Spock2010-09-28 01:55:25
Swastika tattoo? That's hard core!
Spock2010-09-14 21:10:55
abdomen looks short, and I wish you made a version without her in it, so I could finally get a good look at the awesome scenery without oggling her every second :[
Spock2010-07-18 22:49:54
PJ Boy is dumb and stupid.

this is funny, but I miss the ogleable chicks :c
Spock2010-07-06 07:00:12
Less funny, more cheesecake

fine with me
Spock2010-06-21 20:39:29
If you don't get it, watch FLCL.
Spock2010-06-21 13:18:56
Seen FLCL, played Guitar Hero.

Spock2010-06-05 19:01:43
I lol'd
Spock2010-06-05 18:51:23
I lol'd
Spock2010-06-05 18:47:43
I lol'd
Spock2010-06-05 18:46:16
I lol'd
Spock2010-06-05 18:46:16
I lol'd
Spock2010-05-02 02:18:38
Mass effect 2 not played = Joke not gotten

Spock2005-10-11 22:08:11
Yay! Jeeps in AoT!
Spock2005-10-11 22:11:32
Man, you guys are dicks
Spock2006-01-31 22:54:23
Or uhh.. Cheesecake. Man am I stupid.
Spock2006-01-31 22:53:51
Nice art, Badspot.