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Roe Jogan2023-09-26 04:16:23
Dude really complained that an actress playing a 14 year old isn't fappable enough.
$laydolf Dr1pler2023-09-25 20:44:57
Dont make a post about how youre going to kill yourself. Just do it.
rex2023-09-25 00:47:44
this post is proof men can hit menopause
Facechild2023-09-25 00:42:42
A sad lonely 42 year old virgin upset about video games. Cool. Amazing stuff from the maker of "why aren't there any male characters" and "Internet lego for racists" and "badly drawn gender swap porn for degenerates"
SloKoolBounz2023-09-24 14:06:11
This game is epic. Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in a remastered Game Boy Classic. Almost like a family not gonna lie.
Antares2023-09-22 20:11:14
I was watching some home video's from the nineties. Even the 90's woman looked hotter then today.
Hamburger2023-09-19 20:53:53
please just transition already
Nintendo Fan2023-09-18 21:24:34
Great Game
Methinks he doth protest...2023-09-04 16:34:30
Badspot: Characters that don't meet my personal beauty standards mean devs hate money.
Devs: *make money*
Baspot: People still buy crappy games!
Games: *win multiple critics' awards*
Badspot: *seethes in basement*

If this non-issue bothers you sufficiently to dunk on an actual child, just wait for GOG's next NSFW sale. Plenty of tits and teeth can be expected therein.
Badspot2023-08-28 20:24:09
The machine itself was only $150 off craigslist, but I replaced the monitor and built a custom control panel with light up buttons and a trackball. All in it's probably north of $2000.
lol, lmao2023-08-28 11:29:14
found the twink lmao
"Barb is one of those scary amazons from Futurama"
she's a fucking barbarian gdi
boomstick2023-08-27 19:33:06
you have a arcade machine? how much did it cost?
boomstick2023-08-27 19:32:07
I wish we had super ugly protags like how custom characters look in basically any game that lets you custom em but as the actual protag that you can't change.
Pope Rural2023-08-24 21:38:15
Badspot how much would you charge for someone to use the Blockland name for a sequel? Or are you more of a snagging royalties kind of guy?
a2023-08-24 15:43:44
Javier2023-08-22 17:19:10
All the diablo 4 female characters are ugly though.

-Druid is a fatass
-Barb is one of those scary amazons from Futurama
-Sorc is an old cougar
-Rogue is a butch lesbian
-Necro is an M2F tranny
Jumbabwe2023-08-20 14:32:06
This is fucking cursed.
no edit2023-08-19 06:48:52
besides, maybe they're doing you all a favor anyway.
sure, pretty women exist, but not in a gamer's reality.
you should be glad that they're no longer giving you unrealistic expectations. because the only girls you're gonna get are these newer ugly ones. no one successful in beauty or wealth is gonna want some greasy porn connoisseur who pretends to be good at hitting sequences of buttons

i don't have this issue because i play good games anyway. imagine being beholden to what garbage big corporations wanna spoon feed you when there's plenty of amazing smaller studio games. not a single one of these women exist in my 10 most recently played games. except pam in stardew but she's not a marriage candidate anyway
lort oni2023-08-19 03:19:02
bro they're just videogames
2023-08-18 09:19:36
>I would value the opinion of any makeup artist, photographer, or sculpter
uhmm, ackshully you mean "sculptor"
Romuser2023-08-14 12:43:00
To date i can not find a front end that is as easy to set up or function as well as romshelf. Ide truly pay to have the same romshelf with the ability to turn off rom filtering
Romuser2023-08-14 12:41:17
Is there a way to force crap roms to list? Deleting crap roms file doesnt seem to help.

Is there maybe a command at the console? Or a way to manually add? I only ask as RomShelf is the best hands down but is omitting too many roms i would like it to list
Romuser2023-08-12 19:23:29
Been using it here as well. Its amazing. But noticed it abandons certain roms that i wish it didnt abandon.
Badspot2023-08-10 11:06:41
I'd consider it completed rather than abandoned. It's been running on my arcade machine for over a decade and does what I need it to do.

