Gothboy772018-02-02 08:58:36
@Dephunkt right there with ya brother! LONG LIVE BLOCKLAND
Gothboy772017-09-07 04:27:07
They now have a DuckDuckGo extension for chrome. Makes perfect sense

"The search engine that doesn't track you"

"With a new extension for the web browser that does" #everythingGoogle
Gothboy772011-07-21 17:40:17

I think it's because he is making a 2D game.
Gothboy772011-06-21 22:43:20
God damnit, that 30 seconds is beating me up!
Gothboy772011-06-21 22:32:31
Kids, don't try this at home. ;)
Gothboy772011-06-21 22:31:29
Holy shit I didn't even know what these damned things were called!
Knowledge is food--osht Sonny would kill me if he heard that!
Gothboy772011-06-21 22:26:50
Wow I don't wanna be the one to answer those questions but I just gotta!
- 17
- Not yet
- Oh yes, and not the crappy kind either :P
- Trolol, home school

I like it. The humor is a bit "obvious" however, I like your style. Not many people can make a good humor comic without it being sexual, or just plain stupid. However, you really know how to pull it off.

I write comics myself. I can't draw near as good as you, but I can decently I guess. Anyways, nice work.

Oh, by the way; Yea it would definitely have worked as well as just using the last frame, with the whole "Guess what happened lol" thing.
Gothboy772011-06-15 06:55:37
Woops I forgot my name lol
Gothboy772011-06-13 17:29:11
Wow bro, you know we have the same IP, right? lol
Gothboy772011-06-13 17:23:38
So then are you taking a break from working on Blockland to working on this?
I like the concept a lot. I was surprised to see the dungeon though.
Are you planning to implementing fighting into the game, or is this strictly puzzle?
Gothboy772010-03-28 04:26:46
How the hell do you manage to get this footage? Do you have like an emergency camera?!
Gothboy772010-03-28 04:07:59
Spam Much?