emaN ->2011-05-30 08:39:32
OpenGL? are you communist or what?
Sonic2011-05-30 09:56:52
MeltingPlastic2011-05-31 00:14:02
Looks pretty sweet!
daq2011-05-31 16:13:42
Haha, ugliest game ever. I'd tap that. I mean I'd play that.
Reminded me of days when I was proud of my CGA monitor. 3 awesome colors.
MegaScience2011-05-31 23:27:44
Ah, I like it. Just wish there was a simple way of implementing it to the public without tasking on management...
Badspot2011-06-01 00:58:08
>implementing it to the public


>tasking on management

also wat
Doomcop2011-06-03 00:42:44
The pixels and stuff remind me of Dino Run.
Alex2011-06-11 15:56:08
Actually, OpenGL is the renderer most games use. Torque uses OpenGL quite a lot because Direct3D fucks up texture colouring and stuff.
James2011-06-13 13:09:17
DirectX is a over-glorified piece of shit.
Gothboy772011-06-13 17:23:38
So then are you taking a break from working on Blockland to working on this?
I like the concept a lot. I was surprised to see the dungeon though.
Are you planning to implementing fighting into the game, or is this strictly puzzle?
Bluest2011-06-13 17:28:12
It looks like it has potential.
Gothboy772011-06-13 17:29:11
Wow bro, you know we have the same IP, right? lol
Badspot2011-06-15 03:30:16
My current concept for the game is an exploration/collecting game with some metroidvania style unlockable abilities that help you uncover new areas. Combat would be limited to super mario style jumping on baddies or avoiding them. I'd like to have a casual mode that removes most enemies, so the game should stand on the exploration, platforming and puzzles alone.
2011-06-15 06:55:21
Hehe I like the concept you are going for. It seems like one of those classic games I would play on my old NES. The unlockable abilities seems nice too. When I saw you push the blocks onto the spikes it kinda reminded me of an old Legend of Zelda game i used to have for the GBC. So this being a 2D game and all is the work time shorter? Just wondering because I would love to try this out. Got a name for it yet?
Gothboy772011-06-15 06:55:37
Woops I forgot my name lol
Fun Blockland Man2011-06-15 10:23:08
This is so awesome!
Jls9002011-06-17 23:09:42
Your description reminds me of Seiklus. Ever heard of it? Its an old freeware platformer heavily focused on exploration.

As someone who likes to fiddle around with crappy engines and pretend to be an indie game developer, I have my two cents. I like your sprites but hate your sound effects. Chiptunes are so overused amongst indie games that I literally cringe when i hear them, despite how well it fits a style. Did you use a program like sfxr to generate them? The way the ground curves is a really nice effect. I didn't see very much use of particles at all, which I think is a good polish for a retro style. Simple crap like tiny specks of dirt flying up when you run/land on ground and slight explosions when you grab those coins/stars/shurikens could work well. The background work is great, definitely as an exploration mood to it.
--2011-06-22 02:02:36
So this is why v20 isnt out for blockland...
Brickbot2011-06-22 16:38:56
But the Block Party is up,so it might be coming up.
Alp2011-06-28 23:22:05
The nD uses SDL, you could make this for the nD, if you haven't heard of it, it' gonna be sweet.
Badspot2011-06-29 09:39:43
I have seen the nD page before. There's no way it is a real thing. It's a creative writing exercise or a sad sad make believe world.
Owl2011-07-01 03:53:10
harhar kewl...
Even wit the epoic fail at the begining
Lesrock2011-07-11 14:20:01
This is neat.
Althar2011-07-23 07:59:58
Owl, the "epoic fail" on the begining was on purpose.
He was showing us what that hole was and what it did.
Wallacoloo2011-08-02 22:34:15
Sorry, I have to split this across multiple comments...
I wouldn't be so surprised if the nD was actually released. Just look at all the hype from people like Alp. There are thousands of people that would buy it in an instant (including myself - I've always enjoyed tinkering with things like that). He projects his price to be $10, which is a bit of a stretch. I think it's more for marketing purposes. However, it is a very lean design. He could probably get $20/unit in bulk, especially if he settles on a cheap battery. If he sells it for $20, it's still dirt cheap enough to where all the people excited about it will still buy it.
Wallacoloo2011-08-02 22:34:41
If perhaps your doubts are more about the feasibility of a hobbyist to develop such a thing and obtain the parts, the field of electrical engineering is actually very open. Anyone can sample microcontrollers from places like for free, and there's a wealth of information and tutorials on the 'net for how to interface with displays and such. Personally, I've gotten a pic microcontroller to output video to VGA as well as a cheap cell-phone display, and audio to speakers. It's not much further to go until you've got a stripped down handheld console like the nD aims to be. Some people have even independently developed more advanced consoles than the nD just for personal use.
Wallacoloo2011-08-02 22:34:53
If perhaps your doubts are more about why a person would make something like this and sell it at a price just to break even rather than profit, consider the whole world of open source software.

I didn't intend to write such a long letter. But the point is that the nD COULD be successful, and you shouldn't be so quick to reject that possibilty.
Badspot2011-08-02 23:52:22
My assessment of the nD is based on the people involved in the project, not the idea itself. I'm sure a small, cheap, open source handheld could be made - but not by these people.

The nD is being developed by a person who spent 6 years dicking around with a 2D rpg staring himself as the savior of the games industry. In the info about the game the first thing he mentions is himself, as if the author is the most important part of the game. He describes himself as a game maker prodigy despite having never shipped a game (as far as I can tell).

When he got rejected by Nintendo, rather than ship the damn thing on pc or android or iPhone, he threw a complete hissy fit. He staged a protest where he locked himself in a room for 100 days. He has publicly stated "I am far better than Miyamoto, Itoi, Kojima, Carmack, and Wright COMBINED."

The nD webpage is made by this same person. There is clearly no graphical designer on the team. The games section is populated with garbage made by children. Who is designing this thing? Who is funding it? The whole thing is a giant drama fueled make believe ego wank.
Badspot2011-08-03 00:04:00
Upon rereading the description of "Bob's game" on the nD page, I can't rule out the possibility that the whole game could be a joke. The plot of the game references the delusions of the developer about the failure of the game. I'm not convinced this game ever existed.
Wallacoloo2011-08-03 01:40:40
I looked up "Bob's Game", And I have next to no respect for that guy anymore. Although, I am quite confused as to whether it's all a big joke or if he actually did and believes all those things. He claims to have gotten offers from 12 different publishers to publish his game on the DS, and then to have turned them down. He says he wanted Nintendo to make their platform open to indies, and then after failing he decided it would be better to make his own console for indies. But nothing he says can be believed... I'm pretty sure a console with those specs would only be attractive to developers like myself who like to tinker anyways. But regardless, I have to say I agree with you about the nD now.
PS, you should add some sort of character counter to this text-box so I can see how many characters I have left.
Chrono2011-09-15 19:01:16
I like the Dragon Stabber game. I especially like the part where you are laying down stabbing a dragon that is laying down.

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