Legodude2024-05-11 08:53:30
Alll thank our lord and savior Badspot !

All hail Badspot!
2024-05-11 07:17:00
When are you gonna enable steam registration again?
Badspot2024-05-11 04:34:37
Thanks for letting me know.

The HDD filled up due to mysql logging a complete database restoration. It should be fixed now.
Bitplayer2024-05-11 00:35:57
Website errors as of 11:30 PM May 10th returns an HTTP Error code 522 error from cloudflare making it impossible for players to download server cache when attempting to connect to game servers through cdn. also gets an HTTP Error code 522 making it impossible to load the forums.
2024-05-10 07:29:04
makes me skibidi
2024-05-09 19:50:23
sleek and clean
Pissmilker2024-05-09 10:05:23
Like I said, Not giving credit to OpenSCAD either, it sucks. Besides, OpenSCAD has "CAD" in it's name lol.
Badspot2024-05-09 08:39:40
Solvespace is a CAD program. OpenSCAD is a programming language. They're not even remotely comparable.
Pissmilker2024-05-09 08:16:14
Why Solvespace? It's just a more constrained OpenSCAD. (And I'm not giving any credit to OpenASSCAD here either, it's also objectively bad)
(><)2024-05-07 06:59:15
shin yaranaika
2024-05-02 15:05:36
holy crap i think i just nerdgasmed
this.. is.... WIN!!!!!!!111
Vanger2024-04-30 20:08:12
My wife always plays the hot babe character in every game. In Diablo 4 she refused to play any of the women because they were so ugly.
Michael Penis2024-04-30 18:17:49
GREAT WORK BADSPOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Penis2024-04-30 18:17:37
F YEAH !!!!!!! SPIT YUR SHIT !!!!!!
Badspot2024-04-27 22:06:45
If I want to play Zelda, I have the grey and gold carts to choose from. This yellow version of the cart was only issued to Nintendo authorized repair centers and thus has a very high value as a collector's item. The internal board and rom are the same as the commercial release.
2024-04-27 06:25:09
ya'll mothafuckas need to seriously start stacking some bread
2024-04-27 06:23:00
why would you frame a cartridge
now u can't play it...
krack2024-04-24 00:09:13
2024-04-23 15:47:02
krack2024-04-23 15:13:12
rich coming from you, the ball sucker
^2024-04-23 11:33:18
Badspot isn't gonna fuck you btw
krack2024-04-23 03:50:46
>you should try making one of your own!

how about YOU try making one? never thought of that, did you? but you can't help yourself from chortling on this dude balls. give it up, the past is the past.
2024-04-21 15:46:21
You seem to really like video games, you should try making one of your own!
TSR2024-04-17 20:57:47
RIP the best game i ever played that made Legos with friends so much fun i will never forget you
yeah devs don't care about about it but good it died on a good note and a simple times
Krack2024-04-17 18:38:06
give them a cookie and a firm handshake by god they found the joke
NOMA2024-04-16 06:32:07
Can't wait until lab-grown meat onaholes so that we don't have to poison our penises with microplastics and microfibres
cason gray2024-04-15 11:05:03
the spam on this website is crazy. it's such an old format, how is it even happening XD anyways, hope everyone who sees this is doing well
Badspot2024-04-14 10:23:44
@WhiteShark Thanks for heads up. You can post URLs, you just cant do html or bbcode links, because spam bots do those like crazy.
Badspot2024-04-13 01:35:00
Yes, that's the joke. You found it. Good job.
yummy plastic2024-04-12 22:35:47
Wonderful plastic machine creation
2024-04-12 21:24:00
"Things become less flexible when they approach 40 years old."
yeah, you'd know
The Real2024-04-12 08:26:29
First and foremost thanks for compiling this, it's extremely well made.

I just disagree slightly on Frey from Forspoken. The model is quite attractive (although she obviously lacks the makeup of the actress), or at least I totally like how she looks/would date 100%.

