ArduboyXL PCB Design
DIY Arduboy PCB
I have completed the PCB design for the ArduboyXL project.

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ArduboyXL CAD
DIY Arduboy Case
I did some CAD work for the case and PCB outline of the ArduboyXL project.

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DIY Arduboy SD Card
I've been working on a DIY Arduboy clone with a larger screen and the ability to load games from a micro SD card.

It's not finished yet, but I've written up what I've done so far.

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Super Official Podcast 03
Super Official Podcast
Against the natural order of the universe, we have produced a third podcast.

We may have done a bad job explaining what we're actually talking about several times, but there are links in the timeline section.

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1lb Combat Robot Progress
Antweight Combat Robot
I've been working on an antweight combat robot.

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Super Official Podcast 02
Super Official Podcast
Another podcast. We cover many topics, including the video games we're pretending to work on.

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Super Official Podcast 01
Super Official Podcast
I recorded a podcast with fellow fraud game developer Rotondo.

Maybe next time we'll talk about game development.

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Arcade Power Panel
Arcade Power Panel
I tidied up the back of my arcade cabinet with a custom power panel.

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Comic The Moon
Moon Comic
I made a comic about a thing around the planet that I live on. I feel like a small child could have written this.

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Workbench Shelves
DIY Workbench shelves
I built a custom shelving system for my workbench.

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