Firefly2006-02-22 13:29:47
i see you used the club as the baton too. I think a bow would be nice.
Firefly2006-01-16 23:30:05
The good ol Aot model
Firefly2005-10-07 18:42:02
I would like to see the bumps in retail
Firefly2006-01-16 23:28:38
I love this! Reminds me of Mario breakdancing...
Firefly2005-10-13 18:13:24
I bet this was the story of Badspot's life.
Firefly2005-10-07 18:43:41
This is Flash not Paint. I can kind of tell by the very smooth gradient
Firefly2005-10-13 18:10:38
Heh Speckz is right. Eric Hartman (23) lives with his parents constantly banning for no reason, eating Dorito's, having his mom dress him, and never picking up his phone. I think he deserves to go ton Hell because of being an annoying pest that cannot dress himself.
Firefly2005-10-07 18:39:18
OMG amazing! Anyways Badspot stop being a bad gay. We all know your a queer.