Comic Anger
Because if you make someone mad by deliberately provoking them, that means you win. Only emotionless automatons are valued online.

Comic 'Anger?'

Panel 1
Caption: What you think is happening

Panel 2
[Inside the buffet, 7 years later]
Caption: What is actually happening
Mr.Internet: What the fuck is wrong with these people?

RarwMuffinz2014-06-17 01:42:26
I got you 2 upvotes baddy! Be proud!
Katadeus2014-06-17 21:31:44
the problem being that people try to justify actually being mad with this type of thing
ik it isn't that way with you though lol
MegaScience2014-06-26 15:48:45
Sometimes it is in between, though - Facepalming, mostly.
Bloxers2014-07-10 21:56:56
This illustration.. lmao. So that's what you were like when you were banning my ass of of Blockland's Forum.
2014-08-10 21:15:26
Even simply appearing angry all the time is enough to turn people away from buying your game. Stop being so hostile or people will think you are trying to be a dick, even if it's not the case.

"Get fucked. I don't owe you anything."

You can't seriously give this as a ban reason and not look like a dick to people. It's 100% true that only emotionless automatons are valued online.

You don't want to give emotion. You want to state why the opponent is wrong and why you are right. Doing anything else gives room for the opponent to interpret you as the bad guy.
Crazy2014-10-31 07:18:39
winner are you
Gay2015-01-30 20:48:00
You made a mistake in the transcript; it has the Inside The Buffet caption from another comic.
Better and cooler than you2023-05-23 02:52:45
Yes Badspot I'm sure behind the screen you're actually a totally chill and calm guy and not a hostile retard stuck in late 2000s 4chan mentality.

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