Looks somewhat inappropriate

felix2006-01-12 02:20:32
Badspot2006-01-12 02:36:29
It's straigth from Zelda 64. It's in the game! I couldn't make stuff like this up.
Nick2006-01-13 20:59:13
Firefly2006-01-17 04:28:38
I love this! Reminds me of Mario breakdancing...
Packer2006-01-22 16:21:24
Ah Good TImes, Thats the Guy you Learn the Storm Song and if you Play it he Gets Very Pissed off at you!

P.S Did you rip that off PJ64.
Badspot2006-01-23 02:20:36
I captured it from the camecube port of zelda toot via my tv card
Packer2006-01-23 21:54:34
oh I see
Grim2006-02-28 23:34:46
Ahhh.... Good old days of zelda on n64... Yea thats the weird organ player from the canyon place badspot didnt make it up....
DELTA2006-03-18 21:25:42
HES HUMPING THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DrNo2006-04-02 17:00:32
tay1042006-04-30 03:47:49
Koden2006-06-27 18:31:59
Haha, I know your IP and i can ban you from all my blockland serervs!!!!! lol jk...please dont ban me....Good game, Badspot!!!!
Neozuki2007-03-02 18:34:11
He's also in Majora's Mask. On the second day when its night hes were Kieth comes out the first day.
Miga2007-03-22 03:13:32
I could just imagine a the wind-up thing playing wierd techno LOL
Guy2007-04-20 06:58:43
I loved to use the rain song so that mill wuld go faster. He always wants to play at the same speed, so when you do that, he has to play FAST and if you talk to him, he is angry at you.
Guy2007-04-20 06:58:59
Song of Storms*
Mario71212007-06-21 21:11:01
lol start for sword?
Badspot2007-07-11 00:49:09
This was on the gamecube port of zelda:toot so the b button is red
Guy2007-08-18 22:20:13
Someone should edit this to have a shoop da whoop on the turning part :D
Arturcan2007-08-24 12:40:46
this guy really creeps me out ><
The Oblivion Guard2007-08-28 16:01:29
It looks like hes humping the crate
[email protected]2007-10-26 17:26:41
wouldn't want to hump that thing..you might get slpinters...in..that place...
MegaScience2008-04-21 21:31:08
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SQKIMOA9 The actual song that's playing from that thing he's holding, from Ocarina of Time soundtrack :D
snot2008-05-06 20:50:00
A Cv C^ A Cv C^
Dick Butt2008-08-28 23:00:42
You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby right round, round, round.
Sankuro2008-11-06 00:13:55
lol your equiping the same equipment I equip in that game!
Mr. Kibbles2008-12-23 16:56:22
Err....guys look at his other hand. It seems to move violently.
fred2009-01-23 04:42:49
jack off jack off jack off
TwenteFreak2009-02-19 18:00:31
Box-humping.. a new hobby
Someretard2009-03-29 19:11:39
It's straigth from Zelda 64. It's in the game! I couldn't make stuff like this up.

Technically you do, your an expert game-maker so you could have scripted that into the game... Nuff sed.
wow2009-09-21 00:09:25
That *thing* is so mentally chalanged it is bumping a box...
Riot2009-10-09 12:48:35
He loves to fuck the box
JesusFish2009-10-11 09:44:46
Don't make fun of classic zelda ocarina of time...
Desert Eagle2010-03-09 07:43:43
Hes masturbating ;o
programmerguy2010-04-25 04:52:58
All he did was loop a small scene, but funny!
Makingblah2010-06-14 00:11:34
That poor, poor box.
Conan2010-06-26 18:42:03
Actually, it looks as if the metal tube from his backpack connects to the spot between his legs, and not the box.
Niven2010-07-27 19:03:05
Mr.nick2010-08-15 06:59:33
Ahhh the good old days when people didn't give damn about graphics.
Badspot2010-08-15 07:03:05
It wasn't that they didn't give a damn, its just that they couldn't do any better than this.
Takato142010-11-07 00:54:14
I still dont give a damn about the graphics; I wouldnt trade my N64 for anything. It's all about the entertainment quality of the game, not how purdyful it looks.
Lol2011-02-10 19:11:37
You should'nt have done that.
heh2011-02-20 03:54:48
You should'nt have done that.
mario12011-03-31 00:44:15
is that dude retarded?
cfonz2011-04-13 13:40:47
It's My D**k in a box!
Joey52011-05-25 09:39:53
Humping the box.
Man of Derp2011-08-13 21:57:55
Thats the prototype for the fleshlight everyone
Nassbirne2012-03-22 07:49:55
Step 1: Cut a hole in a box.
seargant2014-04-19 15:20:17
SalivalTheSecond2014-04-26 20:27:47
This is something from Majora's mask,and it looks like thar guy is rapeing the box.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 21:51:04
I have seen the activities of a god...

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