Comic Trolling is not a valid activity
I hope you figured out why this comic features stick figures instead of the usual cast by the end of panel one.

Comic 'This is not a valid activity'

Panel 1
[Troll is defecating on the floor]
Human: Hey guys, what's going on in this - Dude what the FUCK?!
Troll: It's ok, I'm doing it on purpose. I'm just trolling.

Panel 2
Human: But you're... That doesn't even.. WHAT.

Panel 3
[Troll admires his creation]
Troll: U mad?

MegaScience2011-01-24 19:00:46
Hopefully this foreshadows a coming banspree.
LeetZero2011-01-24 21:47:37
I bet y'all 10$ the troll is me.
Kevdude2011-01-24 21:55:59
So true
Bloody Mary2011-01-24 22:07:50
I like how you made a distinction between troll and human.
Like trolls aren't human.
Shadoku2011-01-24 22:28:17
Yep, pretty much sums it all up.
kake2011-01-25 18:20:08
Comr4de2011-01-25 19:56:35
Eli2011-01-26 00:56:17
Ahhh ew but funny
MasterBlockMan2011-01-26 04:29:05
carolcat2011-01-26 17:35:40
Funny... Dem trolls :P
Shadowed9992011-01-28 20:08:05
Im totally the human. :D
2011-02-02 06:00:38
Entertaining stuff, started at the first comic, then wound up here. Many laughs. Now may stumble whisk me back into the vast interwebs.
asas2011-02-07 01:34:53
well i would actually be the troll
2011-02-07 01:35:33
im the troll/human
LordCutlerBeckett2011-02-13 04:16:24
oh god lol
2011-02-20 20:06:33
umad badspot
2011-03-04 22:48:10
You should draw this with the usual cast!
TheScout2011-03-18 22:11:43
So this is Lord Tony IRL...
legolasruels2011-04-04 14:24:57
I'm sure that was some sort of healing crme.
Dont get this
MegaScience2011-05-25 21:26:37
People make stuff that makes so sense just to laugh and then somehow genuinely believe what they've done is okay out of their own leisure. Although you can get better explanations than this.
Kalphiter2011-06-12 20:09:07
Slap some animalistic ears on that thing and it's Night Fox.
Strelok2011-10-21 08:40:28
ha a great hyperbole of failure trolls who are prideful of their annoying deed which no one cares about
Passerby2012-06-18 15:58:19
Honestly? This is the first webcomic series that i have ever laughed at and i have seen most of them...
Lozenge2012-07-15 18:32:29
Accurate description.
counter2013-09-21 22:31:03
Schaudenfreude is schaudenfreude, no matter what. Trolls, ban-happy mods, hackers, pranksters, there all people underneath. Every goddamn person does it. No eexceptios
Bwopper2014-07-24 17:24:49
This is the kind of troll you now see on recent days and years of roblox, when it was better in the old days, now it is fucked.
Bloxers2014-07-25 01:10:25
Trying not to laugh here..
Cca2015-01-25 20:50:13

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