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^2024-02-24 04:22:15
Bruh moment2024-02-23 19:37:46
The article that caused dozens of scam bots to flood this site

This is what hating women gets you
I hope you are happy Hartman
what the fuck2024-02-23 13:02:58
what the fuck
2024-02-22 05:14:13
i regret giving you $20 for your block game 10 years ago
2024-02-20 11:58:35
Whens the next update?
2024-02-05 13:38:31
you won't last 5 seconds playing this game
Balls2024-01-21 18:16:50
So this game was announced over 11 years ago lol.
Anonymous2024-01-19 03:32:56
Badspot, thanks for your blog posts and thank you for everything you have done. I need to get on my soapbox for a bit and say that it's because of creators like you that we are able to set an example and understand the relationship between content creators and their audience during this troublesome time. Blockland and Brickadia, Roblox or Minecraft, I like them all. The negativity of your fans towards your work shouldn't be excused. It's sacrilege. You are a respectable man who's contributed more than most to the online building software community. Your fans often compare you to a degenerate as if you're the singer for a Nu Metal band. You are much more than that, and you helped me learn to respect myself as a gentleman who has control over his natural talents.
wanker2024-01-12 11:35:17
Is that a real game?
ipostedbbcode2024-01-12 11:07:53
because it's still the newest post by baldspot
Boxxed2024-01-08 01:33:34
This blog post was made 6 months ago, why are people still arguing here?
Dr. D2023-12-30 19:29:38
Try the rebuilds sometime, they're certainly... interesting
yes2023-12-29 00:18:34
Badspot2023-12-28 22:56:19
17 years later, I finally watched End of Evangelion and I was surprised to see that Rei is actually consumed by a giant fat guy who looks like this. It's in the movie. I inadvertently made an ingenious reference to something I hadn't seen.
Blonald Blumpf2023-12-28 19:36:14
What do you guys think Badspot does in his spare time now anyway? I'm gonna assume he has over 10,000 hours in CS:GO at this point
2023-12-26 21:29:32
Accidentally double posted, sorry.
ano5832023-12-26 21:28:51
why cant you sell the block land IP? do you actually care to hold onto it? i'm sure there are people who would pay a pretty penny for it, and selling it would make you more money than it's made in 5 years.
basedspot2023-12-25 20:24:40
i'll buy the blockland enterprise

let's revive this thing
2023-12-25 19:47:14
@Blocky builder you are a ducking moron
Peebis2023-12-04 13:20:51
Hey Badspot,

I used to have a Blockland Forums account but now I can't access it or post, is there anyway I could access this?
Roger Bingo2023-11-30 00:51:19
You're right.. I'll help out with that. Funny comic!!!!
Peebis2023-11-29 14:36:18
Hey Badspot,
Hope you're doing well! I Love this game and was an essential part of my childhood.
check your email2023-11-26 02:11:02
I hope you have a good christmas bad spot and reopen the forums so we can shove more money at you for accounts
2023-11-24 13:33:20
Thats really cool badspot god job
Conceicao21342023-11-24 11:54:26
Can you make Mario Land 2 Fun, Badspot
Badspot2023-11-22 16:01:46
Bruh I didn't overdose, I was poisoned.
Mocheeze2023-11-20 01:51:26
Be the change you want to see. Oh wait, that's right, you overdosed on retard and forgot how to make video games.
2023-11-16 21:50:50
kill yourselves
Sydney M'TH2023-11-16 15:56:49
^^^^^ post trauma schizophrenia victim post
Spartans2023-11-14 12:46:09
Schizophrenic? That is quite a heavy claim. You'll at least need to graduate from an undergraduate psychology program or watch one shortcut TikTok video before you are able to prove that claim. Else it's not an insult it could be considered a compliment. "Rambling" implies that it's an insult.
2023-11-12 11:59:29
the insane ramblings of the shizophrenic
Mr awesome2023-11-11 16:49:09
That is not ephialtes
Also badsot ur gay
Spartans2023-11-05 06:18:14
These poor sheltered queers listened to TikTok once and don't know that a 28 year old man has double the life experience of a 14 year old and still likes to play video games.
Ephialtes2023-11-03 23:00:02
Weird that you want to talk about 14 year old girl being too ugly