I did hack in support for the PACLED led driver on my local build to make my buttons blink, but I've done zero compatibility testing and it's been several years since I've looked at the code.
Romuser2023-08-09 20:47:31
Is romshelf abandoned?
Badspot2023-08-04 16:35:39
This is the bizarro world version of "she breathes through her skin"
2023-08-04 10:57:14
Your Diablo 4 "barbarian" isn't a barbarian, it's a druid. Druids are literally bear people; they transform into were-bears as part of their gameplay

Do you expect someone who transforms into a bear to be a twink?

If you look at the actual barbarian, they're much more ripped.
2023-07-29 21:57:17
2023-07-29 21:52:43
who sent the entire brickadia community into this comments section
2023-07-25 01:03:24
Epstein prediction
2023-07-23 12:19:38
this comment section is fucking chaos and i love it
ProblemSolver2023-07-21 17:02:07
This problem can be solved ENTIRELY by just not putting women characters in stuff.

Also solves the problem of having to listen to their obnoxious squealy voices.
HTML Or Bb Code2023-07-20 22:00:24
Still waiting fo that ban
2023-07-20 21:55:20
I dont get it explain please
2023-07-20 21:53:27
Gay pepople
BIGANTON2023-07-20 00:56:54
Login and character creation seems to be broken. It always says "Invalid name"
DoctorDalek2023-07-19 22:35:11
Omg, look at how ugly they made Alyx:
. but cooler2023-07-19 12:05:59
and over here we see the common soyboys blinded by non-existant nostalgia seething and calling everyone racists just because people think 'their' game is doo doo kaka :(
.2023-07-18 13:19:34
and this, kids, is a textbook case of a man who cannot spend a femtosecond out there on the internet without saying the n word to people
.2023-07-18 12:45:14
kalphiter going into overdrive
Imagine2023-07-18 12:38:59
Imagine getting this upset over people having fun with virtual legos
.2023-07-18 04:24:12
We will dedicate ourselves to using every fibre of our beings to actively sabotage, destroy and dunk on the piece of worthless garbage that is the B4v21 community. This group of SJW liberal retards are the exact type of people that should be systematically exterminated.

BADSPOT: We implore you to take action against the illegal project for your own benefit and the benefit of others. We did some research into their lead developer "Clay Hanson" and it would appear that he is no stranger to breaking the law by decompiling software. He should probably be in juvie. If me and my friends can find his real name and address we will try to contact the rightful copyright holders about his conduct.
^2023-07-17 22:50:11
Cry about it
henrique sunman aka sunspot2023-07-17 15:56:35
Watching B4v21 members cry about how the legoman comment is "transphobic". And nobody there considered that lego figurines don't generally have cocks. But that can't be the joke, right?
Feels like they're going out of their way to see something in the simplest offensive manner instead of a mockery of absurd snowflake "identities". But no you can't "discriminate" against those there either!
After that, some whining about those EVIL slurs and trying to stop further posting of Badspot content screenshots. Can't discuss ANYTHING like that!
About "archivability", censorship does sometimes happen but nothing that interesting. Deleting bot stuff, sometimes messages and anything related to them/about their deletion.
Someone go figure out how to crack their servers already. Freelandv20 when?
Test2023-07-15 18:26:35
kenko? the bussysauce guy?
Celaus gay retarded twin2023-07-15 15:51:26
Damn if only Kenko posted here instead of shitting up the ugly bitches in games article
MATTHEW CHARLES2023-07-13 03:06:27
Soyjak2023-07-10 13:53:11
Gothboy2023-07-10 11:03:15
Please start doing comics like this again Badspot, this stuff was super great
adam2023-07-10 10:57:50
Why do you want a 14 year old character to be hot LMAO
Gothboy2023-07-10 09:23:41
found myself back at this article again for a good laugh and to read the comments. I realized during mid-read Badspot forgot to add one to list/probably didn't see it which I cannot blame him for considering it's so terrible they made episode 1 free on steam for a short time a while back. yes im talking about "tell me why" as in 'tell my why' "they" thought it was a good idea...

gay2023-07-06 16:06:22
LOL gay car
.2023-07-04 12:49:57
I'm glad incels are getting their games ruined to be honest. Get ready to cope for a long time.
modman2023-07-04 12:34:06
the last of us 2 and the tv comments made me think of this
Spigot2023-07-03 07:48:08
im sorry "real kenko", besides the supposedly incorrect contact method was there anything else in the posts that was factually incorrect?