The screenshot you presented here does indeed make her look ugly, but I think you will agree with me it's an unfortunate case of bad timing etc, compared to the abominations you posted here, maybe because she was made in Japan, she is on another level.
Cool2024-04-11 21:33:43
2024-04-11 18:46:55
You can't keep getting away with setting these unrealistic standards for gaming shelves.
WhiteShark2024-04-11 14:58:13
Thanks for the article! Your article was posted in our thread for documenting this phenomenon on RPGHQ. Not sure if I can link it here, but it's titled, "Thread for female video game characters that look like Charles II of Spain."

Remember, the destruction of beauty and celebration of ugliness stems from a hate for God, the Source of every good thing. Those claiming this is normal have ugly souls.
cason gray2024-04-10 13:16:51
finally beat it!! lot of fun, thanks. going to try for 0 deaths eventually
cason gray2024-04-08 16:37:51
thanks badspot. too late now, but I'll keep that in mind. whenever I play this, I'll try and just go as fast as possible. getting pretty good, haven't reached the end yet.
2024-04-08 06:28:05
very memorable games... this was a good post : - )
krack2024-04-08 04:59:14
brickadia is literally made by pedos
krack2024-04-08 04:53:27
>But in real life they would affect the appearance - and thus, sexual appeal - of the character

b-b-but in real life i-i-t would a-a-ffect it!!

>My Lara was pretty

glad you got some wank material out of it
Ben2024-04-07 01:44:40
Hey Badspot, i know you get asked this a lot but is there ever a chance we might see a blockland workshop or something? this game used to be my child good and just seeing it shoved away like this kinda makes me sad.
Badspot2024-04-06 19:57:15
You can hold Q to suicide.
caosnogray2024-04-06 16:06:28
you can softlock after the water boss early on. I'm currently crouched in some blocks, cannot move. oh well
skidoodle2024-04-05 14:42:04
>None of these things effect the shape of the model.

But in real life they would affect the appearance - and thus, sexual appeal - of the character

>I took the screenshot directly from the video game myself.

Ok I understand the difference between us now. You're still rocking that good ol' GeForce GT970 and had to play in low 480p while I ran the game on ultra 1440p. My Lara was pretty :P

>"Amazon" implies an tall, athletic, attractive woman, not a brute, not an anti-hero.

D2R Amazon does not become an "anti-hero". Guess we just gotta agree to disagree on that one, it's subjective to some extent. I like her better that way, it fits the dark theme imho.

>Because Harmony is presented sexually (...) on a stage, in fantastical clothing, presented as a sacred object, with the goal of confronting and challenging normal heterosexual desires.

That's an interesting insight. Nothing in your original point suggested that - consider expanding that paragraph maybe, cause right now it only says "game has fat woman" and that's not an argument in itself. I haven't played this game, so if you have and could elaborate, I think it'd add value to your analysis.
Badspot2024-04-04 16:05:52
>gets up, grunting, brutally disarmed

None of these things effect the shape of the model.

>You also chose the 240p video for the source

I took the screenshot directly from the video game myself. You can view it on my steam profile here:
You can even see fraps running in the corner.


Here is a plain screenshot of gameplay: She has been purposefully de-sexualized from her prior appearances, even from prior games within this reboot arc.

>Her ugliness is not political. Her image is supposed to convey a mean, naturalistic, brutal emotions, not cause sexual arousal

Even assuming this is true (it isn't), this would be a change from her depiction in previous games and indeed, any depiction of an "amazon" and even common usage of the word. "Amazon" implies an tall, athletic, attractive woman, not a brute, not an anti-hero. Wonder Woman is an amazon.

Sure you can subvert that, but you'll be making a statement - especially if you're subverting an already existing character.

>How would this be of any relevance?

Because Harmony is presented sexually, in a performative defilement of aesthetics. The characters in GTA:SA wear greasy tank tops, they get hair cuts, they go to the gym - they are intentionally banal and profane. Harmony is on a stage, in fantastical clothing, presented as a sacred object, with the goal of confronting and challenging normal heterosexual desires. And I'd bet that if you asked the designer (tactfully) they would agree with me.
skidoodle2024-04-04 09:12:46
I appreciate you responding.

>It's an unmodified screenshot from the game.