Now, if you want to talk about a 14 year old boy...
Darius2023-11-01 07:10:49
I love this comment section.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 12:16:04
Your excellency we must inform you that the Brickadia fanbase has neglected to rightly honor the original inventor of the franchise.
kilroysucks2023-10-29 08:52:21
good post. authentic thinking. unsurprisingly offended the faggot brigade. maybe you're wrong, maybe you're right. i agree with you, but it doesn't matter. what matters is being able to call out freakish nonsense. this country got some ways quite quick, and didn't bother to wait for the rest of us to catch up because we might have had something to say about it.

the men who came up with the constitution, they were good people. sensible. some times the last sanctuary on earth for a man includes telling a retard that they are, in fact, a retard. and that's a constitutional right, damn it. men died for it.

it would be a good thing to make blog posting great again.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:59:58
How is it possible? Did He really do that? The only way it wouldn't miss at that level of accuracy would be if-
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:30:27
Apologies. You lost!
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 01:08:02
Easy win for Mr. Hartman here I wouldn't have thought to control the timing to syncopate the upload speed with the world clock until the third comment when it dials in to the exact minute.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 00:54:41
For extra brutality the collector's edition will ship on one of the original whole drives.
AGEOFtIMEFAN6662023-10-29 00:44:07
Ha, the virtuoso is back. This is fantastic. In the new protoype build of Age of Time 2 there are also playable male characters and grammar mistakes inserted by A.i. intentionally by tbe designer(s).
Cyborg0092023-10-28 13:26:32
This game is really great, thanks programmer.
Fricker2023-10-28 02:57:05
you need to come back bro...
napulis2023-10-27 10:13:39
this game gud but no ppl :(((
Blocky builder2023-10-25 16:30:56
Obviously a Blockland relaunch would have a price increase but you could add a discount to promote the relaunch
Blocky builder2023-10-25 16:11:44
Big brain idea just came up in my head while sleeping.
You could make an update that improves performance and rendering optimization and relaunch Blockland as a new and improved version while still keeping compatibility with everything that came before.
Could add some more popular community addons in the default install to celebrate the new improvements.
Maybe even bring back terrain maps but just have shaders and day cycle disabled while on those maps.
Could add some quality of life feature improvements.

The new update could be called something like Blockland 2 or Blockland Revived
2023-10-25 13:44:04
move on
Jwhipple2023-10-25 11:30:06
Or let me continue version releases
Jwhipple2023-10-25 10:54:49
How much would you sell me this game so I can bring it back to life?
James2023-10-17 20:20:05
Is there any way to know what roms romshelf has skipped due to being identified as crap roms? This way i can either rename and or delete them?

Romshelf is by far my favourite front end just this little crap rom feature makes it complicated in the sense i have roms on my hd for nothing and or roms i want missing. If there is a simple way to tell what was crap then we can work around it.

I really Love this front end and hope that one day a mod with no rom skipping could exist
2023-10-06 07:50:43
This feels like a projection
bedpost2023-10-02 19:07:30
ded gaem
Badspot2023-10-01 16:27:25
Only honest comment so far.
Swallow2023-09-30 23:38:32
I hate you
MadSlop2023-09-27 18:04:46
Imagine being 42 and complaining that female video game characters arent hot enough for your tastes. Though, with your looks that seems to be all have left as a choice )-,:
get better soon, you need all help you can get <3
Roe Jogan2023-09-26 04:16:23
Dude really complained that an actress playing a 14 year old isn't fappable enough.
$laydolf Dr1pler2023-09-25 20:44:57
Dont make a post about how youre going to kill yourself. Just do it.
rex2023-09-25 00:47:44
this post is proof men can hit menopause
Facechild2023-09-25 00:42:42
A sad lonely 42 year old virgin upset about video games. Cool. Amazing stuff from the maker of "why aren't there any male characters" and "Internet lego for racists" and "badly drawn gender swap porn for degenerates"
SloKoolBounz2023-09-24 14:06:11
This game is epic. Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in a remastered Game Boy Classic. Almost like a family not gonna lie.
Antares2023-09-22 20:11:14
I was watching some home video's from the nineties. Even the 90's woman looked hotter then today.
Hamburger2023-09-19 20:53:53
please just transition already
Nintendo Fan2023-09-18 21:24:34
Great Game
Methinks he doth protest...2023-09-04 16:34:30
Badspot: Characters that don't meet my personal beauty standards mean devs hate money.
Devs: *make money*
Baspot: People still buy crappy games!
Games: *win multiple critics' awards*
Badspot: *seethes in basement*

