *you* ever made that didn't suck for Blockland? Hm.
GoodSpot2005-10-08 14:15:51
I am BadSpot's arch nemesis and good twin.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-08 15:20:25
I thought there was some good in the world, but then I came here. The Blockland Forums are the zenith of Petty Flame wars and Stupidity. I mean there are several good people out there, like TRM, Gobbles, and Wedge. But they're are plenty of idiots out there who either can't form a sentence correctly, or they won't let issues drop. Why can't we all just sit down in a circle and star singing Kumbayah?
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 15:22:07
MCP I haven't been disagreed with about my rant yet even you did not disagree
LOL I'm BadSpot2005-10-08 18:29:46
I'm a big stinker
sargent(sk) aka mr man2005-10-08 18:41:39
i do use tbm but i cant update every time i try it says illegal operation
sargent(sk) 2005-10-08 18:43:45
2 more percent until rtb 3.0
Samui Hakai2005-10-08 19:04:50
hmmm much has happened while I was gone, oh well... I feel sorry for you badspot, people just keep minorly editing your game and calling it there own. What do you get in return? just a bunch of insults.
Luquado2005-10-08 19:18:09
Neither RTB nor TBM are "minor edits," bub.
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 19:41:12
Neither is the New AiO-R
some body2005-10-08 20:06:32
where do i go to download things for blockland????
Goron2005-10-08 22:04:16
MP, you didn't add me, I'm loyal to TBM :'( I'm now going to cry.
sanity2005-10-08 23:57:26
AiO has been dead since the giant black cock in BJ's eardrum moved a fatal nudge, damaging on the part of his brain that controls any sort of reasoning, and swelling the part that controls his five-year old ego. You can't be so confident and yet know you're a power-whore at the same time. Go walk into a fire.
VerticalHorizon2005-10-09 00:05:09
Come on to my forums! So we have an organized place to post!
MCP2005-10-09 02:42:49
Luquado "I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form"
That is the funniest thing I have read on here so far. Oh and someone tell BJ that he isn't worth responding too. Some people only want to pick fights with people they are fairly sure they will never see in person, and that is just childish. BTW sanity, I got an awesome mountable fire effect going incase you want to come on my server some time and get set on fire for fun. I'll be adding in mountable lights and light switches as well as mountable weps and trigger switches, and the newest emitter effect mounter switches. Might make things more interesting.
Vertical's Friend2005-10-09 02:45:23
LOL I'm BadSpot2005-10-09 08:35:48
I have a 10 inch cock in my verterbone
Sinister2005-10-09 08:38:39
Hey Vertical's friend, you are also Packer, spam hater, ?, sig maker, sig hater, thing knower, thing knower fan and pure anger
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-09 12:19:17
Alas, this forum is sinking down to the bottom of the social cesspool. It is quite a pity thinking about how the brilliant people out there are acting like a bunch of three year-olds whinig about who's toy is who's. I mean, you could almost see some of these people shouting, "MINE!" because someone took there stuff without permission. It's just stupid. Why can't you all act like civalized people. I mean MCP, you're what, twenty-four? Why can't you act your age? It's almost pathetic thinking about how a brillaint Coder like you can't deal with a people stealing your stuff. I admit that it might be wrong, but ti's just a free game! I mean it's not like tehy went out and slaughtered your family like dogs. They just took some meaningless code from you and put it in your game without giving you credit. I mean it's stupid on everyone's part. I mean, you should all just grow up and get on with your life.
Also,why cna't we just go back to the essentials of Blockland, building. Note that I didn't say whinig about exploits, or about people stealing things. I said building. Whoever can return Blockland to what it is, than kudos to you. And if it's good, people will use it. There's no sense in trying to "convert" people to one side or the other. Most people are stubborn and won't change their opinions. I mean, there's no need to use Gestapo tactics against each other. Can't you all co-exist? Can't the Lion lay down with the Lamb?
Skia2005-10-09 12:32:37
i use tbm y rnt i on that list oh yeah I NOT A F****ing MODER!!
Skia2005-10-09 12:34:01
u all suck
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-09 12:55:05
MagicPants specifically said it was for the "Loyalists", people who had supported TBM even when the "exploit" was found. The exploit didn't do anything bad to computer other than fry AIO users, using scripts to delete things or to shut down servers. I don't really know which, and I don't care to find out from TBM users or other mod users.
Bleh77772005-10-09 13:23:18
Master Server seems to be down.
Bleh77772005-10-09 13:23:57
Now its back up.
BJway Bandit2005-10-09 14:26:30
Santiy your just pissed because we were going to kick you off the team because you did not do anything except host servers and make a website. Even then you did not add the people to the teams page when we asked.
hitm4n2005-10-09 15:16:01
phpBB is fine so long as its hosted on an ok server. You make regular (monthly) backups of the database and you add extra security plugins. There are a million mods for it and some very tasty skins. Plus its free... I say stick with it, and save some money.
Bleh77772005-10-09 15:34:34
Anyone getting BS's AoT server on their list?
MCP2005-10-09 15:55:14
Admiral Snackbar obviously you never read anything I actually say. Get an opinion of your own. Also, if I copied a 15 page research paper you did for school and presented it as my own to your teacher before you turned yours and claimed up and down it was my own, what would happen? Obviously the paper is for free since you don't get paid to write it and it is just for a class that isn't going to mean anything in the future. Seems to me you obviously don't understand how annoying it is to have your work stolen and then have someone else put their name on it. We at TBM never said that we would be opposed to someone asking to use our code and leaving our names on it. This has been done with various portions of code such as the persistence code since its original inception. However, I release one snippet or portion of code and people like Red_eye and therenderman take it and put their name on it like they came up with it on their own. It is just rude and hateful, and no matter how old I get, abiding this behavior is beyond me. I've never been very forgiving of malicious theft. Guess I will have to pray for help on that one, but until then my more brilliant stuff will be DSO'ed and protected. Hate it for all you that would like to put your name on it.
Ratty2005-10-09 17:25:50
I sure missed alot while i was in the california farmlands. lost... with a flat...
Ratty 2005-10-09 17:26:26
and JC suck it
JCDenton2005-10-09 17:28:38
Ratty2005-10-09 17:30:40
This feels like a fucking reality show on the internet like The Real World and this would be the Internet season
Ratty2005-10-09 17:32:27
with a cast of 25 or so
MCP2005-10-09 18:16:18
its me again and im a child pornographer and i must say badspot ive been stalking u since the 3rd grade and i have to say... i love you
techhut2005-10-09 19:28:52
BadSpot, what is teh progress of the forum?
Ratty2005-10-09 19:56:03
Ppl will report you MCP unleiss im devoid of charcasm
Ratty2005-10-09 19:58:05
I seriously have to move to Asia
ClavaTon2005-10-09 20:29:38
Badspot dont use wowbb you have to pay for it it expires
Bri Guy2005-10-09 20:40:01
This forum is probably even worse than you thought it would be Badspot...
MagicPants2005-10-09 21:09:08
Bri Guy makes shitty space maps because he can't make skyboxes.
ASS2005-10-09 22:46:04

