AshTR2005-10-11 10:13:01
Originally posted by Manowar:
Hey guys, let's get BlockLand supported for XFire (Just like we did for RUNE).

If you use XFire, (even if you aren't down with BlockLand so much), please post in the XFire forums to help us out.

Go here:
AshTR2005-10-11 10:07:38
Got a few people posting, anyone else? Link is
I finally set it so you gotta register if ya wanna post on there so I don't get random guests.
AshTR2005-10-11 03:27:05
Feh...Backup BL forums for now:
AshTR2005-10-06 18:36:34
You could go for free boards instead, Badspot, like or