Calem2019-05-08 13:12:44
@3d Woah there...
Calem2019-03-15 18:56:47
wtf ru doing here fuzztoast
Calem2018-12-20 07:53:05
You can also get this on steam, but its usually used for debugging and pirating games.
Calem2018-12-17 19:41:52
"The only reason I would dive into mobile development is to make a non-action game or to rake in cash from idiots."
Me too buddy... me too...
Calem2018-12-11 12:47:29
Just don't port it to IPhone, its a pain to port anything..
Calem2018-12-10 12:48:12
Calem2018-12-10 12:47:21
I love the "chormed shotgun" one.
Calem2018-12-10 12:45:11
Calem2018-12-10 12:41:16
Y'all acting like Blockland is one of your family members LOL
Calem2018-12-10 12:37:55
@3d Woah there...
Calem2018-12-10 12:37:54
@3d Woah there...
Calem2018-12-10 12:35:32
@Epicnoob If you do make it, DO NOT USE TORQUE. Use Unreal Engine or Unity.
Calem2018-12-10 12:31:04
Calem2018-12-10 12:29:04
"He probably played video games"
Calem2018-12-10 12:24:40
That dude who got hit looks like the AVGN. Oh yeah also the song is good.
Calem2018-12-10 12:16:39
Antares has a revival of AoT, Rex. However, the master server is currently down.
Calem2018-01-14 14:43:16
I saw this part of the Matrix. This movie is really good! Also. 1st!
Calem2018-01-07 20:00:11