If this non-issue bothers you sufficiently to dunk on an actual child, just wait for GOG's next NSFW sale. Plenty of tits and teeth can be expected therein.
Badspot2023-08-28 20:24:09
The machine itself was only $150 off craigslist, but I replaced the monitor and built a custom control panel with light up buttons and a trackball. All in it's probably north of $2000.
lol, lmao2023-08-28 11:29:14
found the twink lmao
"Barb is one of those scary amazons from Futurama"
she's a fucking barbarian gdi
boomstick2023-08-27 19:33:06
you have a arcade machine? how much did it cost?
boomstick2023-08-27 19:32:07
I wish we had super ugly protags like how custom characters look in basically any game that lets you custom em but as the actual protag that you can't change.
Pope Rural2023-08-24 21:38:15
Badspot how much would you charge for someone to use the Blockland name for a sequel? Or are you more of a snagging royalties kind of guy?
a2023-08-24 15:43:44
Javier2023-08-22 17:19:10
All the diablo 4 female characters are ugly though.

-Druid is a fatass
-Barb is one of those scary amazons from Futurama
-Sorc is an old cougar
-Rogue is a butch lesbian
-Necro is an M2F tranny
Jumbabwe2023-08-20 14:32:06
This is fucking cursed.
no edit2023-08-19 06:48:52
besides, maybe they're doing you all a favor anyway.
sure, pretty women exist, but not in a gamer's reality.
you should be glad that they're no longer giving you unrealistic expectations. because the only girls you're gonna get are these newer ugly ones. no one successful in beauty or wealth is gonna want some greasy porn connoisseur who pretends to be good at hitting sequences of buttons

i don't have this issue because i play good games anyway. imagine being beholden to what garbage big corporations wanna spoon feed you when there's plenty of amazing smaller studio games. not a single one of these women exist in my 10 most recently played games. except pam in stardew but she's not a marriage candidate anyway
lort oni2023-08-19 03:19:02
bro they're just videogames
2023-08-18 09:19:36
>I would value the opinion of any makeup artist, photographer, or sculpter
uhmm, ackshully you mean "sculptor"
Romuser2023-08-14 12:43:00
To date i can not find a front end that is as easy to set up or function as well as romshelf. Ide truly pay to have the same romshelf with the ability to turn off rom filtering
Romuser2023-08-14 12:41:17
Is there a way to force crap roms to list? Deleting crap roms file doesnt seem to help.

Is there maybe a command at the console? Or a way to manually add? I only ask as RomShelf is the best hands down but is omitting too many roms i would like it to list
Romuser2023-08-12 19:23:29
Been using it here as well. Its amazing. But noticed it abandons certain roms that i wish it didnt abandon.
Badspot2023-08-10 11:06:41
I'd consider it completed rather than abandoned. It's been running on my arcade machine for over a decade and does what I need it to do.

I did hack in support for the PACLED led driver on my local build to make my buttons blink, but I've done zero compatibility testing and it's been several years since I've looked at the code.
Romuser2023-08-09 20:47:31
Is romshelf abandoned?
Badspot2023-08-04 16:35:39
This is the bizarro world version of "she breathes through her skin"
2023-08-04 10:57:14
Your Diablo 4 "barbarian" isn't a barbarian, it's a druid. Druids are literally bear people; they transform into were-bears as part of their gameplay

Do you expect someone who transforms into a bear to be a twink?

If you look at the actual barbarian, they're much more ripped.
2023-07-29 21:57:17
2023-07-29 21:52:43
who sent the entire brickadia community into this comments section
2023-07-25 01:03:24
Epstein prediction
2023-07-23 12:19:38
this comment section is fucking chaos and i love it
ProblemSolver2023-07-21 17:02:07
This problem can be solved ENTIRELY by just not putting women characters in stuff.

Also solves the problem of having to listen to their obnoxious squealy voices.
HTML Or Bb Code2023-07-20 22:00:24
Still waiting fo that ban
2023-07-20 21:55:20
I dont get it explain please
2023-07-20 21:53:27
Gay pepople
BIGANTON2023-07-20 00:56:54
Login and character creation seems to be broken. It always says "Invalid name"
DoctorDalek2023-07-19 22:35:11
Omg, look at how ugly they made Alyx:
. but cooler2023-07-19 12:05:59
and over here we see the common soyboys blinded by non-existant nostalgia seething and calling everyone racists just because people think 'their' game is doo doo kaka :(
.2023-07-18 13:19:34
and this, kids, is a textbook case of a man who cannot spend a femtosecond out there on the internet without saying the n word to people