Luquado2006-04-02 23:24:09
I'm not with TBM anymore but I'm still egotistical, because I'm better than most of you. :cookie:
Luquado2005-10-11 22:19:57
btw BS you never answered my question about IGC... did set you up with your own booth or were you with theirs, or did you just go as an attendee? How was it?
Luquado2005-10-11 19:55:09
Hey Luquado, maybe I didn't reply to his complaint because I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form, here, bucko.
Luquado2005-10-11 17:53:48
I haven't bounced. But instead of an ad hominem attack on MP for changing the subject, why not answer his complaint?
Luquado2005-10-10 19:45:30
Except that the code MCP is talking about does bear those fingerprints but still was claimed to be written by someone else.
Luquado2005-10-08 23:18:09
Neither RTB nor TBM are "minor edits," bub.
Luquado2005-10-08 17:58:49
Hey Venom, maybe I didn't reply to the rest of your comments because I wasn't aware we were engaging in Lincoln-Douglas debate form, here, bucko. Maybe I just attacked your grammar because nothing you said was of any substance.

But, hey, if it makes you feel better about yourself in your tiny little world like you're some kind of man, feel free to keep mashing on your keyboard. I'll pop in every now and then with remarks like this tinged with sarcasm when I take breaks from what "old people" do - y'know, working, making cash, and later on tonight going out to have some fun. In the meantime, quick question: what have *you* ever made that didn't suck for Blockland? Hm.
Luquado2005-10-08 11:50:39
ya fuckin' goddamn bunch of idiots
Unlike you, of course, who are the pinnacle of human intellect, as evidenced by your rant.
Luquado2005-10-06 19:01:55
You're going to IGC tomorrow? Are you just going or is GG setting you up with booth space?
Luquado2005-10-05 02:40:40
Ace23 said:
i played blockland a while back but then stopped. Now I come back to c how it's doing and it's practicly dead:( this sucks
Meh, 002's been out for about 8 months now, most games don't even make it that long.
Luquado2005-10-04 20:41:06
Whoa. I know kung-fu.