BTW use pph4free for the forums
Speckz2005-10-09 23:43:16
Yeah BJ. He's pissed because he's not on the AiO team. I'm sure he regrets leaving the oh, so, intelligent AiO team. Even I think he is a retard for deciding to use the AiO mod in the first place. And, hopping on MCP's server,
(join/leave). Wasn't too smart. Still, I'd rather if we could all play TBM together. Except Ratty, Bri Guy, JC Denton and the AiO team. <--- They suck.z
Mixmasta2005-10-10 06:38:58
I'm Mixmasta.
DARK2005-10-10 09:39:35
This is stupid.
I can't see my last "post"!!!
And you can't know if the person that posted is who he claims.
Terminal582005-10-10 09:55:20
I like pie
bob2005-10-10 13:17:18
I like pie
Skia2005-10-10 13:41:28
fyi i donot like sking i never been sking and never will and "Skia" is Greek for shade not like you care
Ratty2005-10-10 13:50:30
If BS dosent put up a forum in like 4 weeks ill be happy to make a real forum by 2 weeks
Ratty2005-10-10 13:54:08
and ill be happy to accept some moderators in advance so just IM me and you will be pick by reputation and relationship and there are some front runners in mind you know who you are
Ratty2005-10-10 13:54:59
btw Ratty0570
Ratty2005-10-10 13:58:15
and unlike the offical forums we will have Avatars and Signatures if i can
Ratty2005-10-10 13:58:41
yep half baked
Wedge2005-10-10 14:19:55
leg godt
Ratty 2005-10-10 14:45:21
at least you can see ppls IP
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-10 15:01:51
MCP, I think I'll use a defense of your own. That everyone has their own fingerprint. Their own style of writing, or in your case, coding. Therefore, if you turned in a Fifteen page term paper written by me, not only would it differ from your writing style, it would also have my name on it. Therefore, if someone stole your code, they can't call it their own because it would clearly have some of the same things as your code. Otherwise, they would have to change things so many times so that it effectively becomes theirs.
Luquado2005-10-10 15:45:30
Except that the code MCP is talking about does bear those fingerprints but still was claimed to be written by someone else.
Creepy2005-10-10 16:08:32
wow this is pointless
0_02005-10-10 16:09:39
Really pointless
__________2005-10-10 16:10:02
Wedge2005-10-10 16:17:48
I'm trying to remember exactly what was stolen. Some code for a vehicle and some bricks in AIO? As well as some maps, like BL-Fridge? As well as the inventory code in RTB, although I still have not seen the TBM RC inventory code, and no longer have a version of it, so I am not sure what was stolen. The maps, if I am correct, no one took credit for, as they kept non-descriptive descriptions, with no clues as to their authors, we can only assume that it was the AIO crew. It was a stolen interior placed into the mod, and then re-distributed, which is where the problem lays, as they didn't claim to make the maps. The TBM copter was obvious, no one could claim it was theirs, escpecially when you went to place it in the world editor, and said TBMcpoter. So clearly, that was stolen. Now, the bricks. In their inventory spawns, it said "no one may re-distribute these", although they were clearly re-dstributing it, and semi-claiming ownership through the statement. One can assume they also used TBM's .dts files too, although this is probably fairly difficult to prove. The code was hidden in car.cs. This clearly shows that AIO had stolen some things, although you can not claim to have an "all-in-one" mod without doing so. Its still wrong though.

Now in RTB, was the theft of logic or code? I have looked at their inventory system, and I think I figured it out. Basically, a file tells the game that it has 10 inventory slots. Another file tells it that there are specific items in a slot, and that you may scroll through them. Some other file, which I have not yet found, tells which items go in which slot. Now, did RTB steal the logic or the code?

Also, as to MCP's statement about SBL using TBM's code, I believe he is mistaken. We used all of RTB's code to test vehicles and stuff, but when SBL comes out, it will have its own code and stuff, probably more similiar to BLM.

Finally, a quick address. Admiral Snackbar has the same IP, if anyone hasn't noticed, as me. I've said this before, and I am going to repeat it, Admiral Sncakbar is my brother. I may not hold the same opinions as him, nor am I responsible for his actions.

If you choose not to belive what I said, then so be it, do not argue with me on this subject.
Wedge2005-10-10 16:19:02
@Creepy, 00, and _____.

Everyone can see your IP, and know its the same person, so don't spam posts agreeing with yourself.
Wedge2005-10-10 16:38:27
This forum now officially takes up 424 lines of text in the page source... Give or take 10 lines.
We should have a party on the 500th.
Bri Guy2005-10-10 16:49:52
BJway Bandit2005-10-10 18:13:15
Wedge the inventory code was not from RTB it was from a garage games resource and it did not work when we tried it. Also nothing wih be stolen in the new version of aio-r
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-10 18:47:23
I wasn't saying you couldn't steal MCP's code , Luqaudo. I was just saying that if anyone bothered to look, they'd find it similar to MCP's style.
tapemaster212005-10-10 19:19:30
wow badspot, this is a long page
Cubs25202005-10-10 19:53:33
I think Blockland is pretty cool.
Bloodbath2005-10-10 21:06:01
BJway Bandit2005-10-10 21:19:14
BJwayMods Uploading Service Hase come out of BETA (Kind of) the only thing left ifs to update the look of it but it now supports thumbnails and gives you the codes and everything. You can get to it by the URL below:
AshTR2005-10-10 23:27:05
Feh...Backup BL forums for now:
=(RED)=Packer2005-10-11 03:37:05
I think this is a good Forums place to host BL Forums
=(RED)=Packer2005-10-11 03:38:42
"Quote" its Free
AshTR2005-10-11 06:07:38
Got a few people posting, anyone else? Link is
I finally set it so you gotta register if ya wanna post on there so I don't get random guests.
AshTR2005-10-11 06:13:01
Originally posted by Manowar:
Hey guys, let's get BlockLand supported for XFire (Just like we did for RUNE).

If you use XFire, (even if you aren't down with BlockLand so much), please post in the XFire forums to help us out.

Go here:
MagicPants2005-10-11 10:48:59
I thought "hey, what the hell, why not bring this up?"

Anyone else notice how Badspot claims to hate TBM, yet he steals our images and claims they represent the "vanilla Blockland?" I just found it funny. Hell, one of the pictures has MCP in it. = link for the mentally retarded.

