Ratty2007-09-14 20:47:09
not nice, it sux! bann me badspot
Ratty2006-07-16 22:51:38
Ratty2006-04-19 06:35:00
Happy Belated Life
Ratty2006-07-14 03:59:55
Yeah, the secret BL forums.
Ratty2005-10-15 06:21:56
and Badspot will be the one who whips you in the ass every day with him whipping MCP for putting that file in TBM no offence MCP just wanna set a mood(omfg my mom farted).
Ratty2005-10-15 06:17:36
and i hope you burn in hell for being an attention whore and me repenting in purgatory for being a dick
Ratty2005-10-15 17:33:33
Ratty2005-10-15 17:33:32
Ratty2005-10-15 02:05:01
MCE WTF whats with the web site just give me the direct link to the forum
Ratty2005-10-14 23:59:51
btw Grim i can make a forum 4 the clan if u want
Ratty2005-10-14 00:28:38
and ill be happy to provide a forum
Ratty2005-10-14 00:24:30
Thank god Terminal58 pls add doors and keep the plasma blaster and add a fireworks launcher but keep the current inventory system and GUIs
Ratty2005-10-13 18:13:51
so that discrobes the fuckups and the redirections
Ratty2005-10-13 04:56:30
can you say a really ustable game
Ratty2005-10-13 04:17:56
but at least my diheriha cled down(i had to go 2 the bathroom every 5 min and now my ass hurts
Ratty2005-10-13 04:14:27
can some1 tell me wtf happen to blockland.us
Ratty2005-10-12 18:15:56
btw can we have avatars pls
Ratty2005-10-12 18:14:22
look up at me chagne Ip theroy
Ratty2005-10-12 18:04:31
u kno what Fucking Asshole's Ip is Close to Mixmasta's
Ratty2005-10-12 18:01:03
Fucking Asshole you give me more dihareiea then I have now from eating Japanese food
Ratty 2005-10-10 18:45:21
at least you can see ppls IP
Ratty2005-10-10 17:58:41
yep half baked
Ratty2005-10-10 17:58:15
and unlike the offical forums we will have Avatars and Signatures if i can
Ratty2005-10-10 17:54:59
btw Ratty0570
Ratty2005-10-10 17:54:08
and ill be happy to accept some moderators in advance so just IM me and you will be pick by reputation and relationship and there are some front runners in mind you know who you are
Ratty2005-10-10 17:50:30
If BS dosent put up a forum in like 4 weeks ill be happy to make a real forum by 2 weeks
Ratty2005-10-09 23:58:05
I seriously have to move to Asia
Ratty2005-10-09 23:56:03
Ppl will report you MCP unleiss im devoid of charcasm
Ratty2005-10-09 21:32:27
with a cast of 25 or so
Ratty2005-10-09 21:30:40
This feels like a fucking reality show on the internet like The Real World and this would be the Internet season
Ratty 2005-10-09 21:26:26
and JC suck it
Ratty2005-10-09 21:25:50
I sure missed alot while i was in the california farmlands. lost... with a flat...
Ratty2005-10-08 00:28:57
Did he leave yet?
Ratty2005-10-07 01:08:34
Ratty2005-10-07 01:04:25
Now i will magically change my ip wait 4 me to post again
Ratty 2005-10-05 23:53:27
btw you let the dead get in!!!!
Ratty 2005-10-05 23:48:00
wish u can all go to hell u bastards except 4 some people
Ratty2005-10-05 23:44:35
I hate u all
Ratty2005-10-05 00:02:56
even tho we both r in red im a co haha
Ratty2005-10-05 00:00:02
btw if u play guild wars join -:RED:-
Ratty2005-10-04 23:57:49
you can tell by our IP's
Ratty 2005-10-04 23:57:14
im not packer whoever just called me that so stfu dont just accuse anyone right away witchout any proof u dumbass
Ratty2005-10-04 01:00:15
whats the website 4 the RTB forums i usually bookmark it but i replaced my hard drive so yeah
Ratty2006-04-19 06:33:26
Ratty2006-02-15 07:20:21
Funny really funny