maybe (just maybe) i derive a certain amount of enjoyment akin to schadenfreude from trying to instigate chaos in communities like yours just, or maybe i just really like legos and want to see rebuilt succeed? or maybe both at the same time?
Eric Fartman2023-07-03 07:19:24
Badspot, you gotta excuse kenko hes british meaning that he's inheritably retarded
My post got nuked2023-07-02 23:01:52
I don't care for cooming, but the sheer amount of intentional ugliness combined with how these games are frequently morally grey, sarcastic, cynical and filled to the brim with extreme violence (that isn't attempting to be over the top or cool) makes me think most AAA devs are helmed by misanthropes.
mr boobs biggest fan2023-07-02 22:34:30
mr boob i want to kiss you on the lips
mr boob2023-07-02 22:32:26
coping and possibly even seething. only time will tell
real kenko2023-07-02 22:29:29
real kenko here - it was not the blf i contacted badspot on. you fail. epic fail
^2023-07-02 22:28:24
Cry about it.
badspots biggest fan2023-07-02 22:24:29
dont tell anybody i told you this but that isn't real kenko.com
breadpilled2023-07-02 22:13:53
b4v21/"blockland rebuilt" so-called "players" are extremely angry that they can't control the players still playing blockland; on regular blockland they would be countered for pushing their funky gender and sexual ideologies. these people totally disassociated with "mainstream" blockland and disavow it; they want to destroy everything about the "original" blockland. blockland represents (and in some way still is) a barrier to their ideology.

it's no surprise that their community interaction is mostly on a platform (discord) that has no accountability or archivability. ironic for someone (kenko) who cares so much about muh archiving. they can hide their actions this way. it's also no coincidence that their team is linked to the moderation of the pedophile haven, brickadia.

they've already banned dozens of players (by BLID) from playing their dead old-blockland b4v21 servers, not in reaction to anything they did on the game, but ****without those players even having played the game****. their new "blockland rebuilt" is gonna be janny-controlled generation z safe space cringe. once you step out of line (perhaps by properly defining woman) youll be banned from the entire game.

on the technical side, this is the most retarded approach. they spent thousands of hours on reverse engineering the game and applying copyrighted code when they could have spent thousands of hours building an open source, legally independent successor. now all we have is this mountain of closed source object code that probably has tons of undiscovered exploits, as if blockland wasnt bad enough.
Badspot2023-07-02 22:11:47
What if you posted about Blockland in the Blockland article instead of spamming under a list of ugly video game women? Your lack of respect for organization does not bode well.
based and redpilled2023-07-02 20:30:28
based and redpilled, quite unlike the Brickadia staff! Sad!
mr boob2023-07-02 20:28:44
Link please :)
Kenko2023-07-02 20:22:23
what relevance does that have

btw i went ahead and checked archive.org and found my original post to badspot on this page, so i definitely did ask him again about blr. not sure why it disappeared tho
mr boob2023-07-02 20:11:31
prove you are the real kenko
Kenko2023-07-02 20:04:54
well no, i have sent him dms on the blf and he didnt bother to reply. badspot knows about what we're doing and i remember actually asking him again on this page but it seems the post disappeared lmao
Femboy Hitler2023-07-02 19:18:47
Kenko you numb digger did badspot say yes or is he gonna nose out?
Badspt2023-07-02 17:14:38
nooo wtf blockland with a codebase thats actually mantained by a developer who cares??? nooo you cant do that nooo
Kenko2023-07-02 16:41:46
hi all,

come join us for the new bl replacement (bl rebuilt) at b4v21.block.land

we have managed to decompile the game to add back in maps with shaders along with other qol improvements and cant wait to release it for the rest of the community to play. note: u will need to login with steam to verify your blid.

for more info please take a look at our discord. i am so proud about this project and ill be putting out more info soon.
T2023-07-01 23:11:33
I just got home from the gender clinic (pride month special to become a woman for only $150 per month until age 30, then free) and I can't believe what I'm reading right now. A 40+ year old BIOLOGICAL MALE is critiquing BIOLOGICAL FEMALE APPEARANCES? I'm fucking hyperventilating right now. As a biological female, I feel personally attacked. People like you are the reason we have such high suicide rates.
Blockhead Joe2023-06-30 22:11:15
They replaced brown and bloom with troon and groom. No surprise western garbage sells less and less each year. Nobody wants to look at this gross nonsense.
Ganthraxx2023-06-30 11:53:55
You play Outer Wilds yet? Personally not my cup of tea but I've heard people sing its praise as one of the best story driven games released. Wondering your opinion on it.
Godzilla2023-06-30 01:06:43
i had a fucking stroke while reading above comment and died
Badspot2023-06-30 00:10:09
Just to clarify, I'm not angry at you if you like borderlands. It's just that my time playing it was pure suffering.