...taken at the moment Lara gets up, grunting, after having been brutally disarmed. You also chose the 240p video for the source, instead of a FullHD version. This is a prime example of cherrypicking, as Lara is *not* that ugly in the whole game. Maybe you didn't play it but I did lol.

>The technical issue is that women don't have muscles like that, so when you add them artificially in a post process, it looks weird.

Yeah but the end result of a woman looking ugly is *not*, as you claim, by design to make her look ugly, but by design to make her muscular - which itself is a fairly reasonable artistic decision - and then failing at this plan. Those are not the same things.

>So you're saying she's... ugly on purpose?

Yeah, right. Just to clarify my thought here: I don't think D2R's Amazon is ugly because of woke propaganda. Her ugliness is not political. Her image is supposed to convey a mean, naturalistic, brutal emotions, not cause sexual arousal. This is a different thing than "feminists and soyboys lobby for making female characters uglier". Somehow the Sorceress in the same game is a plain hottie.

>Why do you hate women?

C'mon bro, don't antagonize me for no reason. I agree with you on half the things you said in your post. What I'm saying is that this fanart thing has no soul, it's not unique at all. I've seen that kinda face in 41987 posts on r34 and /aco/. Blizzard's ugly Amazon is unique at least.

>Did Big Smoke make bedroom eyes and twerk into the camera while morbidly obese black men seal-clapped and shouted "yass king represent" on social media?

How would this be of any relevance? Your post concerns female ugliness, not black culture. Your entire critique of Destruction Allstars comprised this lone sentence: "This vehicular combat game features an obese black woman named Harmony." So I attacked this point by showing you an example of a game that also featured vehicles, combat, and an obese black *man* named Big Smoke. Please decide which of the following is/are the problem: (1) depictions of black people doing black people shit, or (2) depictions of fat people, or (3) depictions of fat women?
Muskmuh2024-04-04 06:13:42
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2024-04-01 06:43:37
Let people enjoy things.
why2024-04-01 01:14:30
Why do you care? Live your life. Stop caring about how jack-off-able pixels are on your screen. Fucking incel
2024-03-29 21:27:56
you spelled soyjak wrong btw
Badspot2024-03-29 16:24:38
I have added entries for Pokemon GO, some Microsoft BS, and Battlefield 2042.
Badspot2024-03-28 23:28:15
>Lara from the new games is still hot, but you deliberately picked some mishap of a screenshot to demonstrate otherwise

I don't know what to tell you man. It's an unmodified screenshot from the game. You can watch the cutscene here: The male character is fucked up looking too. I think they de-sexualized everyone by shrinking the shoulders and inflating the waists. Given the high graphical competency of the rest of the game, I figure it must have been done on purpose.

>the muscle argument maybe only proves some technical/design issues

The technical issue is that women don't have muscles like that, so when you add them artificially in a post process, it looks weird.

>She's supposed to be ugly

So you're saying she's... ugly on purpose? [opening theme song plays]

>the characterless anime-like doll from your "excellent fanart" makes me cringe a little bit

Why do you hate women?

>Bet you didn't cry about Big Smoke from GTA:SA being a lardass, did you?

I didn't play San Andreas. Did Big Smoke make bedroom eyes and twerk into the camera while morbidly obese black men seal-clapped and shouted "yass king represent" on social media?
skidoodle2024-03-28 10:35:39
Great compilation. They not only made Peevee ugly but also obnoxious and annoying. Both her and Aloy are products of some grade A science of ugliness, just like it's easy to create neat clean surfaces but takes incredible effort to make them look dirty, rusty, messed up (think cities in Mirror's Edge vs Deus Ex MD). Forspoken, Redfall, Fable, Injustice, and of course the TLoU fiasco - all great examples.