It seems even BS has stolen from TBM(on another note, I took about 70% of those screenshots). When will it ever end?! :'(
Wedge2005-10-11 11:50:34
I'd say he has rights to all your screenshots, just like LEGO, Ensemble Studios, Maxis, Firaxis Games, EA Games, Microsoft, and some of those other companies are allowed to take my screenshots and use them in any way they please if I post them some where.
MagicPants2005-10-11 13:31:40
You don't understand what I mean. TBM has more features than the other shitty mods, and our users are 200% more talented than people from RTB/AiO/BLM/Vanilla, and Badspot discourages people from using TBM because of an 'omg expl01t dat dont exizt no longa'; yet he takes images from TBM and puts them on the website(one of the reasons TBM now has a watermark).
Badspot2005-10-11 13:50:19
I love how you TBM guys just bounce from issue to issue searching for an excuse for your deplorable behavior.

You say stuff like "and our users are 200% more talented than people from RTB/AiO/BLM/Vanilla" - as if that somehow makes you exempt from courtesy and reason.

It's priceless. Keep going please.
Luquado2005-10-11 13:53:48
I haven't bounced. But instead of an ad hominem attack on MP for changing the subject, why not answer his complaint?
Badspot2005-10-11 13:56:26
Hey Luquado, maybe I didn't reply to his complaint because I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form, here, bucko.
MP2005-10-11 14:01:34
"and our users are 200% more talented than people from RTB/AiO/BLM/Vanilla"

Actually, I'm just stating one of the reasons why you would take it and post it on the website. Buildings by Ragnarok(The white space station), Green Lantern(the green building with the rocket), and Doo Dee(black building thing) are more pleasing on the eye than trashy black buildings with three windows in the front of them that claim to be a store or whatever.
AcidFire2005-10-11 14:14:26
2005-10-11 14:20:23
No, I'm just wondering why you advise people not to use TBM and then use images from it in your media section.
Badspot2005-10-11 14:22:30
You're trying to find something I've done thats "wrong" so you can build up a good level of hatred for me. Then you can use that hatred to internally justify being a dick on the internet. It's totally working for you, keep it up.
Badspot2005-10-11 14:37:44
Convicts can become good artists while in prison, but I don't recommend that people associate with them.
MP2005-10-11 14:53:58
Then you basically admit that the users of TBM are generally more talented than those who use the other modpacks...?

Or am I reading too deep there?
Luquado2005-10-11 15:55:09
Hey Luquado, maybe I didn't reply to his complaint because I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form, here, bucko.
Maveric2005-10-11 16:08:10
Badspot was right. This is priceless. I'm going to go get some popcorn after school, sit back, and watch the show.
Wedge2005-10-11 17:43:06
It moves to slow to be increadibly interesting, but to fast to be borring. So get popcorn, and a book to read.
Raider2005-10-11 17:55:47
It was more fun with BLM 1.6a...fortwars and deathmatch FOR THE WIN!
*puts up flameshield*
btw, i use RTB and TBM
Spock2005-10-11 18:11:32
Man, you guys are dicks
Luquado2005-10-11 18:19:57
btw BS you never answered my question about IGC... did set you up with your own booth or were you with theirs, or did you just go as an attendee? How was it?
TechHut2005-10-11 19:06:27
Woah... I wanna switch again! To against TBM! Those TBM assholes are nothing but trouble.

Heh, I am waiting for someone to make a DSO de-compiler. That would be pretty fun to shove in the TBM developers faces...
tapemaster212005-10-11 19:18:28
tbm ppl arent 200% better there's now way you can find that out :P
MCP2005-10-11 19:47:46
Sure there is, compare and make the decision yourself. Load up RTB, hit all their servers and see what they are building then load up TBM, hit all of their servers (this won't take long) and see how it stacks up. I don't need to tell you which one has the most talent when you can make that call on your own from an unbiased stand point of course.

As for a decompiler, go for it. If our material is so good that you have to decompile it and then try to make sense of it, then by all means knock yourself out.
BJway Bandit2005-10-11 20:06:32
Most of your code isn't worth looking at anyways
spoot2005-10-11 23:25:32
Yep, blockland.
Raz2005-10-12 00:55:14
If it wasn't for Eric there'd be no blockland you dumbasses.

BlueGreen2005-10-12 02:01:05
I hope this doesn't last too much longer. One day was more than enough.

By the way, the stuff about 200% is meaningless. When compared to my brother that implies that all TBM users have no skill whatsoever because he has no skill (do the math, 0 * 200% is still 0). Yes, he has played blockland, but he has never built anything in it.

Now this doesn't mean I'm saying you guys have 0 skill. Before the exploit was found, I know good and well that some of you guys have talent. All I am really saying here is that a good number of posts by TBM people are meaningless. Also, I do not want you to think that I'm saying the only bad posts on this page are all by TBM people. There are plenty of other people who have posted complete junk.

Now, I have some questions for various people:

MCP, if people had of taken your code and given you credit in their mods, would you still have a problem with it?

I don't think I have ever played AIO or AIO-R, but does it use a similar inventory system to TBM or RTB? Also, last I knew the download size for AIO was huge, has that been changed, and what is its current size?

This more like a poll question, but if BLM 1.6a was patched up, changed to fit the mod rules, and had more things put in it, how would people feel? I still kinda like that mod and I still can't decide what mod to use.
TechHut2005-10-12 07:00:18

Yea... your code good? Yea... sure... Know what, when you have a real popular mod (RTB) people are SURE to go to it. It is utterly pointless to say that the TBM builders are more skilled and talented. As we can tell, MCP is probably going to be a failure in life.

Know what, be immature, talk about me on your forums. Do I give a shit? No.

And MCP. Prove your statements. C'mon, we all are just dying to seethe "talent".
MP2005-10-12 07:26:09
Techhut is trying to start fights. D:

Poor lil' misguided idiot.
Otis Da HousKat2005-10-12 09:21:48
O wow...I didnt know your host was being stupid...I thought you just ddidnt want the forums anymore...
Otis Da HousKat2005-10-12 09:23:57
Mixmasta2005-10-12 09:30:09
Tell your spanish teacher that this site is for lego freaks.
Fucking Asshole2005-10-12 10:12:03
Plz make a kung-fu/karate/taekwondo/ninjitsu mod for BL i love punching someones head of so Plz Plz if someone make it I will be so Fuckin Asshole on the servers :P nah... just make i will kick someones head of and punch it to the stars!!!!
Im a karateka myself so if someone dosnt make it I KICK HIM TO MONKEY ASS!!!!!
bored2005-10-12 10:21:31
When are you going to put up some kind of Forums
LOL I'm BadSpot2005-10-12 10:27:41
This is some kind of forums... I kind of like it actually. With a simple sign up system and a way to post new threads it could be pretty cool.

