MagicPants2005-10-11 17:31:40
You don't understand what I mean. TBM has more features than the other shitty mods, and our users are 200% more talented than people from RTB/AiO/BLM/Vanilla, and Badspot discourages people from using TBM because of an 'omg expl01t dat dont exizt no longa'; yet he takes images from TBM and puts them on the website(one of the reasons TBM now has a watermark).
MagicPants2005-10-11 14:48:59
I thought "hey, what the hell, why not bring this up?"

Anyone else notice how Badspot claims to hate TBM, yet he steals our images and claims they represent the "vanilla Blockland?" I just found it funny. Hell, one of the pictures has MCP in it. = link for the mentally retarded.

It seems even BS has stolen from TBM(on another note, I took about 70% of those screenshots). When will it ever end?! :'(
MagicPants2005-10-10 01:09:08
Bri Guy makes shitty space maps because he can't make skyboxes.
MagicPants2005-10-08 16:34:42
Oh Wedge, you're such a peace keeper. It warms my heart.
MagicPants2005-10-08 13:34:44
Hmm...I could have swore I had "and" in there somewhere.

*...please go away and die
MagicPants2005-10-08 13:32:56
If you notice Mr. Dumbass, the only TBM user who has even mentioned BS in a bad way is MCP when he said he would get pictures at the festival.

I'm not talking about the new TBM users, I'm talking about the loyalists.
Doo Dee
Green Lantern

None of those people have said anything negative, minus MCP's little comment. Also, you're a fucking dumbas Venom. Learn to type, and please go away die.
MagicPants2005-10-07 02:54:27
Use TBM.
MagicPants2005-10-06 23:37:24
Also, visit these sites
MagicPants2005-10-06 23:36:06
@ LUEshi (IP: - 10/6/2005 - 3:39:23 PM
lol MP doesn't know wtf a LUEshi is or were it's from :P Yet he trys to make it seam like he does. And no I don't want to use tbm, your adds wont change my mind on it so easily.

Board 42, I believe on the GameFAQs message boards. Also known as the cesspool of the internet.
MagicPants2005-10-06 03:31:18
LUE sucks, LUELinks sucks, and LUEshi sucks.

Use TBM.
MagicPants2005-10-05 19:28:50
Too bad you're still a giant fag.
MagicPants2005-10-05 11:10:11
Techhut fails trying to use a big word.
MagicPants2005-10-05 03:31:09

MagicPants2005-10-05 01:15:52 does not exist.
MagicPants2005-10-05 00:16:55
I wish I was a real boy. :'(
MagicPants2005-10-05 00:16:20
MagicPants2005-10-04 11:07:42
Badspot banned me for being too negative. :(
MagicPants2005-10-04 02:30:37
Oh snap, I hath returned. All rejoice.