Admiral Snackbar2005-10-23 20:01:39
After watching it for the fifth time, I finally get the car at the ending... You can't beat a Ford Taurus...
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-14 19:23:02
You can get RTB at
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-13 18:18:05
Does it matter if he still lives with his parents (Which I highly doubt, he is in college now, isn't he?), he made Blockland, be happy.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-13 16:45:43
Yeah, he does... And MCP, since when have you been a psychoanalyst?
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-10 18:47:23
I wasn't saying you couldn't steal MCP's code , Luqaudo. I was just saying that if anyone bothered to look, they'd find it similar to MCP's style.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-10 15:01:51
MCP, I think I'll use a defense of your own. That everyone has their own fingerprint. Their own style of writing, or in your case, coding. Therefore, if you turned in a Fifteen page term paper written by me, not only would it differ from your writing style, it would also have my name on it. Therefore, if someone stole your code, they can't call it their own because it would clearly have some of the same things as your code. Otherwise, they would have to change things so many times so that it effectively becomes theirs.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-09 12:55:05
MagicPants specifically said it was for the "Loyalists", people who had supported TBM even when the "exploit" was found. The exploit didn't do anything bad to computer other than fry AIO users, using scripts to delete things or to shut down servers. I don't really know which, and I don't care to find out from TBM users or other mod users.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-09 12:19:17
Alas, this forum is sinking down to the bottom of the social cesspool. It is quite a pity thinking about how the brilliant people out there are acting like a bunch of three year-olds whinig about who's toy is who's. I mean, you could almost see some of these people shouting, "MINE!" because someone took there stuff without permission. It's just stupid. Why can't you all act like civalized people. I mean MCP, you're what, twenty-four? Why can't you act your age? It's almost pathetic thinking about how a brillaint Coder like you can't deal with a people stealing your stuff. I admit that it might be wrong, but ti's just a free game! I mean it's not like tehy went out and slaughtered your family like dogs. They just took some meaningless code from you and put it in your game without giving you credit. I mean it's stupid on everyone's part. I mean, you should all just grow up and get on with your life.
Also,why cna't we just go back to the essentials of Blockland, building. Note that I didn't say whinig about exploits, or about people stealing things. I said building. Whoever can return Blockland to what it is, than kudos to you. And if it's good, people will use it. There's no sense in trying to "convert" people to one side or the other. Most people are stubborn and won't change their opinions. I mean, there's no need to use Gestapo tactics against each other. Can't you all co-exist? Can't the Lion lay down with the Lamb?
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-08 15:20:25
I thought there was some good in the world, but then I came here. The Blockland Forums are the zenith of Petty Flame wars and Stupidity. I mean there are several good people out there, like TRM, Gobbles, and Wedge. But they're are plenty of idiots out there who either can't form a sentence correctly, or they won't let issues drop. Why can't we all just sit down in a circle and star singing Kumbayah?
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 20:00:41
That's completely random...
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 19:52:49
If you want the TBM mod pack, as Ratty says, just go to their site.
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 19:51:28
Woah, someone's a bit touchy. Apparently that guy doesn't have anything against the rest of the TBM team... Just MCP and MagicPants
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 18:53:23
Maybe that's all there is up...
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-05 18:33:41
Come on everyone, can't we all just get along? Come on! Let's go do something else besides sit on the computer all day! Let's go out, and do something important, like a Save the Whales campaign!
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-03 20:37:32
Heh... That does prove a problem that we both ahve the same IP...
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-03 20:30:07
W00t I can finally make a post without having to pay for another e-mail adress!
Admiral Snackbar2005-10-15 15:53:45
Cox high-Speed Interenet rocks!