VerticalHorizon2005-10-09 04:05:09
Come on to my forums! So we have an organized place to post!
VerticalHorizon2005-10-08 04:02:12
Hey gang, I have a forum you can post on :) Its: I havent been working on it since noone goes there, so if yall wanna come and use that one so we have a organized place to post, id be happy to work on it again, the only thing bad is the banner is outdated, anyways, please come, i know its better then this shit.
VerticalHorizon2005-10-07 04:15:37
Hey gang, holy shit, cant wat till the real forums back up. But yeah, my comps bugged, and I need some help: Why dosent blockland work on my laptop? I mean, i just got Service Pack 2 and everyting, Thermoman, if your out there: WHY?! Well, this was a shitty way to come back to the community, oh well. TCM was going so well and *phht*, comp dies to death. BUT, I put it on File Front before for safe keeping so, if the TCM crew is reading this: Do not worry, the base is still saved, but the new stuffs needs to be modelled AGAIN, so very sorry I did not see this in the future, but at least we still go the base. VerticalHorizon signing off.