BJway Bandit2005-10-13 22:03:28
Blue Green the size of aio-r just was dropped to 74 MB so thats about 50 mb's less
BJway Bandit2005-10-12 23:39:13
Bluegreen aio-r does not have an inventory system like rtb's or TBM's and the size of the new aio-r without it being cleaned is about 124 mbs but thats with all of the old models
BJway Bandit2005-10-12 00:06:32
Most of your code isn't worth looking at anyways
BJway Bandit2005-10-11 01:19:14
BJwayMods Uploading Service Hase come out of BETA (Kind of) the only thing left ifs to update the look of it but it now supports thumbnails and gives you the codes and everything. You can get to it by the URL below:
BJway Bandit2005-10-10 22:13:15
Wedge the inventory code was not from RTB it was from a garage games resource and it did not work when we tried it. Also nothing wih be stolen in the new version of aio-r
BJway Bandit2005-10-09 18:26:30
Santiy your just pissed because we were going to kick you off the team because you did not do anything except host servers and make a website. Even then you did not add the people to the teams page when we asked.
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 23:41:12
Neither is the New AiO-R
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 19:22:07
MCP I haven't been disagreed with about my rant yet even you did not disagree
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 01:49:30
Hey Wedge and why is it so quiet did everyone read the pot above lol
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 00:26:21
BJway Bandit2005-10-08 00:14:15
hey MCP you are so full of your self and you think that you are better than badspot but with nothing behind your accusations. Put your money were your mouth is and make your own god damn game that is both innovative and fun instead of saying you are better than a person who has made their own game that is very popular. So either shut the fuck up or prove you have a reason to be a bitch
BJway Bandit2005-10-07 00:14:07
oh shit i did not mean this

or people who don't want to talk about badspot can go here

I meant the people who don't want to talk about blockland and just want to talk about technology can go there if you want to talk about blockland don't go there
BJway Bandit2005-10-06 23:43:42
or people who don't want to talk about badspot can go here
BJway Bandit2005-10-06 01:57:34
OK badspot here are the details if i host the forum for you

*it is free for you and you only except the members
*you get your own database
*I wont interfeir with the forum unless it is for a good reason and you are aware of it
*over 100 gigs of bandwidth
*you are admin
*same as always after that
BJway Bandit2005-10-05 02:44:29
hey badspot I could always host your forum for free and you could have full access to your own database