Azimuth2009-08-13 17:40:30
@Digmaster STOP! Hammer time!
Azimuth2009-08-13 00:51:49
u sure ur wedge?
Azimuth2009-08-13 00:30:11
Azimuth2009-08-12 23:06:26
You have a dynamic IP Dropshock?
Azimuth2009-08-12 20:10:35
Go to hell, dropshock.
Azimuth2009-08-12 17:34:04
Well at least some people remembered :D
Azimuth2009-08-12 15:29:17
yay snot
Azimuth2009-08-12 02:15:30
the one time i remember this place, nobody else does.
Azimuth2009-08-12 01:33:39
Oh no, the forums are gone!