Character drawn by request.

Otis2007-06-17 18:27:38
Omg, which one is she reaching for?!
Shaun2007-06-18 15:27:20
Both o.O
Guy2007-07-25 02:30:38
....Wait...she's gonna put the *censored* ocver the guy and stick it in her *censored*?!
Guy2007-08-18 17:39:54
^Correction: ....Wait...she's gonna put the *censored* over the gun and stick it in her *censored*?! OMFG O.O
Me2007-09-26 06:13:52
lol.. coolio..
MegaScience2008-02-17 13:41:57
Both are bad, I'd want to do her without either
Sheezy2008-12-30 05:14:20
Reminds me of the music video for "twilight zone" by golden earring
Dvpainer2009-01-18 08:42:42
Is that Tomb Raider?
badspots mother2009-01-19 03:06:42
Pixl2009-01-23 00:42:09
Heh heh this is cool

1.condom used
2.gun used
Twix2009-02-26 17:10:28
I just had setup a hidden camera!!

She was very horny, and she was playing with her pussy!!1231231!!11
OSHT2010-04-25 01:20:01
Jenny got a gun....Jenny got a gun..... dog days just begun....cause Jenny got a gun.....
Saint Christopher2010-10-29 00:57:35
Looks like Raven from Teen Tightpants.
ouch2011-02-18 17:33:54
"Honey, you're getting soft..." BLAM!
"Aaagh, my little friend!"
funny :D
SteveBlock9012014-03-11 06:53:13
0.0 its a porn!!!!! oh shet!!

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