Bri Guy2005-10-09 21:18:25
isn't it kinda hard to catch something like that in a screenshot =\?
Bri Guy2006-07-31 22:53:55
Eat shit and die ladios.
Bri Guy2005-10-06 17:04:30
That is really REALLY odd... it looks like a long flip book
Bri Guy2005-10-10 16:49:52
Bri Guy2005-10-09 20:40:01
This forum is probably even worse than you thought it would be Badspot...
Bri Guy2005-10-03 17:51:46
Will you have the stuff from the old forums on the new forum? or is it another complete redo......
Bri Guy2006-04-12 20:32:42
Badspot is jewish.