But I should be able to get the site with forums transfered to the new server late today or tommorrow.
Plague 2005-10-12 13:18:14
Can't we all just get along =D
(Viva la TBM!)
Ratty2005-10-12 14:01:03
Fucking Asshole you give me more dihareiea then I have now from eating Japanese food
Ratty2005-10-12 14:04:31
u kno what Fucking Asshole's Ip is Close to Mixmasta's
Badspot2005-10-12 14:09:47
.... yeah ... except 60% of the digits are different...
Ratty2005-10-12 14:14:22
look up at me chagne Ip theroy
2005-10-12 14:14:52
no matter what the first two or three numbers stay the same
Ratty2005-10-12 14:15:56
btw can we have avatars pls
Badspot2005-10-12 14:26:59
going by that theory, there are only 255 people on the internet.
Wedge2005-10-12 17:21:06
MCP2005-10-12 19:07:31
Now that was funny.
Miga2005-10-12 19:30:56
If there are 255 people on the internet, Why do I have over 300 people on MSN, AIM, and Yahoo?!
Miga2005-10-12 19:32:08
And yes that is a big list.
BJway Bandit2005-10-12 19:39:13
Bluegreen aio-r does not have an inventory system like rtb's or TBM's and the size of the new aio-r without it being cleaned is about 124 mbs but thats with all of the old models
TechHut2005-10-12 20:02:46
Oops.. I meant Tab... anyways

verizon always randomizes teh IP everytime i reconnect.

Anyways, MCP, at least I can say I HAVE a life, not stuck inside every day going "Maaaa when's the pasta gunna be cooked?" and "Maaaqa gimme a soda" all day long.
MCP2005-10-12 22:20:42
Can you say, &#8220;Transference?&#8221; I knew that you could.
Raz882005-10-12 22:52:06
Badspot did you get my e-mail?

BlueGreen2005-10-12 22:53:00
Well, at least one question got answered... (Thanks BJway)

But, 124 MB!!! I wouldn't even want to attempt to dl that unless I were able to get a dl speed like what I could get from the old (The site seems to be down at the moment. I'm guessing from switching hosts) which was around 500 to 800 kB/s (depending on which computer I was using). RTB was 25.5 MB, but best rate I got was around 40 kB/s, so it took a while.

Anyway, it looks like I'm stuck anyway using RTB. I can't host a game since I'm not allowed to get port forwarding to work through the router I'd have to go through. Since I'd rather play with people rather than alone, it helps to use a popular mod that I can easily find active servers. I think I'll give up the idea of writing my own mod mainly because I don't have a way to show one off even if I did make one.

I'll try once again to switch the topic:

Anyone built anything cool lately?
Ratty2005-10-13 00:14:27
can some1 tell me wtf happen to
Ratty2005-10-13 00:17:56
but at least my diheriha cled down(i had to go 2 the bathroom every 5 min and now my ass hurts
Ratty2005-10-13 00:56:30
can you say a really ustable game
Packer2005-10-13 04:14:41
Tomorrow That's Three days from now!!!
Otis Da HousKat2005-10-13 09:04:50
Wow you guys crack me up. Im in here in the spanish computer lab just surfing and again :O. I hope we have a sub again tomorrow too, this rocks!
Zak2005-10-13 11:09:40
could someone tell me RTB homesite
2005-10-13 11:37:54
lol2005-10-13 13:14:48
Badspot2005-10-13 13:38:27 was unreachable for a bit because of DNS updates. Then i accidentally had it pointing to the wrong port so it loaded, then i had some permissions set wrong so it threw an error. It should be up now (and nice and fast to boot). I'll tackle the forums tomorrow.
Arsonist2005-10-13 13:47:08
omg lol these forums
Ratty2005-10-13 14:13:51
so that discrobes the fuckups and the redirections
Admfnfra2005-10-13 14:27:52
Wow this is really really useless.
nice job badspot
Otis Da HousKat2005-10-13 16:16:47
Badspot, I see you like to draw scantly clad women and monster fights
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-13 16:45:43
Yeah, he does... And MCP, since when have you been a psychoanalyst?
linde2005-10-13 16:54:10
Hey, how about a wiki? Fast and small:
linde2005-10-13 17:01:23
Sorry for the double-post, but there's no edit function ;). If you just make the current forum threaded with indented replies and keep maybe 20 or so threads per page it might work really great. Kind of like the slashdot forums (without the trolls, good god).
Badspot2005-10-13 17:29:13
"Badspot, I see you like to draw scantly clad women and monster fights"

Who [i]doesn't[/i]? But really, I should mix it up some, like maybe draw some scantily clad women fighting, or some monsters fighting over scantily clad women.
Badspot2005-10-13 17:30:19
hmm [b]test[/b]
badspot2005-10-13 17:30:51
oh duh this site is still on brinkster, not the new server.
BJway Bandit2005-10-13 18:03:28
Blue Green the size of aio-r just was dropped to 74 MB so thats about 50 mb's less
Speckz2005-10-13 18:05:06
@Techhut: If MCP's code is so bad, why is 50-60% of your mod based on it? How come so many people want to steal it because they can't code for shit? MCP's coding, is, well, godly. Also, he has a pretty nice life, I've seen his hot wife on streaming video webcam. Anything else, child?

@Maveric: Stop being such a god damn suck up to Badspot. You told me once on my TBM server that; you are a heavily religious young 14 year old, who only wishes for his birthday to have some respect. Proof? Black Helmet, Skin Colour, Green Visor, Neon Yellow Goblet.

@All RTB Users: You used to play TBM, when you did not know about the exploit in the complete download, you LOVED TBM.

@Badspot: You make me laugh the MOST. How about not being such a jerk. Wait, ask your father, Edward, if a 23 year-old man is too old to live with his parents. 'til then, Speckz out.
Speckz2005-10-13 18:07:53
Oh, right, BJ, I bet his code isn't worth stealing either. You savage AIO-R thieves will take any code, models, or anything else that isn't even yours. Guess what else, YOU CLAIM IT'S YOURS!
Firefly2005-10-13 18:10:38
Heh Speckz is right. Eric Hartman (23) lives with his parents constantly banning for no reason, eating Dorito's, having his mom dress him, and never picking up his phone. I think he deserves to go ton Hell because of being an annoying pest that cannot dress himself.
Speckz2005-10-13 18:12:59
Firefly, don't be a retard. You can't make up shit about people. Use the true facts.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-13 18:18:05
Does it matter if he still lives with his parents (Which I highly doubt, he is in college now, isn't he?), he made Blockland, be happy.
Speckz2005-10-13 18:26:04
Snackbar, he finished college. And he made Blockland, so fucking what? Does that mean he can be a complete douche?
TechHut2005-10-13 18:32:03
Spekz... how much did MCP pay you for that response?

