Miga2015-07-16 04:16:36
Cool and all, but admittedly the title "Mario Land Fun" sounds bootleg as hell.
Miga2007-05-13 13:31:33
Badspot unban plz? plz unban?

Ok seriously. 30 days. Too much. Unban me and I will give you 300 :cookie:s. Plz?
Miga2007-11-21 02:33:51
Uhh. Whats it supposed to be?
Miga2005-11-26 16:27:56
Looks like the HULK. LOL
Miga2007-03-28 00:47:11
fail @ badspot imposter
Miga2007-05-24 22:51:00
Man..this game is hard lol
Seriously, you spawn and get killed at the same time...
Miga2007-05-23 02:01:55
Is this multiplayer? Never joined a server because there's just an empty demo server on the list.
Miga2007-05-19 13:05:36
Are you supposed to get a new gun when you run out of ammo?
Miga2007-05-19 00:58:01
Ty :cookie:
Miga2007-05-18 13:27:04
Can you send me this game? Looks fun...
Miga2007-03-19 03:04:17
Because they wouldn't let him bring his chocolate bar on board.
Miga2007-05-13 13:32:31
RBL = Retail BlockLand not Return to Blockland...
Miga2007-05-24 13:37:04
I know Blood bath and Pload...
LOL at Michael Jackson's Thriller!
Miga2005-11-26 16:29:56
Does it explode after it skids to a stop?
Miga2007-05-19 15:27:27
Five stars for Pload doing the first loop perfectly.
Miga2005-11-26 16:31:58
I think he can get it to drive, because this screenshot looks like the Torque Game Engine Demo level. He probrobly replaced the buggy with this STUFF and ran it.
Miga2005-10-19 13:44:21
Wow Badspot you make some odd things :P
Miga2007-04-28 00:55:00

Badspot can you unban me from BL forums, seriously i learned my lesson and i think 30 days is kinda harsh...please? for Me?
Miga2007-03-28 00:40:43
Badspot's avatar.

Actually some guy who can open and close his mouth really quickly.
Miga2007-03-19 03:02:07
Miga2007-03-21 23:13:32
I could just imagine a the wind-up thing playing wierd techno LOL
Miga2005-10-19 13:41:07
Miga2007-05-07 18:26:03
Someone could Shoop this!
Miga2007-03-23 19:23:42
Above post posted by me.
Miga2005-12-16 03:23:45
this is gay shit. i dont know why you try you cokc suka
Miga2005-10-19 13:42:58
XD very funny
Miga2007-05-18 13:25:57
Reporting you for child abuse you evil badspot!
Miga2009-08-13 07:22:29
@The Fake Wedge:
You realize that the scrolling words/clock that follows your cursor is something anybody can do, by clicking one button on freewebs?
Your brother probably doesn't even know shit about even making a website, and is probably just using a pre-made theme from freewebs for his site.
Miga2009-08-12 15:27:19
Maintainence Mode?
It seems like someone's DoSsing up the forums, with how slow they've been lately.
Doubt that's it, though.

So, anyway...
...come here often?
Miga2009-07-21 05:06:31
And now it's back up. Hmm.
Miga2009-07-21 05:03:21
Uh oh, forums are down again. First, it said "The system cannot find the file specified" and now it's saying that "The page cannot be found" in an IE6 style page.
Miga2008-08-07 23:27:53
It's not the real badspot.
Different IPs.
Miga2008-08-07 22:24:57
Well, back to these forums until the actual one is working again.
Miga2007-05-18 13:05:37
Wtf, I should've been unbanned like a day ago from BL forums...
Miga2007-03-28 00:32:18
They were a while back when the forums broke because blocklands site really sucked (j/k) and for some reason made the forums failed.

I guess this can be forums in case :D :cookie:
Miga2007-03-11 20:00:22
Wow, I remember back then when the forums were down for 2 weeks+...
Bad times..Bad tiiimes....
Miga2005-10-19 13:42:19
Wow this is still up even after the forums are back up?!
Miga2005-10-14 03:06:20
Im hopefully getting my server on October 20th, so I could host your site and forum for free lol
Miga2005-10-12 19:32:08
And yes that is a big list.
Miga2005-10-12 19:30:56
If there are 255 people on the internet, Why do I have over 300 people on MSN, AIM, and Yahoo?!
Miga2005-11-26 16:25:40
Miga2007-05-18 13:24:15
lol at porn and fap fap fap
Miga2007-03-28 00:35:09
Cable nightmare! :cookiemonster: :cookie:
Miga2005-11-26 16:27:15
Hi-Tech w00t
First Comment Poster YAYYYYYYYYY
Miga2007-05-13 13:40:57
Wait..Who is also retarded?
Miga2007-05-07 18:28:18
Kyriakos is right.