Mixmasta2005-10-03 13:31:47
Lol, what is he doing with the engineer canon, o.O :P
Mixmasta2006-02-18 10:16:54
Did you make this? It's very good.
Mixmasta2005-10-05 14:21:49
Ok, can't remember the dagger from AoT, must have missed it. I'll better try the newest version..:)
Mixmasta2005-10-03 13:33:13
Hmm, are you going to take take some of these weapons to age of time? :)
Mixmasta2005-10-11 16:43:57
The hair is just like it is in AoT. Is it the same models?
Mixmasta2006-04-22 16:15:35
Mixmasta2005-10-03 13:30:12
Thanks for the cookie, many good pictures here.
Mixmasta2005-09-23 21:54:12
Very cool things you have here. You are a good drawer too ;)
Mixmasta2005-09-23 21:52:35
Cookie monster :D :P
Mixmasta2005-10-06 21:04:00
Haha, very cool :)
Mixmasta2005-10-12 13:30:09
Tell your spanish teacher that this site is for lego freaks.
Mixmasta2005-10-10 10:38:58
I'm Mixmasta.
Mixmasta2005-10-06 21:04:43
This one was cool, nice clouds by the way ;)
Mixmasta2005-10-05 14:23:10
This one was very good, keep them coming :)
Mixmasta2005-10-05 14:20:10
Cool, I'll check it out.
Mixmasta2005-10-03 13:34:03
Hmm, is painter a good and expencive program?