"@Techhut: If MCP's code is so bad, why is 50-60% of your mod based on it? How come so many people want to steal it because they can't code for shit? MCP's coding, is, well, godly. Also, he has a pretty nice life, I've seen his hot wife on streaming video webcam. Anything else, child?"

Gee... my judging MCP's maturity level, he seems like a child to me.
TechHut2005-10-13 18:33:40
And back to reply that... it isn't my mod. It is ReD-EyE, Mocheeze, Nitram, etc mod.
Speckz2005-10-13 18:34:37
Ugh, I speak to defend my friends. And your mod, as in the one you use. Are you that stupid?
MCP2005-10-13 18:49:05
LOL, you guys crack me up.
Badspot2005-10-13 19:15:01
who the hell is edward?
Edward Hartman2005-10-13 19:28:27
im ur dad roflmongler lololrofl
Terminal582005-10-13 19:37:30
Hey guys just wanted to tell ya Im incharge of BLM now. Read for details --> Anyways me and 007 met up and Im near ready to release 1.17. at 1.20 Im making it 1.2 1.3 and so on to speed the way up to 2.0.
Cryptic2005-10-13 20:13:04
is there a url for his new furums site? Please post it if there is
Ratty2005-10-13 20:24:30
Thank god Terminal58 pls add doors and keep the plasma blaster and add a fireworks launcher but keep the current inventory system and GUIs
Ratty2005-10-13 20:28:38
and ill be happy to provide a forum
Miga2005-10-14 03:06:20
Im hopefully getting my server on October 20th, so I could host your site and forum for free lol
TechHut2005-10-14 06:26:01
@Spekz - Honestly that sounds as if you were pulling shit from your ass.
Otis Da HousKat2005-10-14 06:35:56
Everyday the error message from forums chnages :O
Goron2005-10-14 10:13:42
Oh jesus, why'd I have to come back to see more imposters spaming this place up? I"ll just wonder off now.
Goron2005-10-14 10:14:12
Badspot2005-10-14 10:25:38
Badspot2005-10-14 11:31:19
ok I've got SMF up and running.

Unfortunately, the backup is 3 months old so a lot of stuff is missing.
Ephialtes2005-10-14 12:22:22
Badspot, i think it was very mean to Ban me from the forums.
Badspot2005-10-14 12:29:32
You posted a "goodbye" post. I was just making sure that you really meant it.
sonic_knx2005-10-14 15:45:50
Try using Invisionfree, or phpbb. They are way better.
MCE2005-10-14 16:36:21
:( I put in the right password and username but it wouldn't let me log in. Then i tried re-registering and it said my email was already in use. Please fix my account, Badspot.
MCE2005-10-14 16:37:24
Oh, and hey, Grim....Hope that's really you......btw chewt made a forum for you. I think it's at
....2005-10-14 16:41:45
sonic_knx....he already used phpbb....that'sa the forum we were using....besides he already put up da new one
-=RED=- Grim2005-10-14 16:41:47
what ever happened to plokoons SWM havent been on site in a while
....2005-10-14 16:42:05
Zizzy2005-10-14 17:54:04
I need to get RTB the mod thingy. Where can i get it?
rapist2005-10-14 18:27:21
Cool john2005-10-14 18:28:11
rapist......Your a fucking gay faggot dick face.
Terminal582005-10-14 18:57:58
Well I see some people are happy about my stuff and I made a forum for you all. :) now doors is a hard thing its easy to make a move script but to get it to select a brick and so on is hard if you want to sign up for the BLM team email me at [email protected]
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-14 19:23:02
You can get RTB at
Ratty2005-10-14 19:59:51
btw Grim i can make a forum 4 the clan if u want
MCE2005-10-14 21:35:33
:( I put in the right password and username but it wouldn't let me log in. Then i tried re-registering and it said my email was already in use. Please fix my account, Badspot.
MCE2005-10-14 21:35:44
:( I put in the right password and username but it wouldn't let me log in. Then i tried re-registering and it said my email was already in use. Please fix my account, Badspot.
MCE2005-10-14 21:35:52
:( I put in the right password and username but it wouldn't let me log in. Then i tried re-registering and it said my email was already in use. Please fix my account, Badspot.
MCE2005-10-14 21:36:29
MCE2005-10-14 21:40:28
and ratty....CHEWT ALREADY MADE GRIM CLAN FORUM! then forum and he put a private clan forum there! just PM chewt to ask to be on RED group
Ratty2005-10-14 22:05:01
MCE WTF whats with the web site just give me the direct link to the forum
-=REDco=-Ratty2005-10-14 22:05:59
and step on it
tortilla2005-10-15 00:01:18
this forum now sucks more than before, come to the better blockland forum
Ratty2005-10-15 02:17:36
and i hope you burn in hell for being an attention whore and me repenting in purgatory for being a dick
Ratty2005-10-15 02:21:56
and Badspot will be the one who whips you in the ass every day with him whipping MCP for putting that file in TBM no offence MCP just wanna set a mood(omfg my mom farted).
Badspot2005-10-15 13:18:59
haha tortilla, you're one of the first people I banned. Waay back when I only banned people for really really stupid shit.
Ratty2005-10-15 13:33:32
Ratty2005-10-15 13:33:33
Wedge2005-10-15 17:41:12
Does anybody find this strange:

Pinging Server IP: (3)...
Pinging Server IP: (2)...
Pinging Server IP: (1)...
Pinging Server IP: (0)...

Someone is hosting 4 servers at once. I've seen it done before, but these were being used for a more malevolent purpouse...
Wedge2005-10-15 17:43:02
Blood Bath was hosting 3 (have no clue why) and someone on TBM was hosting 5... Maybe I coppiend the wrong ones, but none the less..
Wedge2005-10-15 18:04:18
EDIT: .. is supposed to be ...
Miga2005-10-19 13:42:19
Wow this is still up even after the forums are back up?!
Maveric2005-10-27 21:34:25
Man, I just scrolled down to a random part of the page where Speckz is voicing his opinions. Saying that I'm a "god damn suck up to Badspot." That makes me laugh. I don't suck up to BS, I just enforce his law, like I enforce the Law of God. He did get three things right though: I am deeply religious, I want some respect, which I think I got, and I wore a black helmet, black skin, green visor, and neon yellow goblet in TBM. But I'm not the moronic underling like I used to be. I'm learning C++, doing some good BL models, and living my life to the fullest. Unlike some people who spend 17 hours playing Blockland or Whack-a-mole.
if you read this2005-12-02 11:28:20
you hax and are ghey!
lololololololololololol2005-12-17 21:21:44
Oats2006-01-15 19:43:42
TBM Lover2006-01-28 13:05:50
TBM is truely The Better Mod. RTB is a pure ripoff of it. TBM doesn't have any viruses. I doubt they would affect their current little userbase they have. Anyone who believes TBM is bad now is a DUMBASS.
Badspot2006-01-28 13:35:40
Hi techhut, why not just put your usual handle in?

