Packer2006-01-22 16:23:08
Looks Just like it!
Packer2007-07-25 22:26:45
They mentioned my game in a Mag and they didn't ask me, Not much different.
Packer2006-12-27 18:13:49
Thats good to hear. I love the smart ass Comment at the end. Its to geeky, I'm gonna play World of Warcraft instead.
Packer2006-12-27 07:44:32
I love how they show how people can destroy other people builds. Do you think they'll do some thing like that for retail?
Packer2006-01-22 16:26:46
"Guy: Crap I seached Every Gun and Found no AMMO!"
Packer2006-08-30 08:28:55
This Reminds me of my Bridges I whould Make them so they slowly Fall apart while the Train or Vehicle crosses it.
Packer2005-10-04 10:43:59
Thats not going to end good.
Packer2006-11-02 02:49:11
lol Every one uses that MJ song for all the spooky stuff.
Packer2005-10-04 10:42:54
Yes Very Cute you have come along way
Packer2007-01-28 20:41:59
11/10 Simply Awesome. Some thing like that in the game would be awesome... Build a DM Factory and blast each other away.
Packer2007-01-28 20:33:55
Awesome, Jake told me about this. Its cool to see it working on Blockland with Bricks :D
Packer2006-01-23 21:54:34
oh I see
Packer2006-01-22 16:21:24
Ah Good TImes, Thats the Guy you Learn the Storm Song and if you Play it he Gets Very Pissed off at you!

P.S Did you rip that off PJ64.
Packer2005-10-05 15:37:05
Packer2005-10-04 10:31:39
Go Space man
Packer2005-10-04 10:32:31
Looks really good :D
Packer2005-10-04 10:28:29
Looks Safe
Packer2005-10-13 08:14:41
Tomorrow That's Three days from now!!!
Packer2005-10-05 15:34:16
Any news on the new forums Badspot
Packer2005-10-05 10:05:24
I never new what was wrouge with TBM is it some thing that lets them hack into your computer or some thing???
Packer2005-10-04 15:21:29
Packer2005-10-04 10:24:50
Here that RTB link some ask for
Packer2005-10-04 06:32:21
Also, go to for free web hosting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's where I host every file I make post! One more thing, SWM DOESN'T SUCK RAT FACE!
Packer2005-10-04 06:00:38
Use my Forums Have have links to Mods Downloads and a place to add things like Maps and stuff
Packer2005-10-04 17:58:22
I can tell how I'm real Packer my IP and that I know who is on my SWM Team
Packer2005-10-04 10:30:51
Is this a Super hero seen
Packer2006-08-29 13:29:49
After reading the comments I suggest Badspot doesn't post any of his tuff on the Blockland Forums again... Also have you people heard of Self Control...