MP2005-10-12 11:26:09
Techhut is trying to start fights. D:

Poor lil' misguided idiot.
MP2005-10-11 18:53:58
Then you basically admit that the users of TBM are generally more talented than those who use the other modpacks...?

Or am I reading too deep there?
MP2005-10-11 18:01:34
"and our users are 200% more talented than people from RTB/AiO/BLM/Vanilla"

Actually, I'm just stating one of the reasons why you would take it and post it on the website. Buildings by Ragnarok(The white space station), Green Lantern(the green building with the rocket), and Doo Dee(black building thing) are more pleasing on the eye than trashy black buildings with three windows in the front of them that claim to be a store or whatever.