While playing Just Cause 2 with a friend, the following question arose: Just how difficult is it to do a 180 in a car? Can you just jump in a regular car and do it?
I recorded this video of my first attempt.

Try it at home!

BL ID:12501 (from BL)2010-04-17 16:13:20
Must be Easier than it looks..
BL ID:12501 (from BL)2010-04-17 16:13:56
Knaz2010-04-18 12:57:21
Good, but no cigar. Needs more clusterfuck of smoke.
MegaScience2010-04-20 04:51:18
Needs more explosive decompression, limbs and organs splattering around, and the words "This is your brain on stupid." at the end.
Xoax2010-04-21 02:39:48
Now that was pretty fucking cool, so, the question still stands. How hard is it actually?
Radial5432010-04-21 02:46:30
This is why I play Blockland.
Boomshicleafaunda2010-04-21 03:02:22
You should have done a 180, and gone into reverse.
Jirue2010-04-21 03:03:35
Badspot is pure skill.

'nuff said.
General Nick2010-04-21 03:08:17
Fucking incredible.
Ultimamax2010-04-21 03:31:54
TomTheGeek2010-04-21 03:34:43
:O! Also, what maker is the car, Toyota?
Kalphiter2010-04-21 11:14:56
Careful! The Toyota doesn't have brakes!
joekirk2010-04-21 11:22:36
I need to go try this with my parents car be right back.
Tom Gunn2010-04-21 12:44:44
Whoda2010-04-21 14:45:27
Haha. Nice.
Narkro2010-04-21 15:44:19
Comr4de2010-04-21 17:13:45
2010-04-21 17:43:22
Showdown2010-04-22 18:11:18
Hit man2010-04-23 15:40:21
Yea, nice one Baddy, keep doing things like this.
Clockwork2010-04-24 01:22:51
D: Don't want to play GTA 4 with him!
Koolkody122010-04-24 01:44:11
Remarkable achievement.
Spockticus2010-04-24 05:30:01
No you have to jump off a bridge ramp and go a ridiculously long distance in midair.
Pengie2010-04-24 17:45:06
Want to see moar.
Paul 2010-04-25 01:04:24
I've done a 180, then into reverse.
It's called a "bootleg turn"
did it in a chevy.
Onyx 2010-05-08 04:19:15
now we drive like men!
LordCutlerBeckett2010-05-16 20:14:05
Nice. Very nice.
Jeep2010-05-16 21:19:53
Dont try that in a Jeep... Or atleast get a bumper sticker that says "ɹǝʌo ǝɯ ןןoɹ ˙˙˙sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı" (If you can read this... Roll me over")
Jeep2010-05-16 21:20:23
^Edit: Sorry, it was supposed to be upside down text :(
...2010-05-23 00:34:30
lol do a 180 in drifting jeep on blockland
Bloopy2010-06-05 19:27:49
A 360 is a feat.
Skateaton2010-08-15 00:46:25
Roblox's admins aint got shit on Badspot.
Blur2010-08-15 16:00:00
Hahah, nice. Badspot is more skilled than it looks!
Agent Ryan2010-08-22 16:09:46
Badspot can do anything. o.o
TheQuestion2010-09-01 14:00:43
Nice. What if you missed?
Pablo2010-10-23 19:48:15
Lol Drifting jeep
Someone From Across2010-11-07 17:10:32
Lol, first...there was the drifting jeep. Then the drifting turisimo. Finally...
the drifting Toyota.
Mr.KitKat2011-02-12 23:49:56
If you do it with one hand, I will be convinced that you have SOME skill.
James2011-02-27 04:27:21
Hey, I like ur Honda.
Bloody Mary2011-03-02 00:06:38
So, who was filming?
Richard2011-04-23 21:05:48
D*MN.. Thought It was gonna crash.
Sgt Ghost2011-12-24 22:00:48

Yin Yang2013-02-22 02:09:21
if you look closely on the top right banner on the website about blockland you'll notice that it says 0% off !TODAY ONLY!. that means that technically today is the only day you have to pay full price. every other day there's a discount :P i know its just a joke but still i had to point that out
Georges2014-11-28 21:02:36
To those of you asking what car it is and those claiming it's a Toyota; that is very clearly a Honda Civic.
gay2023-07-06 20:06:22
LOL gay car

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