Chrono2017-06-26 04:33:14
Hey I'm finally unbanned!
Chrono2016-01-12 12:34:04
"The sample size is huge - hundreds of thousands of games - so the advantage to the red team on certain maps is very real and unexplained."
Maybe blue players contrast more on those maps?
Chrono2011-09-15 19:01:16
I like the Dragon Stabber game. I especially like the part where you are laying down stabbing a dragon that is laying down.
Chrono2009-08-13 17:22:17
Congratulations. Your server now displays the current time and date. I'll be sure to make use of that.

I do look forward to success of bringing up the forums, and I appologize if the above statement seemed offensive.
Chrono2009-08-12 19:44:42
Server broke.
Chrono2009-08-12 15:02:19
Oh damn database errors! More of 'em! D:
Chrono2009-08-13 13:20:47
Looks similar to the one from Toejam and Earl, except less fancy.