Dear TBM:
Tell you what, release the source code and we'll believe you. Oh wait, you're paranoid about people copying you. So paranoid, in fact, that you put hidden destructive code into antenna.cs.dso that would attack AiO installations regardless if any copying had taken place or not. On top of that, specific users were targeted for harassment in the TBM code. How mature. Then when confronted and given [b]ample[/b] opportunity to change your ways, you refused.

And now handful of idiots have spammed the forum to try and prove how great TBM is. How convincing! There is no reason for anyone to believe that TBM has changed. In fact, it appears to have gotten worse. The only reason that any of you act civilized and, sadly, the only reason you code anything is so you can gain more users and one day revert back to your power-crazed abusive selves.
Infurnus2006-01-31 05:43:13
I think there's something odd about TBM. Everyone there seems to be simple-minded and egotistical. I don't like that. :(
Nige1112006-01-31 05:43:26
blah2006-02-06 08:48:33
blah2006-02-06 11:53:15
Maveric2006-02-20 17:01:33
I agree with Infurnus. TBMers act like zombies to wipe out other mods.
Luquado2006-04-02 19:24:09
I'm not with TBM anymore but I'm still egotistical, because I'm better than most of you. :cookie:
Mr Mr2006-05-02 21:57:56
Mr Mr2006-05-02 21:58:03
MR MR MR2006-05-02 21:58:41
MR MR MR2006-05-02 21:58:57
Guy #32006-05-02 21:59:57
Hi...errr MR MR MR!!!!
shut the fuck up
Otis Da HousKat2006-06-20 19:48:57
We should still use these forums >.>
snot2006-06-25 20:48:14
i am snot
Ratty2006-07-13 23:59:55
Yeah, the secret BL forums.
Wedge2006-07-19 12:46:34
wtf bump
Jakewood2006-07-21 10:02:35
WoW. So many comments.
NKL2006-07-31 02:21:31
Good God, I'm glad I wasn't around back then. Now I know the Hell that was the mod wars.
tails2006-08-25 10:47:33
tails2006-08-25 10:48:10
Sumz2006-08-27 14:01:18
I never even played TBM. I just remember playing Vanilla for a bit then BLM. With KINEX and Creativity. But I think I used a different name back then :cookiemonster:
Sumz2006-08-27 14:01:45
I just killed the board, everything went white.
Otis Da HousKat2006-09-24 13:12:22
Otis Da HousKat2006-10-17 21:11:08
It's been a year today since the new forums went up!
Chris2006-12-23 07:03:23
lol this thing is still up :O
Svinat2007-02-10 09:01:18
<img src='emoticons\cookie.gif'>
Badspot2007-02-10 20:22:30
you do : cookie : without the spaces :cookie:

[i]long page is looooooong[/i]
Otis?2007-02-13 20:53:41
Blah still got a wekk before I can do anything on real forums. Maybe I should stop doing stupid shit?

[i]Nah, I don't see that happening[/i]
:cookie: 2007-02-13 20:54:15
ZOMG DA END IS MEH2007-02-24 03:26:06
snot2007-03-06 05:46:59
Miga2007-03-11 20:00:22
Wow, I remember back then when the forums were down for 2 weeks+...
Bad times..Bad tiiimes....
Knorz2007-03-17 04:54:20
is this here the forums when the real forums are down or what?
Miga2007-03-28 00:32:18
They were a while back when the forums broke because blocklands site really sucked (j/k) and for some reason made the forums failed.

I guess this can be forums in case :D :cookie:
Guy2007-04-20 02:56:53
Yep, even for the banned.
Some person2007-04-20 03:10:46
Including me since I was just banned :cookiemonster:
Miga2007-05-18 13:05:37
Wtf, I should've been unbanned like a day ago from BL forums...
O2007-06-25 20:32:03
hai2u2007-07-09 08:10:04
Looks moar laik Flash and not Paint
2007-07-09 17:37:50
MSPaint is a state of mind, not just a program.
Tails2007-08-09 22:43:48
I'm driving a train!
er...hi?2007-09-14 08:39:12
I have seen the blocrekland forms, it has the best weapons for reatail block land. but the codes are confusing and one more thing... how do you give cookies???
Meta2007-09-16 19:37:37
you aren't reading the catagorys in te forums
2008-03-12 23:43:37
Wow, so this work like the temporary forums
random talker2008-04-22 19:44:58
i hate everybody! haha! lol...
2008-04-23 14:11:01
fuck off noobs.
Shadownhero2008-04-23 14:57:22
Neozuki2008-04-23 22:41:18
Lil Chris2008-04-24 09:46:23
Miga2008-08-07 22:24:57
Well, back to these forums until the actual one is working again.
Tails2008-08-07 22:27:36
Where the hell has the forum gone D:

MegaScience2008-08-07 22:33:27
When exactly did it go down? It was working a second ago.
Tails2008-08-07 22:34:00
Yeah a second ago :P
LOL I'm BadSpot2008-08-07 22:59:51
V9 is coming out.
LOL I'm BadSpot2008-08-07 23:00:31
Stay calm.
someone2008-08-07 23:12:26
Tails2008-08-07 23:13:35
Don't be like that, we have no idea if that was the real badspot :P
Miga2008-08-07 23:27:53
It's not the real badspot.
Different IPs.
Colten2008-08-07 23:35:39
Hes fake
Wedge2008-08-07 23:48:13
MegaScience2008-08-08 11:37:32
There are no gods or kings, only man.
snot2008-08-15 04:56:14
gah maintenance D:
Badspot2008-08-15 08:08:59
I would like everyone to note how this page has like 700 posts on it and takes about half a second to load.
Badspot2008-08-15 08:09:25
Oh and look about a half second to post too. SMF is shit.
Shaun2008-08-23 13:30:16
Forums are down again :(
yay for backup forum
Otis Da HousKat2008-08-23 13:34:05
Haha, Shaun knew where to go too.
Otis Da HousKat2008-08-23 21:16:08
Sankuro2008-11-05 19:15:11
:cookie:2008-11-05 19:16:01
test above
Fail2009-03-07 03:59:53
Pixl2009-03-10 00:27:19