However, you were obviously trying very hard to make some examples fit your theory. Cyberpunk 2077 has hot chicks both in game (Judy, Panam) and in the posters - female V, the one looking to the bottom-right, is simply attractive (ok you may disagree, but it's still a big stretch to call her UGLY). Lara from the new games is still hot, but you deliberately picked some mishap of a screenshot to demonstrate otherwise; for each screenshot like that, I'll find one where she looks hot. Oh and the muscle argument maybe only proves some technical/design issues, not deliberate ugliness. Lawbreakers - idk man, call *me* racist but from what I see this girl is actually quite an idealized image of a black woman. D2R - notice that the new amazon shares facial features with the original one, just in greater detail and minus the ridiculous boobplate. She's supposed to be ugly, her special hero trait is in her combat abilities, she ain't got the time to put on make up and be a hottie. In fact, the characterless anime-like doll from your "excellent fanart" makes me cringe a little bit. Finally, Destruction Allstars is a comic-like game, don't take it that seriously man. Bet you didn't cry about Big Smoke from GTA:SA being a lardass, did you?
corpo_nomad2024-03-28 06:50:39
I am not much of a video games player so I cannot double check your takes on all those games but I actually did play Cyberpunk a lot. Not only your initial complain is wrong (those are different characters, as others already told you) but also, the main character you complain about is not really "the face of the game". If you actually played Cyberpunk or at the very least did a little reasearch, you would know that you barely see your own (ugly?) face in the game, so it does not matter if you are pretty or not. On top of that, the developers actually put some effort in character customization tool, so you can completely re-do your character to look totally different, if it is important to you, and players actually use that tool a lot. What is most important, though, is that the big part of the game are your relations with two female characters of Judy and Panam. I might not be fan of Judy's tattoos or be Panam's "dat ass" connoisseur but I need to admit that they are both very attractive ladies plus their personalities are extremely likeable. This is what you remember from the game after playing it, when it comes to women, not some ephemeral trans or otherwise, let's call it "far from traditional beauty standards" NPCs from short quests. As mentioned at the beginning, I don't play video games much (Cyberpunk is an exception) so I cannot verify all your claims and complains, and so I only hope that other games examples you used are not totally butchered like the Cyberpunk one.
Ben2024-03-28 06:12:09
CP2077 example is a bit exagerrated in my opinion, main face advertising the franchise is still the same, beatiful woman or a handsome man named V. You can go full nuts and play naked with big breasts or dick flapping around. Its literally the opposite to your whole statement.
2024-03-26 21:41:27
Whittle2024-03-26 00:30:29
Unban me from the forums.
Trogtor2024-03-25 22:46:28
bussysauce for days man
Blockgamer2024-03-25 15:55:57
True If Blockland received updates with improved performance and modern quality of life improvements supporting up to billions of bricks while still keeping 60 fps while keeping all its addons modding compatibility it would be the most legendary pc game of all time.

Blockland Remastered please make it happen
2024-03-01 19:02:25
Holy shit I just realized this comic is also part of Badspot's gender transformation fetish
RobloxianGirl2024-03-01 14:56:28
Blockland truly is the best PC game of all time.

Just wish Badspot would keep on updating the game with performance improvements or improved quality of life for user experience.
Just a thought release Blockland 2.0 Ultimate idea.

Love ~ Angela
Carson2024-03-01 03:54:38
I lol'd. Both at the actual post and this comment section.
^2024-02-24 04:22:15
Bruh moment2024-02-23 19:37:46
The article that caused dozens of scam bots to flood this site

