DARK2005-10-10 13:44:37
You must have alot of time on your hands.
DARK2005-10-10 13:46:27
I suggest working on only one or two projects.
DARK2005-11-11 11:39:09
I wish you could finish it though...
DARK2005-10-08 10:47:45
@Skit: Eric Heartman is Badspot.
@"MCP": I\/ICP d0tn \/\/ Iike this.
DARK2005-10-05 07:16:05
@Ace 23: You'll be surprised what happended while you were gone.
DARK2005-10-05 07:09:52
@Dark ...yea...
@BS: Why dont we get a free bullitin or something?
DARK2005-10-04 17:30:25
So why are you going to have your own game server for IGS?
Can't you just keep using the GG server?
And I think this is better.lol