TechHut2005-10-14 10:26:01
@Spekz - Honestly that sounds as if you were pulling shit from your ass.
TechHut2005-10-13 22:33:40
And back to reply that... it isn't my mod. It is ReD-EyE, Mocheeze, Nitram, etc mod.
TechHut2005-10-13 22:32:03
Spekz... how much did MCP pay you for that response?

"@Techhut: If MCP's code is so bad, why is 50-60% of your mod based on it? How come so many people want to steal it because they can't code for shit? MCP's coding, is, well, godly. Also, he has a pretty nice life, I've seen his hot wife on streaming video webcam. Anything else, child?"

Gee... my judging MCP's maturity level, he seems like a child to me.
TechHut2005-10-13 00:02:46
Oops.. I meant Tab... anyways

verizon always randomizes teh IP everytime i reconnect.

Anyways, MCP, at least I can say I HAVE a life, not stuck inside every day going "Maaaa when's the pasta gunna be cooked?" and "Maaaqa gimme a soda" all day long.
TechHut2005-10-12 11:00:18

Yea... your code good? Yea... sure... Know what, when you have a real popular mod (RTB) people are SURE to go to it. It is utterly pointless to say that the TBM builders are more skilled and talented. As we can tell, MCP is probably going to be a failure in life.

Know what, be immature, talk about me on your forums. Do I give a shit? No.

And MCP. Prove your statements. C'mon, we all are just dying to seethe "talent".
TechHut2005-10-11 23:06:27
Woah... I wanna switch again! To against TBM! Those TBM assholes are nothing but trouble.

Heh, I am waiting for someone to make a DSO de-compiler. That would be pretty fun to shove in the TBM developers faces...
techhut2005-10-09 23:28:52
BadSpot, what is teh progress of the forum?
TechHut2005-10-08 13:26:33
Woah! Everybody take a breather now..

And all this impersonating is just crap. I, as some others check IPs... with previous posts...
techhut2005-10-07 00:01:31
BJ, watch out, Badspot may go loco since you have a link to a forum... Anyways whoever suggested proboards... just die. Poor Boards basicly shouts out "I Can't adminitrate MY OWN forum and I need someone else to host it who i dont know and I like to have the same board as many other teens!!!"
TechHut2005-10-06 11:32:44
2 Things...

1) What is IGC

and 2) how was it?
TechHut2005-10-05 11:06:40
Actually with a prev. point, on the forums you guys seem... very egotistical...
techHut2005-10-05 01:40:58
I hate having suck a moron for a president. Sadly the majority of voters chose him.
TechHut2005-10-05 01:18:39
Ofcourse TBmers aren't stupid.

Alot of times you bring up great points, the only thing I had against you guys was the exploit. LOL.
techhut2005-10-05 00:08:06
lol nice find wedge...
techhut2005-10-05 00:03:35
Because at least some people have good points like Spekz and MCP.
TechHut2005-10-04 23:58:57
oh boy Badspot, I am offended... not... Anyways I have a list of over 5000 proxies I could easily pick up.

And remember, you piss off many people, and those prople wont buy retail...
TechHut2005-10-04 22:45:23
C/mon guys, it is a good backup, and heck if you want a theme for me to downlaod and get, i will get it...

And if someone signs with a name that doesn't belong to them, I will change their name to n00b screwer 01, 02, 03, etc...
TechHut2005-10-04 22:14:34
Hey guys!!


TechHut2005-10-04 01:25:04
I LOVE geolocation... anyways someone from the northern Us is on the forums... (that is the only info they give is northern, northeastern, southern, etc
techhut2005-10-04 01:16:59
admiral snakbar and wedege are brothers.

Badspot, as a temp solution, if you want to link to the forum i made as a temperory solution, you could.

Hmm... i wonder if i would even get *close* to me 100GB bandwidth limit...
techhut2005-10-04 00:59:59
badspot, use SMF. It is MUCH better than PHPBB, and can habdle much abuse. Great... um.. forums i guess...
techhut2005-10-04 00:58:27
badspot, use SMF. It is MUCH better than PHPBB, and can habdle much abuse. Great... um.. forums i guess...
TechHut2005-10-04 00:57:15
Hey guys! Want a blockland forum that you can go to temp?

Unoffical Blockland Forums!