Mass Effect Dermal Regeneration
The dermal regeneration unit in Mass Effect 2 resembles a happy face. I did not make this up for the comic.

MegaScience2011-03-03 20:20:44
And her ass resembles a bunch of curvy lines. :) Coincidences go!
2011-05-25 20:06:08
Happey-face er Retisshue resumthing sumthing modele

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MegaScience2011-05-25 21:27:15
That's Mass Effect, not Portal. It even says that in the title and description, you dunce.
Random NPC2011-08-01 02:48:50
MegaScience don't be a dick. "Dunce" knows it's not portal, they were just making a joke because of the eggshell-white style of Portal on the thing.

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