Speckz2005-10-13 22:34:37
Ugh, I speak to defend my friends. And your mod, as in the one you use. Are you that stupid?
Speckz2005-10-13 22:26:04
Snackbar, he finished college. And he made Blockland, so fucking what? Does that mean he can be a complete douche?
Speckz2005-10-13 22:12:59
Firefly, don't be a retard. You can't make up shit about people. Use the true facts.
Speckz2005-10-13 22:07:53
Oh, right, BJ, I bet his code isn't worth stealing either. You savage AIO-R thieves will take any code, models, or anything else that isn't even yours. Guess what else, YOU CLAIM IT'S YOURS!
Speckz2005-10-13 22:05:06
@Techhut: If MCP's code is so bad, why is 50-60% of your mod based on it? How come so many people want to steal it because they can't code for shit? MCP's coding, is, well, godly. Also, he has a pretty nice life, I've seen his hot wife on streaming video webcam. Anything else, child?

@Maveric: Stop being such a god damn suck up to Badspot. You told me once on my TBM server that; you are a heavily religious young 14 year old, who only wishes for his birthday to have some respect. Proof? Black Helmet, Skin Colour, Green Visor, Neon Yellow Goblet.

@All RTB Users: You used to play TBM, when you did not know about the exploit in the complete download, you LOVED TBM.

@Badspot: You make me laugh the MOST. How about not being such a jerk. Wait, ask your father, Edward, if a 23 year-old man is too old to live with his parents. 'til then, Speckz out.
Speckz2005-10-10 03:43:16
Yeah BJ. He's pissed because he's not on the AiO team. I'm sure he regrets leaving the oh, so, intelligent AiO team. Even I think he is a retard for deciding to use the AiO mod in the first place. And, hopping on MCP's server,
(join/leave). Wasn't too smart. Still, I'd rather if we could all play TBM together. Except Ratty, Bri Guy, JC Denton and the AiO team. <--- They suck.z
Speckz2005-10-05 23:13:28
k. I have a new AIM. Add LordSpeckz
Speckz2005-10-05 22:43:46
Xiath, come to #dtb on irc.irctoo.net (IRC)

You can beta test some stuff for me.
Speckz2005-10-05 22:34:51
Or we can go play Blockland TBM and build ourselves a great big castle.
Speckz2005-10-05 22:33:34
People like Badspot can be sued for slander and defamation of character.
Speckz2005-10-05 20:59:59
Stop advertising, Plague, people can pick for themselves.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:38:01
Someone, join me in IRC, I am lonely.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:34:03
Speckz2005-10-05 01:29:38
Well, I'm going back to work on my Deathmatch mod for TBM.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:25:55
You know, where they do that thing, and the guy's all like "I REFUSE".
Speckz2005-10-05 01:23:55
No, I refuse. I'm like that guy in that one movie.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:23:13
I am living in Ontario.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:22:06
Either way, I'm feeling a bit of insecurity about now.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:19:59
Don't you mean, "People will be overweight McDonalds addicts soon." ?
Speckz2005-10-05 01:17:24
I consider President Bush a tremendous idiot. Glad I'm Canadian.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:15:46
Well, give our mod a try. That's all I ask of you.
Speckz2005-10-05 01:02:40
Quote: "because people have good points like MCP and Speckz"

Speckz2005-10-05 00:59:28
Lol, Techhut, TBMers aren't stupid. Thanks for the compliment. :)
Speckz2005-10-05 00:02:00
btw if u plai gu!Ld warzzzzz join -:RETARD:-
Speckz2005-10-05 00:00:00
Tell that to our "loving" hair-brained leader.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:58:02
What a surprise, Badspot tries to slap the epenor on the keyboard anywhere he is on the Internet.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:48:55
[18:41:55] <@MCP> he is a social retard
[18:42:08] <@MCP> that is why he is always pissy and lives with his folks
[18:42:20] <@MCP> he has no friends because he has no idea how to make them or keep them
[18:42:23] <@Speckz> oo

Speckz2005-10-04 23:44:20
Edit: Your REAL phone number.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:44:06
Give out your phone number, then, Badspot. It could be some fun.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:37:58
It looks like you have the wrong number, MCP.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:27:55
Edit: Why would he do that? He was only pointing out that you made a stupid comment.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:24:58
Badspot, it's a public page, not a real forum, you cannot ban us from a public page. Understand?
Speckz2005-10-04 23:13:13
Wow, without the TBM players, Badspot's forum(s) are full of idiots and spammers. Congrats on that, BS.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:09:41
Why don't you give the beta a try? Oh wait, right, it has "viruses". Sorry, I didn't realize my computer was vulnerable to the rest of the TBM staff.
Speckz2005-10-04 23:07:31
Sigh, we speak our "egos" to stand up for the mod you're bashing.