Wedge2017-06-26 17:48:32
Bring back 4KidsChan
Wedge2009-08-30 14:58:28
Oh hey, a new look!Also, Digmaster was correct, my posts were jokes.
Wedge2006-10-16 20:23:40
Every time I try and hop the ramp in the yacht, I hang behind, and it goes over all by itself. I didn't really get a chance to play it with other people, but I expect it would probably kill everyone inside...

On another note, its a very cool map, well done, I had fun racing around the boats. The motor boats were really cool, they reminded of that one scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the guys get chopped up on the motorboat in Italy.
Wedge2006-11-01 15:08:30
Best Blockland video ever.
Wedge2007-01-28 16:55:48
:O I didn't know blockland could do this, I'm logging on now >:D
Wedge2005-12-17 21:51:47
The first AoT? It still has the time displayed, that old health meter, and the buildings are arranged a bit differently. The most recent versions come a long way. Reminds me of when you could push crtl+a in the older copies and get an admin menu with the "magic wand".
Wedge2007-01-28 11:07:42
You've won Charlie, you've won!
Wedge2009-08-12 20:57:23
no but im sure im idk what those numbers mean but maybe google knows

%99 of people who have ever lived are dead. Put this in your signature if you are part of the %1 who are still alive.
Wedge2009-08-12 20:49:19
oh yah i have a better idea for a server try freewebs they never go down. my bro who is a leet coder/haxor has a cool website he made in notepad with words that SCROLL and a clock that FOLLOWS your mouse cursor and tells you the real time!

%99 of people who have ever lived are dead. Put this in your signature if you are part of the %1 who are still alive.
Wedge2009-08-12 20:47:42
omg this forum doesnt have avatars it sucks

%99 of people who have ever lived are dead. Put this in your signature if you are part of the %1 who are still alive.
Wedge2009-05-29 18:13:21
Wedge2008-08-07 23:48:13
Wedge2006-07-19 12:46:34
wtf bump
Wedge2005-10-15 18:04:18
EDIT: .. is supposed to be ...
Wedge2005-10-15 17:43:02
Blood Bath was hosting 3 (have no clue why) and someone on TBM was hosting 5... Maybe I coppiend the wrong ones, but none the less..
Wedge2005-10-15 17:41:12
Does anybody find this strange:

Pinging Server IP: (3)...
Pinging Server IP: (2)...
Pinging Server IP: (1)...
Pinging Server IP: (0)...

Someone is hosting 4 servers at once. I've seen it done before, but these were being used for a more malevolent purpouse...
Wedge2005-10-12 17:21:06
Wedge2005-10-11 17:43:06
It moves to slow to be increadibly interesting, but to fast to be borring. So get popcorn, and a book to read.
Wedge2005-10-11 11:50:34
I'd say he has rights to all your screenshots, just like LEGO, Ensemble Studios, Maxis, Firaxis Games, EA Games, Microsoft, and some of those other companies are allowed to take my screenshots and use them in any way they please if I post them some where.
Wedge2005-10-10 16:38:27
This forum now officially takes up 424 lines of text in the page source... Give or take 10 lines.
We should have a party on the 500th.
Wedge2005-10-10 16:19:02
@Creepy, 00, and _____.

Everyone can see your IP, and know its the same person, so don't spam posts agreeing with yourself.
Wedge2005-10-10 16:17:48
I'm trying to remember exactly what was stolen. Some code for a vehicle and some bricks in AIO? As well as some maps, like BL-Fridge? As well as the inventory code in RTB, although I still have not seen the TBM RC inventory code, and no longer have a version of it, so I am not sure what was stolen. The maps, if I am correct, no one took credit for, as they kept non-descriptive descriptions, with no clues as to their authors, we can only assume that it was the AIO crew. It was a stolen interior placed into the mod, and then re-distributed, which is where the problem lays, as they didn't claim to make the maps. The TBM copter was obvious, no one could claim it was theirs, escpecially when you went to place it in the world editor, and said TBMcpoter. So clearly, that was stolen. Now, the bricks. In their inventory spawns, it said "no one may re-distribute these", although they were clearly re-dstributing it, and semi-claiming ownership through the statement. One can assume they also used TBM's .dts files too, although this is probably fairly difficult to prove. The code was hidden in car.cs. This clearly shows that AIO had stolen some things, although you can not claim to have an "all-in-one" mod without doing so. Its still wrong though.

Now in RTB, was the theft of logic or code? I have looked at their inventory system, and I think I figured it out. Basically, a file tells the game that it has 10 inventory slots. Another file tells it that there are specific items in a slot, and that you may scroll through them. Some other file, which I have not yet found, tells which items go in which slot. Now, did RTB steal the logic or the code?

Also, as to MCP's statement about SBL using TBM's code, I believe he is mistaken. We used all of RTB's code to test vehicles and stuff, but when SBL comes out, it will have its own code and stuff, probably more similiar to BLM.

