GMAN2020-03-30 04:24:59
ya heard me
GMAN2020-03-30 04:22:20
No, you have been blue pilled, and much like other people who have been you believe you are woke but are not - the trick of the the blue pill is making you think you took the red pill and everything is cool becauz lets face it bro ur chosen right? except real red pilled niggas dont brag about it and say they are red pilled - they don't have to brag about it because they know it's true so wether ur red pilling or blue pilling i recommend u stop that and start green toking instead
gman2020-02-10 09:14:22
gman2019-09-12 15:08:15
everyone is so quick to ditch a good solid game for an empty shell of one, how disappointing. I guess the true fans of BL will just keep on playing
Gman2010-07-05 22:57:31