Digmaster2009-09-03 03:59:42
Yes, great job :D
Digmaster2007-11-02 20:37:50
Looks nice!
Digmaster2009-03-10 03:18:01
I can never do any fighting styles other then "Fall to the ground" or "Have a stroke"
Digmaster2009-01-04 08:07:35
Oh, kitchen picture :D

Now to go google tribes RPG :D
Digmaster2008-10-12 21:33:47
Made my day!
Digmaster2009-08-14 00:26:22
is it just me or does it say the server broke again or is my computer just being gay?
Digmaster2009-08-13 20:18:45
@Miga I do believe thats the joke

"New server.
13-Aug-2009 03:17 PM"
Way to pussy out! Real men fix their servers via staring at them, not by buying new ones! You disgust me.
Digmaster2009-08-13 07:25:52
Badspot! Hit server with hammer! That might fix it!
Digmaster2009-04-16 17:17:03
Silly badspot dropped the camera.
Digmaster2009-04-16 17:15:43
She doesn't seem to have a hold of the cloth in her right hand. it's just sticking there.
Digmaster2009-01-04 08:04:17
Lol non-erotic post gets no comments, but the one with boobies had hundreds.
Digmaster2009-01-04 08:00:05
Digmaster2009-01-04 07:58:56
hey look the last post was yes-ZOMG BOOBIES!
Digmaster2007-11-02 20:36:13
Nice ship.....