Terminal582005-10-13 23:45:55
Terminal582005-10-14 23:12:17
Dear Tribes 2 modeler guy I stole your rag doll and I just did your wife. PS Have a nice day :)
Terminal582005-10-13 23:43:32
This would go well in AOT
Terminal582005-10-14 22:57:58
Well I see some people are happy about my stuff and I made a forum for you all. :)http://blmods.17.freebb.com now doors is a hard thing its easy to make a move script but to get it to select a brick and so on is hard if you want to sign up for the BLM team email me at [email protected]
Terminal582005-10-13 23:37:30
Hey guys just wanted to tell ya Im incharge of BLM now. Read for details --> http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=15773409&postID=112494358512374841 Anyways me and 007 met up and Im near ready to release 1.17. at 1.20 Im making it 1.2 1.3 and so on to speed the way up to 2.0.
Terminal582005-10-10 13:55:20
I like pie