Angry girl

Otis?2007-04-29 16:31:32
She's pissed off or about to shoot a fireball at your ass.
Badspot2007-04-29 22:46:18
I lol'd
Guy2007-07-25 02:29:30
She's pointing at the private part on that famous nude statue. I don't think you finished the right arm, or is it behind her?
MegaScience2008-02-17 13:05:07
Ya, I think even if it was behind, should show alittle of the arm. Also, yep...she's probably doing that, Guy XD
slacker2008-10-24 19:04:12
????2009-04-16 22:25:53
why does he draw girls
MegaScience2009-04-18 04:57:28
The same reason I do, probably:

I can never get a girl in the positions I could easily draw.
zookuw2009-07-28 17:43:23
Pixl2010-06-14 01:38:20
I lold at what mega said
PlasmaGrenade2011-01-28 19:03:14
NO U!!! >:U

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