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lmfao2023-06-05 01:23:15
fr y'all blockland is dead af.............
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Marge2023-06-02 03:47:41
i feel you badspot
dwaif2023-06-01 18:22:35
the most fun ive had playing a game ever. badspot, please save blockland
sponge2023-05-30 06:28:20
Hi guys
sponge2023-05-30 06:27:39
hey guys whats up
Anonymous2023-05-26 07:51:55
youre bothering this nigga about a game he was done with developing over ten years ago
this nigga started to make the game almost 20 years ago
yet you act surprised he doesnt want to work on it anymore
Sink pisser2023-05-23 02:56:08
>why she standing up tho??

Badspot doesn't understand how women work.
Better and cooler than you2023-05-23 02:52:45
Yes Badspot I'm sure behind the screen you're actually a totally chill and calm guy and not a hostile retard stuck in late 2000s 4chan mentality.
Bum ass nigga2023-05-23 02:49:40
Have you ever been successful at anything you actually cared about? You got close with your game once, but fucked that all up (and still make excuses about it to this day). Certainly aren't a particularly talented artist and far from a comedian. Must suck.
Hating ass stan2023-05-23 02:42:17
Badspot, are you going to be a punk forever? It was close to charming in 2008. I'd reckon now is the time to man up and admit you fumbled the bag?
Stef2023-04-28 18:01:09
I assume that's due to the level-desgin. Many new old-school shooters seem to have scrapped it in favour of graphics.
2023-04-28 12:48:53
obama gaming
Badspot2023-04-22 22:05:17
I have played Amid Evil and didn't like it.
Stef2023-04-16 12:34:49
You should give Amid Evil a go.
g2023-03-30 13:27:38
what are they eating...
g2023-03-30 13:26:53
scra (stands for super cool real awesome)
g2023-03-30 13:26:23
fuckind ghorse.
g2023-03-30 13:24:40
g2023-03-30 13:24:14
topsdaB2023-03-28 19:54:32
thats actually pretty funny
Danger2k2023-03-18 05:08:53
I will be the last blockhead ever. ever..
Landon2023-03-16 17:20:16
I played Age of Time a good deal when I was 10-11 in 2005, my friend had the username Halofreak and cause you to wipe the server due to using a gold duping exploit. I miss this game and consider it a part of my childhood, and still hop in once in a while. Any thoughts of releasing the source code, or even better, reviving this hidden gem of an mmorpg?
f2023-03-09 11:50:58
with that many particle on the screen that must have run like a snail on 1990s computers. How smooth was it?
NinjaNoafa#07292023-03-08 20:28:54
looks like noita spells
NinjaNoafa#07292023-03-08 20:22:55
Hey. This is my discord.
NinjaNoafa#07292023-03-08 20:21:25
I may be some years late. Please if you see this text me on discord. I think that would be super cool to happen on this site.
blockland2023-02-27 19:51:45
brickadia stol yo game bro XD
can the arduboy enlarge my penis?2023-02-27 19:48:20
please badspot add this feature
Obama gaming2023-02-27 19:46:50
Obama gaming
HTML Or Bb Code2023-02-25 13:44:48
Wheres my ban badspot
the beeboy2023-02-25 10:25:18
will the engine source ever be put on github?
Badspot2023-02-22 19:10:20
Goodstripe2023-02-20 15:24:02
I don't understand the joke, can u explain it to me?
2023-02-13 17:24:07
wolf1052023-02-13 03:32:31
Hey badspot, just wondering why forum registration was disabled and if its ever coming back? i made a few add-ons and wanted to post them on there for other people to use.
2023-02-11 21:13:24
thank you
Average Pirate Enjoyer2023-02-06 02:46:44
A note on the Arrival entry: Shaun the Sheep in Farmageddon has a visual gag that parodies the aliens' communication rings with a stain in a pizza box that's shaped just like one of them. Not quite a coffee stain, but close. Almost full circle.
pompmaker12023-01-31 08:31:19
what's going on guys
Karl Marx2023-01-15 13:32:24
100 gorillion dead LMAOOOOOOOO XD
sanguine2023-01-13 08:29:12
enter brickadia 2023
Antares2022-12-22 18:43:32
> Still weird how there's no male characters, and the player has the option to strip female avatar's clothes down to their bare nipples... Badspot, explain...

Only real men want a game filled with (naked) female characters. We need this Malibu Club in Port Town.
maple2022-12-20 21:00:48
hello world from 2022
2022-12-16 07:38:23
How thick a rope should i get?
Hang.man152022-12-12 04:31:04
I will share to my friends, great tutorial. Was very clear and understanding, except the 3rd picture, couldn't really understand what to do but after trying it physically it was pretty easy. Will 100% remember this the rest of my life :).

Good day everyone and die happily.
2022-11-28 16:01:51
really hope this works
joe biden2022-11-21 00:37:50
w ht ethe fuckc
2022-11-19 19:45:40
badspot imma keep it real: you are a god damn faggot. seriously. FUCK you badspot. you jewed out hard back in the day and now you been paying the price.
2022-11-16 17:22:19
I was here
Cleon2022-11-12 06:21:18
Mass Effect uses SI units, so shouldn't it be 50,000 metric tonnes? That's 55,115.566 US short tons.

