Plague 2005-10-12 17:18:14
Can't we all just get along =D
(Viva la TBM!)
Plague2005-10-05 20:04:59

BLM 1.6 is long gone.
You can still get it at but you should try getting a newer mod like TBM or RTB

I recommend TBM because of all the amazing features it includes :D
Plague2005-10-05 17:59:03
If anyone was that worried abnout the exploit,I wouls suggest keeping TBM in a seperate folder from AiO.

Though I can assure you,I have no reason to lie about an exploit.
The whole reaon we have the scripts DSO'ed is to keep the code from being stolen.
There is no reason for an exploit in a mod with DSO's for scripts.
Plague2005-10-05 08:59:35
I have worked with the TBM crew,and hung out with them in the IRC.
And I can assure you,that the only "exploit-like" code is a simple script that calls for the folder the mod is in.

It checks to make sure it's in the TBM folder before executing the .cs
This keeps TBM's more private scripts from being ported to other mods.
Plague2005-10-05 06:22:41
I would just like to mention that the TBM fanbase is growing.
Because more people are figuring out there is no exploit/virus in 2.0.

Also the Exploit script was only in the "TBMcomplete" download on the website,and all of those who updated from 1.0 were not affected.
And finally the exploit was never actually activated,and is nothing but useless code. :D

I have used TBM since before 1.0 and I have never felt threteaned by the mod.
I feel that it brings a variety of new and interesting features to Blockland.
And even though mods like RTB and AiO have their useful qualities, TBM has shown a higher quality of work and attention to detail that I admire.

The things they have done in only MCP's beta are awe inspiring,in terms of Blockland Modding.
And though we all may get frustrated at some times, we want to be trusted by our
And any scripts that may have been harmful in 1.0 have long since been removed.

The only thing TBMers have included in their work, is a simple script that checks to make sure it's being used in TBM,and cannot be execed outside of TBM.