BlueGreen2005-10-13 02:53:00
Well, at least one question got answered... (Thanks BJway)

But, 124 MB!!! I wouldn't even want to attempt to dl that unless I were able to get a dl speed like what I could get from the old (The site seems to be down at the moment. I'm guessing from switching hosts) which was around 500 to 800 kB/s (depending on which computer I was using). RTB was 25.5 MB, but best rate I got was around 40 kB/s, so it took a while.

Anyway, it looks like I'm stuck anyway using RTB. I can't host a game since I'm not allowed to get port forwarding to work through the router I'd have to go through. Since I'd rather play with people rather than alone, it helps to use a popular mod that I can easily find active servers. I think I'll give up the idea of writing my own mod mainly because I don't have a way to show one off even if I did make one.

I'll try once again to switch the topic:

Anyone built anything cool lately?
BlueGreen2005-10-12 06:01:05
I hope this doesn't last too much longer. One day was more than enough.

By the way, the stuff about 200% is meaningless. When compared to my brother that implies that all TBM users have no skill whatsoever because he has no skill (do the math, 0 * 200% is still 0). Yes, he has played blockland, but he has never built anything in it.

Now this doesn't mean I'm saying you guys have 0 skill. Before the exploit was found, I know good and well that some of you guys have talent. All I am really saying here is that a good number of posts by TBM people are meaningless. Also, I do not want you to think that I'm saying the only bad posts on this page are all by TBM people. There are plenty of other people who have posted complete junk.

Now, I have some questions for various people:

MCP, if people had of taken your code and given you credit in their mods, would you still have a problem with it?

I don't think I have ever played AIO or AIO-R, but does it use a similar inventory system to TBM or RTB? Also, last I knew the download size for AIO was huge, has that been changed, and what is its current size?

This more like a poll question, but if BLM 1.6a was patched up, changed to fit the mod rules, and had more things put in it, how would people feel? I still kinda like that mod and I still can't decide what mod to use.