Comic Pseudonymity
The names are real but the characters have been changed to protect the innocent.

Comic 'Pseudonymity'

Panel 1
Ms.Coop: Are you ready to play yet?
Ms.PvP: I'm still creating a character. I can't come up with a good name.

Panel 2
Ms.Coop: Ah, a crucial step. I try to make my character's name reflect how I plan to interact with other players
Ms.PvP: ... ok I've got something
Ms.Coop: Great! See you in game

Panel 3
[In game names appear as GigglePounce for Ms.Coop and Napalm_Douche for Ms.PvP]

W2011-02-07 14:10:36
Hey, she can gigglepounce me anytime she wants to ... I'll ... uh, I'll avoid the other for now, I think.
MegaScience2011-02-07 14:27:32
Aw... It started off like when I get a new game on Xbox and people are on my ass to get in while I'm still making someone...

Then in turned into... What I don't really get... At least, doesn't happen in my experience...
Iban2011-02-07 15:06:58
In Badspot's world, all women have figures, D cups, and play video games.
mistergiggles2011-02-07 19:38:55
and thats why bad-spots world is AWSOME
Comr4de2011-02-07 21:00:04
I wish Badspot would draw a comic where all the girls fought with samurai swords while eating tacos

in lingerie
Jetz2011-02-07 22:17:57
Well, I'm off to register "Napalm Douche" on Age of Time.
Bloody Mary2011-02-08 22:15:50
I like how the little icon for the webpage is "BS"
LilRobot2011-02-09 23:42:08
That was so fitting for this comic, Bloody Mary.
I'm off to register GigglePounce now.
N2011-02-10 14:09:34
Rule 34 on this please.
SeventhSandwich2011-02-14 18:32:04
In that case Iban, I love Badspot's world.
Shadowed9992011-02-18 04:13:39
I wanna live in Badspot's world.Reality sucks
Guilty Bystander2011-02-18 07:39:13
No kidding. Our world must be Badspot World's hell.
I love you.2011-03-06 03:36:57
Why is there no information about you, or the content of this website?
Am I just blind?
I really love these comics omigawsh
Badspot2011-03-06 04:03:39
What sort of information would you like? Measurements? Blood type?
Super Chao2011-04-10 17:21:11
Intrests, what kind of pc you have(:D), what games we can have contact with you in, that stuff. maybe the job you have too.
Kniaz2011-04-27 01:27:52
I wouldn't mind information on your blood type and health of your liver...
Daedalus2011-05-10 21:08:38
Mady022011-07-18 19:10:13
oooooooo finally more sex

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