MegaScience2018-01-20 10:21:04
Might be time to get this into an HTML5 player. Firefox finally stopped displaying Flash by default.
MegaScience2017-06-26 13:51:46
Having a project I'm involved with under constant hacker attacks lately, I sympathize and wish you all the best!
MegaScience2017-03-26 07:08:29
Returning to this again. <3
MegaScience2016-03-08 06:18:22
Nearing 8 years later, this is still relevant...
MegaScience2015-05-19 05:43:29
Still like this animation. <3
MegaScience2014-11-09 15:51:23
Someday... someday, we will find piece with this issue... Someday...
MegaScience2014-09-08 06:52:48
Thinking back on this video now, they are ripping on the game for all these little things. Nowadays we have the millions of indie games releasing before they are finished with the same issues, and everyone takes them for granted. Kind of sad, really. I love Blockland, but yes that was an incomplete version they played. They were being whiny for an unfinished game, but they were acknowledging it was unfinished and not totally accepting of investing in that. Now... "Yeah, I know it's incomplete, but whatever here's money." And this was FREE. D:
MegaScience2014-06-26 15:48:45
Sometimes it is in between, though - Facepalming, mostly.
MegaScience2012-12-01 18:15:51
Can you confirm that none of the content is under some special copyrights? I was thinking of recommending this game to some video makers, get it some notice. But to make videos, the content can't be copyrighted. Furthermore, giving your direct permission to make videos would be helpful.
MegaScience2012-05-15 12:43:44
It's only a bone wound.
MegaScience2012-05-13 09:00:59
How did this happen? You're saying they crawled in and died? They're stupid and the situation is scary. :(
MegaScience2012-03-12 02:47:38
:( That's... Ya.
MegaScience2011-08-06 18:07:30
Wished to correct the above, as it will eventually get flamed: After I first made that post, I did find tons of videos of people going way further. Sad. Hyped myself over nothing.
MegaScience2011-08-06 18:02:19
What brought you to this? :o
MegaScience2011-08-06 18:01:23
It's like her ass is made of boob.
MegaScience2011-07-24 07:26:03
I only inquired because I know you can draw men, and I did not expect that you would fill such roles with female equivalents whilst having such an ability. I also never noticed that you established your females as specific characters, in which case it might be prudent to create profile for them like other sites.

- I am 18.
- They used to want to diagnose me, but then they determined I was smarter than other students at the time and did not need it.
- None.
- We would not understand how to home-school. So I have not been.

Also, the link got moved:
MegaScience2011-06-15 00:29:11
I don't understand why the comic your parodying would say "goto" is bad. My only experience with that is batch files, but I must say that it's essential to making the code flow correctly. There's no way to avoid it if you want to branch and such. Otherwise, you're dumping tons of repetitive code into it...

But again, I only know it in batch code.
MegaScience2011-06-15 00:22:57
I'd ask why you didn't actually draw men for the men in this, but everyone will just get mad. Just kind of creeps me out you drew strange guys as hot girls, even if you refer to them as wives. (Why is Bill's wife just as young and hot as the others? What's going on there? So many layers of wrong when you think too hard about this...)

Funny though, I get the joke. Always hated that, yet I can be accused of doing it, myself.
MegaScience2011-05-31 23:28:37
I wish I could do this, but we kept dropping the turrets. :(
MegaScience2011-05-31 23:27:44
Ah, I like it. Just wish there was a simple way of implementing it to the public without tasking on management...
MegaScience2011-05-25 19:17:33

Holy shit, I actually beat Badspot. I took a screenshot of it, linked above. I was doing that limping method the whole way down the track, and my foot actually made it to 100.1 metres. Not lying, not modified. I'm so fucking amazed. Badspot, do a new try when you find the time and beat mine, as I'm sure you can do better.

Also, in the below image, I got stuck in such an awkward way at one point. It wasn't swaying or anything - it was actually stuck at that angle...
MegaScience2011-05-25 17:27:15
That's Mass Effect, not Portal. It even says that in the title and description, you dunce.
MegaScience2011-05-25 17:26:37
People make stuff that makes so sense just to laugh and then somehow genuinely believe what they've done is okay out of their own leisure. Although you can get better explanations than this.
MegaScience2011-05-25 17:25:44
Donating money in such a way is indirect, drawn out, and might not even make a difference to the cause as a whole. In comparison, if you give change to the single homeless person, it can be enough to keep him alive at least another night.
MegaScience2011-05-25 12:40:20
They're making sure no one sues them for being attacked by it... But they still want it reported, because they know how to treat it...
MegaScience2011-05-24 23:06:41