This is what hating women gets you
I hope you are happy Hartman
what the fuck2024-02-23 13:02:58
what the fuck
2024-02-22 05:14:13
i regret giving you $20 for your block game 10 years ago
2024-02-20 11:58:35
Whens the next update?
2024-02-05 13:38:31
you won't last 5 seconds playing this game
Balls2024-01-21 18:16:50
So this game was announced over 11 years ago lol.
Anonymous2024-01-19 03:32:56
Badspot, thanks for your blog posts and thank you for everything you have done. I need to get on my soapbox for a bit and say that it's because of creators like you that we are able to set an example and understand the relationship between content creators and their audience during this troublesome time. Blockland and Brickadia, Roblox or Minecraft, I like them all. The negativity of your fans towards your work shouldn't be excused. It's sacrilege. You are a respectable man who's contributed more than most to the online building software community. Your fans often compare you to a degenerate as if you're the singer for a Nu Metal band. You are much more than that, and you helped me learn to respect myself as a gentleman who has control over his natural talents.
wanker2024-01-12 11:35:17
Is that a real game?
ipostedbbcode2024-01-12 11:07:53
because it's still the newest post by baldspot
Boxxed2024-01-08 01:33:34
This blog post was made 6 months ago, why are people still arguing here?
Dr. D2023-12-30 19:29:38
Try the rebuilds sometime, they're certainly... interesting
yes2023-12-29 00:18:34
Badspot2023-12-28 22:56:19
17 years later, I finally watched End of Evangelion and I was surprised to see that Rei is actually consumed by a giant fat guy who looks like this. It's in the movie. I inadvertently made an ingenious reference to something I hadn't seen.
Blonald Blumpf2023-12-28 19:36:14
What do you guys think Badspot does in his spare time now anyway? I'm gonna assume he has over 10,000 hours in CS:GO at this point
2023-12-26 21:29:32
Accidentally double posted, sorry.
ano5832023-12-26 21:28:51
why cant you sell the block land IP? do you actually care to hold onto it? i'm sure there are people who would pay a pretty penny for it, and selling it would make you more money than it's made in 5 years.
basedspot2023-12-25 20:24:40
i'll buy the blockland enterprise

let's revive this thing
2023-12-25 19:47:14
@Blocky builder you are a ducking moron
Peebis2023-12-04 13:20:51
Hey Badspot,

I used to have a Blockland Forums account but now I can't access it or post, is there anyway I could access this?
Roger Bingo2023-11-30 00:51:19
You're right.. I'll help out with that. Funny comic!!!!
Peebis2023-11-29 14:36:18
Hey Badspot,
Hope you're doing well! I Love this game and was an essential part of my childhood.
check your email2023-11-26 02:11:02
I hope you have a good christmas bad spot and reopen the forums so we can shove more money at you for accounts
2023-11-24 13:33:20
Thats really cool badspot god job
Conceicao21342023-11-24 11:54:26
Can you make Mario Land 2 Fun, Badspot
Badspot2023-11-22 16:01:46
Bruh I didn't overdose, I was poisoned.
Mocheeze2023-11-20 01:51:26
Be the change you want to see. Oh wait, that's right, you overdosed on retard and forgot how to make video games.
2023-11-16 21:50:50
kill yourselves
Sydney M'TH2023-11-16 15:56:49
^^^^^ post trauma schizophrenia victim post
Spartans2023-11-14 12:46:09
Schizophrenic? That is quite a heavy claim. You'll at least need to graduate from an undergraduate psychology program or watch one shortcut TikTok video before you are able to prove that claim. Else it's not an insult it could be considered a compliment. "Rambling" implies that it's an insult.
2023-11-12 11:59:29
the insane ramblings of the shizophrenic
Mr awesome2023-11-11 16:49:09
That is not ephialtes
Also badsot ur gay
Spartans2023-11-05 06:18:14
These poor sheltered queers listened to TikTok once and don't know that a 28 year old man has double the life experience of a 14 year old and still likes to play video games.
Ephialtes2023-11-03 23:00:02
Weird that you want to talk about 14 year old girl being too ugly

Now, if you want to talk about a 14 year old boy...
Darius2023-11-01 07:10:49
I love this comment section.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 12:16:04
Your excellency we must inform you that the Brickadia fanbase has neglected to rightly honor the original inventor of the franchise.
kilroysucks2023-10-29 08:52:21
good post. authentic thinking. unsurprisingly offended the faggot brigade. maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right. i agree with you, but it doesn't matter. what matters is being able to call out freakish nonsense. this country got some ways quite quick, and didn't bother to wait for the rest of us to catch up because we might have had something to say about it.

the men who came up with the constitution, they were good people. sensible. some times the last sanctuary on earth for a man includes telling a retard that they are, in fact, a retard. and that's a constitutional right, damn it. men died for it.

it would be a good thing to make blog posting great again.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:59:58
How is it possible? Did He really do that? The only way it wouldn't miss at that level of accuracy would be if-