Sankuro2008-12-07 18:02:33
Nope don't make it for blockland! Just keep it for counter strike only.
Sankuro2008-10-13 19:16:45
Sankuro2008-12-07 17:55:13
Link? I would like to see how good you did on this. So far I am truly amazed at how your advancing in your video games, especialy the upcoming BL physics.
Sankuro2008-11-11 20:24:27
Blockland should be on TV more often, yes, I built my memories of builds I made back when I was..erm....young..Also the old characters of blockland were more detailed, so pretty much I like them more. But I know, the dang "™" thing. Actauly, lego should let blockland be lego, as it will promote lego toys so people can design their builds online, and get to work on them in real life. Also, I imagine this game being good at its time.
Sankuro2008-11-11 20:26:00
woot XD
Sankuro2008-12-07 18:07:23
"The waitress": Gnrrrr..
Me: I'd like to order an uber burger
"The waitress": (Eats the uber burger)
"The waitress": (Lunges and misses at me)
Me: (Runs out)
Sankuro2008-12-07 17:59:06
[i]"Anyway: Looks like strange mutanic flowers. :3[i]
I agree with ya
Sankuro2008-11-11 20:36:42
What's the tribes game website? I tried one website called "tribes" but it was all math related...weird...
Sankuro2008-12-07 18:14:26
Btw that guys looks like a Shy Guy from mario.
Sankuro2008-10-29 16:54:01
Me too
Sankuro2008-11-30 11:12:24 animations? That would make AoT a freaking world of lore Sex RPG.
Sankuro2008-11-30 11:11:28
NoPENIS pics. He won't post them.
HAve this cookie and shutup :cookie:
Sankuro2008-10-29 17:05:28
Did you censor the penis because your not make it able so males can't take their pants and underwear,
But the females CAN!@?@?@!??@!??!?!!!?!
Sankuro2008-10-13 19:00:18
Remove the will attract queers to age of time. It will also add tons of lag due to the high polygon amount.
Sankuro2008-11-01 20:42:58
Girls can fight, idiot
Sankuro2008-11-01 20:33:32
Sankuro2008-12-07 18:20:06
Ummm you don't..I don't think.
Sankuro2008-11-01 20:19:06
And dyna droppers (the monsters that drop dynamite to kill players) should run out of dynamite some time!
Sankuro2008-11-01 20:17:40
Also we REALLY FREAKING NEED better ways to get money in age of time and we shouldn't lose ALL of our FREAKING hard earned GOLD FRICKIN PEICES and most of the areas shouldn't be pvp areas, we need auto attacking, and also monsters shouldn't chase you unless you inflict damage to them, unless in certain zones such as dungeons.
Sankuro2008-11-01 20:14:54
Badspot dosn't hate age of time. But you are right age of time could use a little shine.
Sankuro2008-12-07 18:12:50
Where are the people?
And where are the back seats?
Sankuro2008-12-07 18:10:39
Sankuro: [i]<shoots the plane down>[/i]
Plane driver: Oh shit..I got shot down the 556,223,723,234,244,763,213th time already...
Sankuri: [i]*eats a :cookie:[/i]
Sankuro2008-10-13 19:06:01
"Lol, You can update it to use better engines :)"
Torque is one of the best engines alongside Java.
Sankuro2008-10-13 19:02:37
Very complex...
...for one of your really old games...
Sankuro2008-11-05 19:31:07
Allan, a car in age of time? Age of time is in the world of lore (medieval fantasy). :cookiemonster:
Sankuro2008-11-11 20:11:50
[i]"I WANT A COOKIE"[/i]

well ok heres your cookie bai bai :cookie:
Sankuro2008-11-06 16:21:10

Sankuro2008-11-01 20:21:06
I'm going to post a topic about what you need to add in age of time.
Sankuro2008-11-05 19:13:55
lol your equiping the same equipment I equip in that game!
Sankuro2008-11-06 16:29:48
Also those letters look like their from the roblox logo O_o
Sankuro2008-11-05 19:26:33
[b]I has funny pictures[/b]
Part I
Part II
Sankuro2008-11-05 19:26:20
[b]I has funny pictures[/b]
Part I
Part II
Sankuro2008-11-05 19:15:11
Sankuro2008-11-06 16:28:50
I also just remember i know a person named katie she is horrible, especialy for babies (lucky for us).
Sankuro2008-11-06 16:28:44
I also just remember i know a person named katie she is horrible, especialy for babies (lucky for us).
Sankuro2008-11-06 16:27:43
y is every one of your peices of art have only girls in it... o_o
Sankuro2008-10-13 19:18:01
(Skylord sucks)