TheRenderman2014-05-06 04:14:20
I see you...
TheRenderMan2005-10-06 11:36:30
I've done that before lol Its so funny
TheRenderMan2005-10-06 11:35:10
Oooooooo pretty want that thing!
TheRenderMan2005-10-06 11:13:40
QUOTE BADSPOT: This page is awesome. From now when ever anyone asks me why I'm so mean, I can just point to this page and say "look what I'm dealing with here".

This is what it was like when we had no banned people lol. Now see what is going on.
TheRenderMan2005-10-05 13:53:13
Wedge (IP: - 10/4/2005 - 10:45:05 AM

Why do TheRenderMan and LOL MAN! have the same IP? Was it am imposter, or SBL seeking a dramatic return?

Dramatic return lol maybe, but Chris why arnt you on AIM anymore? LOL Now you can tell its me! LOLOLOLOL! Also the forums are back up!
TheRenderMan2005-10-04 11:16:35
Hey guys its really me and I want to say that StuntBL is back up the forums will be posted soon. And a public beta is coming out next week. Red Giant will be posting the download link on the forums or maybe here.