My counter-point to the xkcd comic about using goto.

Zookuw2011-03-04 20:50:01
First I guess :P
Dzamie2011-03-06 17:29:37
I was hoping for the raptor attack anyway in the last panel.
jesse2011-03-23 08:03:46
your sites fkin retarded
Colin Elijah Mullins2011-04-23 13:20:05
Zookuw Hurd About Legend of Zelda
Aeschylus2011-06-02 18:52:12

I love how you make a very unnecessary remark, but you have my name. You dick..
Dezmar2011-06-08 03:45:33
Goku!2011-06-13 00:01:40
Wow, that must be alot of time *that many hours later* ZZzzzZzzzzZzzZzzzz
MegaScience2011-06-15 04:29:11
I don't understand why the comic your parodying would say "goto" is bad. My only experience with that is batch files, but I must say that it's essential to making the code flow correctly. There's no way to avoid it if you want to branch and such. Otherwise, you're dumping tons of repetitive code into it...

But again, I only know it in batch code.
mbuc2017-06-02 12:12:45

In assembly or C it be not good
2019-03-11 16:50:23

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