Also the price of platinum is in Troy Ounces (31.1034768g), not Avoirdupois US ounces (28.349523125g).

Which means 50,000 tonnes is 1.607537 billion troy ounces.

Well 1.6 billion is close enough then!
bubba2022-11-04 19:51:19
Reckless discharge of a gun, That's what the officer's claiming,
Ms.Hyperacusis shouted out "Reckless Hell! I hit just where I was aiming"
deadlyblockhead2022-10-30 02:04:36
I'm glad the game lasted for as long as it did
dude2022-10-28 23:26:00
Nice comic, I like it
Bf2_King4202022-10-22 22:48:42
Haven't played since 10-10-2010, logged into my ancient account, and was like ok how do I load up GSF San Andreas map from 2009... kept searching... finds out you removed maps, requests refund from steam, bring back maps and maybe people will actually play the game they remember and not a crumb of what it was
EliKowlu2022-10-22 22:39:59
Bruhh Badspot pulled a epic gamer move my removing maps from the game and basically made his own game not worth the playing until they're added back, so bring em back
2022-10-08 23:19:28
I hope this works <3
2022-10-08 23:04:58
This very helpful
Censor List2022-10-08 05:19:25
is there a list of words that are replaced on the actual BLOCKLAND forums?

I know "fuck" is replaced by "forget" and "fucking" is replaced by "loving"
"shit" is replaced by "stuff" as well
Daniel2022-10-07 11:45:26
Are you still paying for the game to be playable?
Derek2022-10-04 22:49:26
Removing maps from the game was about the stupidest thing any dev could do
commentponderer2022-10-03 05:57:39
why are there no comments on this one?
hang.man242022-09-24 23:03:43
omg thanc u so much im gunnna do irt rn life to much haha funny!!!1!
coolmen572022-09-22 16:06:22
this is so cool i had an orgasm when i watched it
J_J2022-09-22 10:51:28
man this is awesome even YouTubers love it, great work dude, you should become a programmer if you are not one already.
Azatsky2022-09-22 08:57:05
Please, Update your game Badspot.
someone2022-08-31 02:28:04
thank you. I will do it soon <3
2022-08-30 23:04:58
Just thank youve helped me for years
amogus2022-08-18 20:33:38
Delicious. XDXD
starfyrox1032022-08-14 07:54:37
just wanted to say every now and then i remember this site exists and check up just to see how stuff like this is going. super nice to finally be able to try the demo out, hopefully dev is still going decently well
2022-08-13 11:17:42
mfs out here asking for updates instead of making it themselves
the satan minion2022-08-13 11:16:09
My man badspot subconsciously gave the nazi dudes the officer cap from blockland and they all got lee enfield

bri'ish blockland nazi bros i dont feel so good
2022-08-02 10:59:37
"we talked about the"
finish the goddamn sentence badspot
busy2022-07-26 12:04:32
Infomaniac_2022-07-24 07:08:26
Infomaniac_2022-07-24 07:07:57
Infomaniac_2022-07-24 07:07:12
stan twice2022-07-20 04:01:06
ezraph lostold2022-07-20 04:00:54
This game is my childhood.
raulix22022-07-15 14:37:49
the actual raulix2022-07-15 13:24:47
hey 19 can you stop impersonating me just to cope with the fact nobody likes you? please and thank you
2022-07-11 05:46:24
Why not seems like I'm finally able to rest I can't take this pain anymore
Badspot2022-07-05 11:47:20
If you're using some random garbo controller, you're might have to rebind the controls. It just uses direct input, it's not programmed for your special controller.
2022-07-04 13:08:51
8bitdo controllers cause superballs and running to not exist
Daniel.S2022-06-29 23:43:03
It's mad to see that this is where it all started :')
Jw2022-06-14 20:14:21
Anybody know a good suicide site, with advice on how exactly to do it, materials etc?
QWERTY2022-06-14 15:03:01
When's the next comic bad-boy
Iban2022-06-11 20:16:28
Shitty comic
Shinobi2022-06-09 20:43:33
Im assuming we might see a update one day? Just curious. Really like this front end
Shinobi2022-06-09 20:40:47
A pure no filter list every rom in folder option would be nice, maybe keep that in mind?

Romshelf is the best front end i have found for what i want, if i could fully turn off filtering i would of had perfect.

As a walk around ive resulted to funny names to work around the filters.
Jobo2022-05-31 00:54:11
People STILL play the game. Kingdom of Kronos >
-Dave2022-05-30 00:36:56
Finally got to play the demo... The game is awesome! It feels so strange that I first heard of this game 8 years ago, cool to finally have a go at it! :)
Badspot2022-05-28 19:11:59
Just press jump on player 2. I just tried it and it works.
2022-05-28 13:50:18
I set controls for 2 player but player 2 is not appearing
Raven2022-05-25 09:15:44
People STILL play the game. BlazingRaven <- IGn
re:niggurath2022-05-25 00:33:10
kind of you
2022-05-24 15:53:32
Soon my friends. Soon :)
devvy maccorripio cruo2022-05-24 13:10:17
more like cockland