Nitramtj2010-10-16 13:28:35
It's funny, because I was just watching videos about spiders for the past two days. Just needs some scary music in the background.
Nitramtj2005-10-06 21:19:06
Badspot doesn't like tbm because of how mcp and rob have acted in the forums in the past, they were normally acting like gods all the time, and it was annoying, they also had that exploit, and I think he thought that went too far so he banned them, though I would think that he would think tbm has some good coding at least, but basically, the way the creators have acted, thats why a lot of us havn't switched to tbm, and why rtb is still here.
Nitramtj2005-10-03 19:50:36
Yay forums :D, I guess heh