Finally, a quick address. Admiral Snackbar has the same IP, if anyone hasn't noticed, as me. I've said this before, and I am going to repeat it, Admiral Sncakbar is my brother. I may not hold the same opinions as him, nor am I responsible for his actions.

If you choose not to belive what I said, then so be it, do not argue with me on this subject.
Wedge2005-10-10 14:19:55
leg godt
Wedge2005-10-08 12:29:23
I didn't say anything about them, well, actually I did, but my main point was CHILL OUT.

TBM and BadSpot will always hate eachother, I'd just prefer it if they kept it to their own, individual, forums. TBM might not be saying a lot here, but they do on their own forums, which is fine, as long as it stays there. Same with the couple of people here posting about how TBM sucks.

Since now the two communities are now together, it would probably be best to keep your opinions to yourself, as you will immediatley be flamed by someone else, and, apparently, people don't seem to understand that everyone on this forum is an actual person, not just some bot who likes to absorb all your insults and responds with some kind of pre-determined response, so you need to use TACT.
Wedge2005-10-08 10:28:45
EDIT: Maybe thats not what MagicPants meant, but that is what I interpreted it as.
Wedge2005-10-08 10:27:43
@Venom- Not cool. Go swallow a couple of ice cubes, like the round ones you get on airplanes that always of the little hole in them. Got eat one, or two, or thirty.
@MagicPants- Good, but try to exert some control over the idiots in your community. Or something like that.
@Badspot- Can you have this wrap onto other pages, or delete some?
@TechHut- ...
@Wizard1- YAY! Don't know your AIM, but I'm glad you are back.
@IP: This is an example of one of MagicPants's points, that there are a few terminal idiots in their community.

@Everyone Else- NO MORE FORUM ADS! I WILL RIP YOUR EYES OUT. Not serious about that last comment, but I would appreciate it if you would please stop. They have, like, 3 people on them, and if you haven't been able to tell yet, BadSpot doesn't want them.
Wedge2005-10-07 21:58:24
Wedge2005-10-07 21:46:55
Welcome to the Duchy of Milan!
Wedge2005-10-07 16:01:17
Wow, an IP beginning with a single digit! Haven't seen many of those.
Wedge2005-10-06 19:20:34
Start>Control Panel>Network Connections

Right click Local Area Connections and click disable.

Wedge2005-10-06 19:02:34
Modding your mother?
Wedge2005-10-05 18:06:28
Check your internet connection.
Then, re-download RTB. Thats all I can think of.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:33:43
Wedge2005-10-04 21:27:38
I am afraid not. Sorry, lol, I am not good at remembering stuff from movies.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:23:41
Part of my family lives in Windsor.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:23:15
@Speckz: It will pass. Just have to wait to be assimilated properly...
Wedge2005-10-04 21:22:17
I've been to Canada. They have a better view of Niagra Falls then America does. Their Coke cans are bilingual too. Actually, everything is. Except in Quebec, where its all in French. Its preety cool.
Wedge2005-10-04 21:17:03
Oh, I have to collect all the money bags?
Wedge2005-10-04 21:16:16
As our President once said-
"Will the highways on the Internet become more few?"
Wedge2005-10-04 20:21:44
I need help... How do I un-plug the cistern? Or is no customer support offered?
Wedge2005-10-04 20:20:05
Wedge2005-10-04 20:17:40
<div id=commentName>techhut (IP: - 10/4/2005 - 7:08:06 PM</div><div id=commentText>lol nice find wedge...</div>
Wedge2005-10-04 20:13:56
I wonder if I broke the argument... =)
Wedge2005-10-04 20:11:52
Oh, wow, look at the time... I'd better go have dinner before this webpage explodes from all the tension!

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Wedge2005-10-04 18:48:58
@ Luquado: Cool.
@ TechHut: Hmmm... Dunno if anybody is going to bother signing up. Yeah go join everyone, I need more people to talk to. The problem is, some one who is not Luquado or Goron or TheRenderMan or Badspot or Packer or anyone else could sign up as them. So sign up as quickly as possible to reserve your screen name, and TechHut will can check your IP with the ones here I guess... Someone could have lied here to, but I don't think that thought had really occured to many people, or at least, not many people tried it. <--- This is the end of my propaganda campaign.

Have a nice day... Again.
Wedge2005-10-04 11:45:05
Why do TheRenderMan and LOL MAN! have the same IP? Was it am imposter, or SBL seeking a dramatic return?
Wedge2005-10-04 11:43:49
Wedge2005-10-04 09:20:21
Wow, my prediction came true!
Have a nice day everyone.
Wedge2005-10-03 22:32:14
This is like, the spam page >_>
Wedge2005-10-03 22:31:52
Wedge2005-10-03 20:31:21
Thats strange... Guess it doesn't list the port then. Thats my brother, everyone!
Wedge2005-10-03 20:26:54
It looks nicer then the old forums.