It' been like 22 hours, and I am already going crazy over my ban 0_o
(I bet you banned me because I was annoying.^_^
Wedge2009-05-29 18:13:21
snot2009-06-03 06:30:15
hi2009-06-14 07:11:38
Otis Da HousKat2009-07-02 12:34:25
This forum rocks.
aei-own-u2009-07-02 14:55:46
Jerred2009-07-02 19:09:22
Hey badspot, on the real forum ( I registered an account called ..Jerred.. a few days ago and havent gotten the varification email yet. Could you help me out please. Email me at [email protected]
dippindots3262009-07-02 23:15:15
Kewl forums
Miga2009-07-21 05:03:21
Uh oh, forums are down again. First, it said "The system cannot find the file specified" and now it's saying that "The page cannot be found" in an IE6 style page.
Miga2009-07-21 05:06:31
And now it's back up. Hmm.
Badspot2009-07-22 02:13:44
I had to reboot the master server a couple times. Update your bookmark to instead of
Azimuth2009-08-11 21:33:39
Oh no, the forums are gone!
Azimuth2009-08-11 22:15:30
the one time i remember this place, nobody else does.
snot2009-08-12 10:55:33
also snot
Azimuth2009-08-12 11:29:17
yay snot
Tails2009-08-12 12:57:17
Been down for 17 hours D;
snot2009-08-12 13:05:22
badspot should link to here when hes updating
Azimuth2009-08-12 13:34:04
Well at least some people remembered :D
Otis Da HousKat2009-08-12 13:34:39
This needs more scat discussion.
Chrono2009-08-12 15:02:19
Oh damn database errors! More of 'em! D:
Kalphiter2009-08-12 15:05:33
Lol, this sucks.
Miga2009-08-12 15:27:19
Maintainence Mode?
It seems like someone's DoSsing up the forums, with how slow they've been lately.
Doubt that's it, though.

So, anyway...
...come here often?
Dropshock2009-08-12 15:34:19
sup guise wats goin on here
Azimuth2009-08-12 16:10:35
Go to hell, dropshock.
Dropshock2009-08-12 16:59:35
Huh, Why?
Azimuth2009-08-12 19:06:26
You have a dynamic IP Dropshock?
Dropshock2009-08-12 19:29:34
Drop was at his friends house went he posted.
Chrono2009-08-12 19:44:42
Server broke.
Azimuth2009-08-12 20:30:11
Wedge2009-08-12 20:47:42
omg this forum doesnt have avatars it sucks

%99 of people who have ever lived are dead. Put this in your signature if you are part of the %1 who are still alive.
Wedge2009-08-12 20:49:19
oh yah i have a better idea for a server try freewebs they never go down. my bro who is a leet coder/haxor has a cool website he made in notepad with words that SCROLL and a clock that FOLLOWS your mouse cursor and tells you the real time!

%99 of people who have ever lived are dead. Put this in your signature if you are part of the %1 who are still alive.
Azimuth2009-08-12 20:51:49
u sure ur wedge?
Wedge2009-08-12 20:57:23
no but im sure im idk what those numbers mean but maybe google knows

%99 of people who have ever lived are dead. Put this in your signature if you are part of the %1 who are still alive.
Hugums2009-08-13 00:38:51
Digmaster2009-08-13 03:25:52
Badspot! Hit server with hammer! That might fix it!
Miga2009-08-13 07:22:29
@The Fake Wedge:
You realize that the scrolling words/clock that follows your cursor is something anybody can do, by clicking one button on freewebs?
Your brother probably doesn't even know shit about even making a website, and is probably just using a pre-made theme from freewebs for his site.
Azimuth2009-08-13 13:40:30
@Digmaster STOP! Hammer time!
Digmaster2009-08-13 16:18:45
@Miga I do believe thats the joke

"New server.
13-Aug-2009 03:17 PM"
Way to pussy out! Real men fix their servers via staring at them, not by buying new ones! You disgust me.
Chrono2009-08-13 17:22:17
Congratulations. Your server now displays the current time and date. I'll be sure to make use of that.

I do look forward to success of bringing up the forums, and I appologize if the above statement seemed offensive.
Digmaster2009-08-13 20:26:22
is it just me or does it say the server broke again or is my computer just being gay?
ropfock2009-08-13 21:30:09
guess who
Zackin52009-08-13 21:31:39
It's your PC being gay
t3h d00d2009-08-13 21:37:11
2009-08-14 17:52:04
I'm seriously pissed with computer games at the moment... and getting banned from the forums didnt help much. (life was a bitch and that was really the sugar on top.)
Wedge2009-08-30 14:58:28
Oh hey, a new look!Also, Digmaster was correct, my posts were jokes.
Kreation2009-08-30 15:35:54
Moo im a dog
duckman12292009-08-30 19:44:26 :D FORUMS!
A.R.C.2009-08-31 15:06:03
TheLegomaster2009-08-31 15:24:29
Hay guise.
Madmitten2009-08-31 15:32:47
Sup guys
this looks like a generic search engine site you get when you type the wrong URL adress lol
Badspot2009-09-01 01:00:53
>this looks like a generic search engine site you get when you type the wrong URL adress

