MCP2005-10-13 22:49:05
LOL, you guys crack me up.
MCP2005-10-13 02:20:42
Can you say, “Transference?” I knew that you could.
MCP2005-10-12 23:07:31
Now that was funny.
MCP2005-10-11 23:47:46
Sure there is, compare and make the decision yourself. Load up RTB, hit all their servers and see what they are building then load up TBM, hit all of their servers (this won't take long) and see how it stacks up. I don't need to tell you which one has the most talent when you can make that call on your own from an unbiased stand point of course.

As for a decompiler, go for it. If our material is so good that you have to decompile it and then try to make sense of it, then by all means knock yourself out.
MCP2005-10-09 22:16:18
its me again and im a child pornographer and i must say badspot ive been stalking u since the 3rd grade and i have to say... i love you
MCP2005-10-09 19:55:14
Admiral Snackbar obviously you never read anything I actually say. Get an opinion of your own. Also, if I copied a 15 page research paper you did for school and presented it as my own to your teacher before you turned yours and claimed up and down it was my own, what would happen? Obviously the paper is for free since you don't get paid to write it and it is just for a class that isn't going to mean anything in the future. Seems to me you obviously don't understand how annoying it is to have your work stolen and then have someone else put their name on it. We at TBM never said that we would be opposed to someone asking to use our code and leaving our names on it. This has been done with various portions of code such as the persistence code since its original inception. However, I release one snippet or portion of code and people like Red_eye and therenderman take it and put their name on it like they came up with it on their own. It is just rude and hateful, and no matter how old I get, abiding this behavior is beyond me. I've never been very forgiving of malicious theft. Guess I will have to pray for help on that one, but until then my more brilliant stuff will be DSO'ed and protected. Hate it for all you that would like to put your name on it.
MCP2005-10-09 06:42:49
Luquado "I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form"
That is the funniest thing I have read on here so far. Oh and someone tell BJ that he isn't worth responding too. Some people only want to pick fights with people they are fairly sure they will never see in person, and that is just childish. BTW sanity, I got an awesome mountable fire effect going incase you want to come on my server some time and get set on fire for fun. I'll be adding in mountable lights and light switches as well as mountable weps and trigger switches, and the newest emitter effect mounter switches. Might make things more interesting.
MCP2005-10-08 08:30:13
Bjway, you really need to chill out and do a little growing up man. So do your little followers.
MCP2005-10-08 03:21:31
i have 2 addmit... im gay
MCP2005-10-07 04:23:10
That is what he does hax0rd. Fairly common action for Ricky Blocko.
MCP2005-10-07 03:25:11
That is me -->
LOL, you guys kill me. So much anger and hate for no reason at all. Pretty sad really. Wow, BS is going to IGC too? I am so bringing my camera. If you didn't register in advance you can forget about coming too, but if you wait outside with a sign I will be sure to drag Eric's inebriated unconscious body for you to take pictures with in comprimising positions.
MCP2005-10-05 22:43:01
Or me and Magicpants can go be the ostentatious stiff necks we are!
MCP2005-10-05 08:07:34
BS knows good any well there is nothing in TBM like he claims, but he does however pride himself on his ability to be a pernicious cunt.
MCP2005-10-04 23:46:55

What is scarey about calling people? Why is everything a threat with you. Chill out man.
MCP2005-10-04 23:41:35

Nope I just called him, and he won't answer. That's so rude. LOL, CS that's not what the registrar said.
MCP2005-10-04 23:30:10
[ see ]
Quote: I'd thought you'd figured out by now that IP addresses are by no means a way to prevent someone from accessing public pages.

Ya, he's tried this on me. You'd think that all those years at VT in web design he would have learned something. BTW Eric why don't you answer your phone?
MCP2005-10-04 23:03:34