As in the above screenshot, I was only able to make it to 64.6 metres before failing. And that was while moving by making it limp awkwardly by holding W and tapping P & Q (Sometimes O if I get stuck). Still haven't figured out how to take more than two normal steps before flipping over like a bad Youtube video.
MegaScience2011-05-24 22:49:48
Well, good you were able to find a functional alternative to the main. I mainly used this when a virus used locking to prevent itself from being deleted. This cleared that right up. What do you mostly use it for?
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:41:13
I fell in an odd way with my legs apart where I can't completely fall over, and am slowly inching my way to 100 by bouncing myself up and forward over and over.
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:34:26
I think they changed that. I didn't know you used Unlocker, too. o.o Nice, Badspot.
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:29:45
I see a stop sign on Memory Lane.
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:28:24
Don't you live in a wondrous place?
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:27:49
That's sad on a few levels...
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:27:15
Nice coincidence...
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:26:15
Even "CLICK HERE PLAY NOW" comes out the wrong way. Perhaps it's a conversion of an advertisement in another language that failed miserably.
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:24:09
... The fuck?
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:22:21
Who is Ben and what is this? D:
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:21:33
Looks interesting...
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:17:57
Aw God. It's so terrible, I'm laughing.
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:10:10
99% of the stuff in our refrigerators is expired... I feel your pain, sonny...
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:08:42
Your comics are getting so scary... Like a monologue of your life...
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:06:24
MegaScience2011-05-24 18:03:52
Aw man, I was laughing.
MegaScience2011-05-04 16:18:45
Whoa, holy shit. Nice hiding it in the normally never updated section... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. D:
MegaScience2011-05-04 16:16:42
Dang, I always wanted to do that. But I always Rambo all the turrets. The start of the level, I run in and knock them all over. Then at the vertical Excursion Funnel area, I'd run up there with the other turrets and Rambo them.

I remember last time, I'd save one and hand it to my partner, who'd be laughing hysterically at how I just went wild at them, holding a long survivor.
MegaScience2011-03-18 06:45:52
Jasa, scroll up. Already mentioned.
MegaScience2011-03-18 06:41:37
@Dippindots: I'm so thin, I sort of have that shape... Sort of. Not as pronounced, though. :D
MegaScience2011-03-03 15:40:14
Fuck that, Stardust, I want a Platinum Elephant.
MegaScience2011-03-03 15:20:44
And her ass resembles a bunch of curvy lines. :) Coincidences go!
MegaScience2011-02-07 14:35:31
It's funny when someone is knocked outside the map but somehow survives, unable to get up.
MegaScience2011-02-07 14:27:32
Aw... It started off like when I get a new game on Xbox and people are on my ass to get in while I'm still making someone...

Then in turned into... What I don't really get... At least, doesn't happen in my experience...
MegaScience2011-01-24 14:00:46
Hopefully this foreshadows a coming banspree.
MegaScience2010-09-29 00:45:24
Yep, that's right, the Swastika was originally a peace symbol used all around. Hitler ruined it. D:
MegaScience2010-09-29 00:36:37
I can sorta sing the credit song to it. I know this girl who is a rarely-active administrator at BioShock Wiki who can sing the opening song of it beautifully. So well, in fact, I saved the voice clips of her. It was just that amazing. Too bad she's smart like you guys, and closed up like most people to me, but I still have documentation.
MegaScience2010-09-29 00:32:45
I'd say "That's what you get for making a booth about school at PAX," but I don't know if there were others.
MegaScience2010-09-29 00:29:06
LOL, why didn't I expect the last panel?
MegaScience2010-07-01 20:37:45
Oh god yes. Just to elaborate for those who don't know, FLCL is Fooly Cooly, an anime. In it, this girl keeps bothering this guy and hits him in the head with her guitar.

Yes, I just ruined the joke for people who already know, but I don't want any more idiots wondering in here. This is plain awesome.
MegaScience2010-06-19 03:07:44
Oh. So that also means this is definitely not the Female Model from AoT... Are you going to actually give it purpose, or is this just for fun? Would be nice to have a new model in AoT or something.
MegaScience2010-06-16 21:35:07
I just noticed: Wtf is up with the right foot? Looks messed up. In the old screenshot of female model including a male one, it was missing the left foot... is this why? Mirroring model stuff got fuzzled?
MegaScience2010-06-16 21:04:16
Great work is all I can say. :3
MegaScience2010-06-16 21:02:49
Well, this is new to me... Awesome. Is this AoT model? I don't feel like checking the model to see how it matches up. Maybe a new AoT model? :o
MegaScience2010-05-28 02:44:02
I'd prefer we, instead, has the Male Model as some dungeon boss. And there would be a way to make him naked, which would be a secondary, secret way to defeat him. Then, everyone would keep away for fear of causing male nudity and the few people who did make it would get to be called gay.
MegaScience2010-05-27 22:05:04
If only it were logical to suggest you make comics of other games. This is hilarious, but I have never played either of the Mass Effect games. As such, I can't go "LOL! You should totally do *something in Mass Effect 2*."