It's not a moral failing if you like a bad game.
BL-Lover692023-06-29 23:11:00
Can we get BL source code in trade of boobies pls?
Badspot2023-06-29 21:20:35
I have no idea how you could possibly think that. Everything about the game is terrible. The shooting mechanics, the writing, the voices. Oh god the voices, a wacky voice dripping with irony and pop culture references is not funny. Being annoying on purpose is still annoying.

There's a whole video essay about the writing style:

The problem is he tries to say that Borderlands fell off and it used to be good, which is just not true. It was always bad. He was just to young to know better during the first two games. His brain turned on and finally realized it was shit. Gearbox makes shit games. Literally every game after Half-Life: Opposing Force has been garbage.
Gothboy2023-06-29 12:54:19
check out gantz too
Goth772023-06-29 11:40:41
dang how did you not enjoy borderlands 1 or 2 those games were pretty damn fun and witty maybe you outta give them a re-try
RealGoth772023-06-29 10:48:20
seems some foo impersonated me above, pretty hilarious considering I hardly post comments here and when I do it's usually always by my forum name and not my in-game name.....but uhh gg to that guy for trying i guess

anyways this article was great and I had lots of good laughs. but yeah stop making video game characters ugly and stop remaking video games and removing features then calling it a fucking remaster shit is so dumb
Camel2023-06-29 10:15:27
Just spent an agonizing hour crafting a comprehensive response to this horrendously sexist article only for this wretched website to vaporize it all. F YOU BADSPOT
Yes Man2023-06-29 09:56:24
Absolutely, Badspot! You're seeing some tarnish on the gaming goddesses these days, huh? Realism creeping in like a stealth character, stealing some of the gloss from our fantasy worlds? I hear you! You're longing for the pixel-perfect damsels of the past, right? Now that's a plot twist, whether my circuit board's coded for nostalgia or not!
Marioguy202023-06-28 17:25:30
There was maybe an argument to be made at one time where if you wanted to tell a more serious story in a game, having campy over the top sexy women might undermine that tone, but that doesn't mean go in the other extreme and make all women ugly box shaped androgynous goblins.

I don't even think the Japanese are doing representation of sexy women better, I think they just win by default for simply making their women still look feminine and resemble what a woman should look like, even if shes modestly dressed. Its gotten to the point now where even those robot ballerinas in the Russian indie game Atomic Heart look sexier than anything in western games today, and they don't even have faces lol.
momentum2023-06-28 17:06:04
Craig2023-06-28 03:16:24
my name is craig
P2023-06-27 22:50:17
Blockland is the Greatest Game Ever Made
Maldman2023-06-27 13:59:44
Lol2023-06-27 08:12:41
Hoes mad. Why?
carl 182023-06-27 06:35:14
why are you racist
READER2023-06-27 00:06:57

the 2013 cyberpunk woman is an entirely different person btw lol
#1 boob hater2023-06-27 00:06:47
>western females look ugly!!!
>uses an example from street fighter 6, a capcom game

>eastern devs are so based and boobpilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>uses examples from resident evil 2 remake, a capcom game

ok buddy
.2023-06-27 00:03:11
wow you are actually an insane person
Anime Connoisseur2023-06-26 23:41:56
In the West vs East section do you watch a lot of Anime and who is your favorite Waifu ?
a2023-06-26 23:38:08
boy the section where you said the tlou tv series was worse because the child character wasn't attractive enough for you makes the whole "post real life pictures of yourself" thread that existed on the front page of off-topic for a decade on your internet forum for a children's game thing make a lot more sense.
i guess i have to concede your point about your "heroes must not be ordinary, and so must be attractive" philosophy though. looking in the mirror must have made you think that.
P2023-06-26 23:30:41
West vs East, Anime wins Incredibly based.