Neozuki2007-03-01 23:45:41
I remember the first days of vanilla, how it was filled with people hammering due to Kevin. But eventually it calmed down and mods helped cut down on that stuff. I'm really interested to see what Kevin thinks of retail, although the other Kevin lo longer hosts AoTS.
Neozuki2007-11-22 03:21:48
Hah, thats useful. I've missed a lot of cool things on video games over the years :(
Neozuki2007-11-09 15:36:03
I guess after the seventh "FFS I wish I caught that on video" you decided to record everything?
Neozuki2007-03-01 23:57:12
Modeling in your sleep? Lol
Neozuki2007-03-01 23:47:36
Max Payne was the first game with bullettime after all =D
Neozuki2007-03-01 23:53:46
I see four (black) guys with casts maybe on their left hands and swords in their right.
Neozuki2008-10-19 07:27:25
"I experience strange sensations when viewing a male penis, and I am not sure I like them. Please remove them or my sexual arousal may contradict what I am under pressure to be."

If adding a penis will keep fucktards like you away, the more the merrier.
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:34:11
He's also in Majora's Mask. On the second day when its night hes were Kieth comes out the first day.
Neozuki2007-11-09 15:31:21
I like how Bato says hes going to try his hardest not to shoot anyone, and then shoots right away when the gangsters stand.

That movie owns.
Neozuki2007-05-06 18:47:35
"Why are there no male models?" lol
And is this Ghost In The Shell?
Neozuki2008-04-23 22:41:18
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:30:20
Looks like they are running to the left away from the aliens (aliens?).

Lol that bug thing shot the guys hookshot.
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:44:11
Its because everyone else has posted on this picture more than any other ones.
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:37:27
Abstract as in the cup isn't closed lol.
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:39:52
His teeth reminds me when Ross from Friends left the whitener on too long.
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:36:05
Err, AoT. Been playing Age of Empires too much.
Neozuki2007-03-02 13:35:45
The women in AoE are fat? Lol they have unrealistic standards.