It does. Mainly due to the generic banner at the top.
Inaxio2009-09-06 14:02:43
wow its down AGAIN
DracoSoul2009-09-15 15:23:47
mark on history yay
Pixl2009-09-17 00:47:08
Yay old forums that aren't really forums
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-09-19 09:01:44
Badspot please un-ban me from the forums so I can tell krode im sorry
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-09-20 16:48:52
my previous message was not finished
what i was sayng was :
Badspot please un-ban me from the blokcland forums so I can tell krode im sorry i stole his build
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-12 18:41:48
[quote=(unknown name)]"Also Badspot use its much better than phpBB"[/quote]
I'm with you. And I know Beacause I own a forum
and also I changed my name from GTF-11 Drio to [Vital suit]GTF-11 Drio
and since when is Ephialtes the Global Moderator of the Blockland forums?
Badspot2009-10-13 11:02:54
No freebie forum site is ever going to work for the official Blockland forums. Your shitty clan forum has 5 members, OBLF has 17,000. The database is almost 800mb. It uses something like 400GB/month in bandwidth. No one is going to give that to me for free.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-13 20:06:28
[quote=Badspot]"No Freebie forum site is ever going to work for the official
Blockland forums. Your shitty clan forum has 5 members OBLF has 17,000
Ok that was confuzzling but I just want you to know, Badspot (A.K.A."Eric Hartman") I didn't want you to sign up for my "shitty" clan, beacause I would have banned you right away. But going off-topic with that,I'd Like to know
when Ephialtes Became the Global moderator of the Blockland forums.
And what is your email adress because there is something I would like to ask you.
Badspot2009-10-13 23:45:23
I only posted to quantify the naivete of your forum hosting suggestion. I have no interest in talking to you via email.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-14 20:26:42
Ok Badspot
Forget the email contact. Just Un-ban me from the Blockland forums so I can tell khorode Im sorry I stole his build.And Since when Is Ephialtes one of the Global moderators in the Blockland forums?
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-17 09:31:51
And I think I'll re-create my forum and use phpBB. Now please tell me if I should use wowbb
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-18 10:03:03
ok change of plans; I'm using phpBB
2009-10-19 16:49:34
why don't you just email or instant message krode or khorode or whoever (i assume you mean khrode), their contact information is right on their profile.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-19 18:54:56
Yeah i would but his email is hidden
and that really sucks.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-19 18:57:34
And tell me your internet name,(IP:
And my forum remake has been canceled
2009-10-19 20:13:07
use msn or his deviant art page, neither are hidden
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-20 20:12:36
Who are you IP:
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-24 09:37:23
IP: 00:13:25
haha why does it matter
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-01 17:42:39
Why did you name yourself with [b][u]MY[/u][/b] IP?
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-05 19:16:37
Quote from: Badspot=ok I've got SMF up and running(or whatever the fuck that said)
Quote from: Badspot= I had to reboot the master server a couple times
Update your bookmark to instead of
ok badspot, if you create a forum at [url][/url]
or wherever it is you created the blockland forums
does the url have to be http://<forum name>.<own ending url(whatever it's called)>/smf? or later can you take the /smf out?
And I am asking this because I'd like to re-create my forum AGAIN....
and Badspot It was a pleasure to get Pwned by you when you banned me for stealing what's-his-name's build....
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-06 20:21:14
....Bookmark to instead of
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-11 20:25:39
Answer this badspot.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-25 10:17:10
And Badspot you are currently using A Simple Machine Forum.......
Custard2009-11-26 15:24:58
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-26 17:41:51
What is that ":c" for? is it for :cookie:?
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-11-27 10:04:39
And I know that you are using S.M.F. because your original forum url was and I'd like to know how to change the url of my forum. because I do not like forumtheepic...... it needs to say forum.theepic..... so I don't know why the "." didn't work. So please help me with this.
someone2010-01-07 22:26:51
Vital Suit is a post whore.
Badspot2010-02-19 18:02:06
It is a wonderful great site, isn't it? Thanks spam bot.
Tony Hawk2010-03-08 01:51:55
I Somtimes Play Blockland.
Holaman3602010-03-16 19:06:12
Sorry for saving your build Heedkalking i just thought it was awesome
Bengalman2010-03-18 21:33:02
I am a lucky British jalapenyo and my favorite color is dark white. Dark white is not Grey, Grey is its own color and so is dark white
chedder2010-03-18 21:34:00
I know right
bacon2010-03-18 21:37:23
Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
SHhYEtMAfUR2010-03-27 15:29:45
Gothboy772010-03-28 04:07:59
Spam Much?
Sephiroth2010-04-01 20:30:25
Fuckyou2010-04-13 22:14:51
snot2010-04-21 12:56:07
haha spambot
Space Ninja2010-04-28 09:30:06
You should have put this as an aril fools joke
Block General2010-06-11 13:50:28
What, exactly, is wrong with the OBLF again? O.o And why must there always be spam?
Admiral Ackbar2010-07-03 17:03:33
It's a trap.
block man2010-08-13 14:47:13
how much bandwith does blockland take up
2010-08-13 14:47:34
i have the ktyyy 2010-08-13 14:48:54
LOL I'm BadSpot2010-08-17 15:54:35
Welcome Bitches!
riki2321gamer2017-08-05 18:15:02
anyone here
euronymous2017-08-08 22:01:54
Forever and always~
thackeray2017-09-30 02:20:29
Blockland will always be in my heart. Always.

(also hey people still post comments here, holy shit.)
Dephunkt2018-01-17 05:58:56
Blockland is the best damn game I have ever played.

I've been around since july of 2007 and I and so many others are still here and share the same enthusiasm for it, just one of the many testaments to the longevity of this fuckin' great little indie game.

Love ya Badspot~
ree2018-01-25 10:11:45
evryone trpl gay lol
Gothboy772018-02-02 08:58:36
@Dephunkt right there with ya brother! LONG LIVE BLOCKLAND
guy posting forum school2018-02-28 14:13:58
ayy the forums jsut died rn
might be up soon i think
Blockland Forums 22018-05-12 16:58:10
hey... im still alive
bitchassnigga2018-07-04 01:44:00
yo badspot who am I on the forums
Pablo2018-07-05 09:15:02
yo why are the forums down
Easily2018-07-06 00:48:12
Blockland Forums 2 was better tbh
EvilTree2018-07-08 19:43:56
Hi badspot
forums are dead2018-07-09 01:09:55
forums are dead
Va11Junior2018-08-03 17:06:24
the new and impoved forms2018-09-09 19:49:03
Psychedelic2018-11-13 07:03:06
lmao every single comment on the same page?
nogger2018-11-13 08:14:18
are we down for the day?
My penis is thick
^2018-12-30 17:19:08
^2019-02-17 20:27:32
fuzztoast2019-03-10 01:28:41
hey guys!
Calem2019-03-15 18:56:47
wtf ru doing here fuzztoast
Braydon2019-04-17 13:10:07
Badspot it looks like Blockland is on life support will bring it back to life before it fully dies
fuzztoast2019-04-17 23:13:20
plz unban me from fourms
l0l2019-04-27 17:40:28
html or bb code.
sonic_knx2019-05-04 04:20:00
so weird to see some of these fuckers that I've grown up with say some of the most outlandish shit. Luquado, you're almost 40. You're a faggot, your irc was shit and speckz licked your asshole at your command. KYS. Keeping the drama alive. sonic_knx out
b-man2019-05-13 11:29:53
Why are people still commenting on a 13-year-old post
do you like to eat bee2019-08-06 16:58:24
Who knows.
nex2019-09-07 21:53:58
thank you for watching the show
nex2019-09-08 14:58:48 yes
gman2019-09-12 11:08:15
everyone is so quick to ditch a good solid game for an empty shell of one, how disappointing. I guess the true fans of BL will just keep on playing
blight sound2019-10-15 18:46:18
is blockland ever going to get an upgrade further?
not mhartis2020-01-03 00:47:09
delete my account2020-01-15 18:26:52
BettyCrity2020-02-02 16:21:27
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a2020-11-02 10:02:23
this forum is alive
2021-02-18 19:16:55
bump2022-01-08 14:00:03
uKiito2022-02-05 20:08:15
The Year is 2025
Chazpelo2022-02-23 19:32:29
Holy shit
Infomaniac_2022-07-24 07:07:12
Censor List2022-10-08 05:19:25
is there a list of words that are replaced on the actual BLOCKLAND forums?

I know "fuck" is replaced by "forget" and "fucking" is replaced by "loving"
"shit" is replaced by "stuff" as well
Muskmuh2024-04-04 06:13:42
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