But, as it stands, the previous statement seems correct: It's melting the WHOLE fruit... icky.
MegaScience2010-04-20 00:51:18
Needs more explosive decompression, limbs and organs splattering around, and the words "This is your brain on stupid." at the end.
MegaScience2009-05-24 02:33:11
Oh my god, Blockman5000 (IP: likes to fuck hot men!
MegaScience2008-04-21 17:31:08 The actual song that's playing from that thing he's holding, from Ocarina of Time soundtrack :D
MegaScience2008-04-22 22:16:54
You should make one to 'Weird Al' Yankovic's song "Grapefruit Diet"
MegaScience2008-02-18 05:53:52
Badspot, you made it? somewhere in the comments, a bunch of people said you found this. and (IP:, the songs called "Your Horoscope for Today," I have all "Weird Al" Yankovics albums and...if you want it, maybe you can ask :o
MegaScience2009-04-18 04:41:32
And just to clarify, there's the IP ban, then the ISP ban. ISP NEVER changes (Unless forced upon through some process I don't know) and, as such, is pretty permanent. I found this out the hard way after arguing with Ephialtes because he was trolling my posts.
MegaScience2008-04-22 22:12:01
Oh ya, forgot to mention you reduced the breast size. I guess it's because i'm not a perv like Minion.
MegaScience2008-04-22 21:24:59
It may have less movement action, but it's a much bigger image, providing much more detail :o
MegaScience2008-08-08 11:37:32
There are no gods or kings, only man.
MegaScience2008-08-07 22:33:27
When exactly did it go down? It was working a second ago.
MegaScience2009-04-18 04:57:28
The same reason I do, probably:

I can never get a girl in the positions I could easily draw.
MegaScience2008-02-17 13:05:07
Ya, I think even if it was behind, should show alittle of the arm. Also, yep...she's probably doing that, Guy XD
MegaScience2008-09-06 03:47:14
If there's a deeper joke to the first one, I don't understand.
All I get is it means "Probably zero intelligence."

Does the kinds you like suggest anything about yourself? Because the last 2, for me are :o
MegaScience2008-08-10 19:05:46
While the dress skirt is blown off slightly by the wind exposing the panties*
MegaScience2008-08-10 19:05:03
Why would you think it's pornographic? It's just a low POV, high angle shot of a woman under streetlight...while dress skirt flops off revealing panties.
MegaScience2008-08-10 19:08:50
The panties seem a bit low, making it look like she has an ass pad instead of the intended...
MegaScience2008-08-10 19:02:48
Ya, I'm half Jewish D:
MegaScience2008-02-17 13:41:57
Both are bad, I'd want to do her without either
MegaScience2008-09-05 03:33:52
Looks like you didn't complete this one, the face has those sketch lines like I seen on some of you work you say wasn't completed.

Am I right, or you couldn't fit more finished lines like the rest of your drawings there?
MegaScience2008-04-22 21:53:58
Ya, it does look like the top button is facing the wrong way, but you could says it's undone, hanging in a way that looks like that o.o
MegaScience2009-01-13 21:55:52
Uhh, who is "HOT?" -Typed on Wii
MegaScience2008-09-05 03:38:01
11/10, now I'm going to go clean up...
MegaScience2008-04-22 21:30:10
I think her arm is possessed and lets just say her skirts up for a reason...
MegaScience2008-08-10 19:00:28
Oddly enough, this sorta reminds me of this old ass show "Quantum Leap" and this'd be just when he leaps into a new body in a new time. I'm expecting her to go "Oh boy..." like most times XD
MegaScience2008-08-15 08:48:21
MegaScience2008-08-15 08:47:59
She'd be sexy if the eyes didn't cream me out like hell...Meh, get me a paper bag ;D
MegaScience2009-05-24 02:26:33
One of the many Fan Arts that are now in Cheesecake. Why he killed the Fan Art section...WHY?!

Btw, her lips are too...weird... Not saying that isn't how they are, but I don't find that too "Hawt :D"