L4D Comic Triage
Then they killed her so she could respawn with 50 health on the next map.

L4D Comic 'Triage'

Panel 1
Ms.Francis: There's a safe room ahead, let's go
Ms.Zoey: Wait up guys .. ah this really hurts

Panel 2
Ms.Zoey: Guys there's med kits in there, right? Ah.. I really need one. My arm and my leg.. Guys?

Panel 3
[The other survivors have used all available medical supplies to dress up like mummies]
Ms.Louis: RAWR!

?2011-06-02 14:18:49
All you need is gauze.
Iban2011-06-02 15:13:48
I thought that was a tampon casing on the ground.

Who the hell puts toilet paper in first aid?
Draco2011-06-02 15:58:37
Lol'd, good work
J_MASTER2011-06-02 16:06:29
That explains where all the medpacks go when I get into the saferoom last -_-'
Shadowed2011-06-02 19:09:57
^_^2011-06-02 20:55:00
yndaaa2011-06-02 23:50:17
Well at least they aren't locking her out, I hate it when people do that to me.
yndaaa!2011-06-03 01:55:24
BobSevenSevens2011-06-03 21:59:20
Darkness2011-06-04 15:48:35
MsFranis: Tehehehehe
MsZoey:Hur Dur
Skyfrost2011-06-05 20:59:31
Thats why I carry adrenaline at all times, so even when im injured, I wont be last to the safehouse.
powerdag2011-06-05 21:21:19
I make better comics
Guilty Bystander2011-06-06 01:03:00
I like how they're following the gun safety rule of keeping their fingers off the triggers until they have a target.
Leon S. Kennedy2011-06-06 22:18:36
That's a definite lol.
Asdg09hfsd2011-06-08 02:30:57
Stolen from robot chicken:

Goku!2011-06-12 23:54:08
Lol. Francis and Louis acting like mummies. that is a DEFINITE Lolwut.
Paul DeCo2011-06-13 05:21:12
I really enjoy your comics; keeping an eye on you :3
MegaScience2011-06-15 04:22:57
I'd ask why you didn't actually draw men for the men in this, but everyone will just get mad. Just kind of creeps me out you drew strange guys as hot girls, even if you refer to them as wives. (Why is Bill's wife just as young and hot as the others? What's going on there? So many layers of wrong when you think too hard about this...)

Funny though, I get the joke. Always hated that, yet I can be accused of doing it, myself.
Badspot2011-06-15 07:21:18
The four girls are established characters in this comic series. Here they have been placed into the role of the left 4 dead survivors for the purpose of making a joke about the game. This is common practice. A very similar example from the comic "rooster teeth" can be seen here http://www.tacticalsites.com/skylark/pics/L4Dcomic2.jpg

In the United States, "Ms." is the default form of address for women, regardless of marital status (as opposed to "Mrs." which applies exclusively to married women). The "Ms." names in the transcript are simply there to match the dialog to a character and are often played for laughs as well.

MegaScience, you've forced me to have these sorts of remedial interactions with you for several years now. For my personal records, please answer the following questions:
- How old are you?
- Have you ever been diagnosed with any kind of mental condition?
- Are you on any kind of medication?
- Are you or have you been home-schooled? For how long?
Gothboy772011-06-22 02:26:50
Wow I don't wanna be the one to answer those questions but I just gotta!
- 17
- Not yet
- Oh yes, and not the crappy kind either :P
- Trolol, home school

I like it. The humor is a bit "obvious" however, I like your style. Not many people can make a good humor comic without it being sexual, or just plain stupid. However, you really know how to pull it off.

I write comics myself. I can't draw near as good as you, but I can decently I guess. Anyways, nice work.

Oh, by the way; Yea it would definitely have worked as well as just using the last frame, with the whole "Guess what happened lol" thing.
Vedette2011-06-27 16:20:41
atleast they didn't lock her out.
Mick2011-06-27 16:55:41
This is terrible, seriously. Horrible joke. Nobody with a shred of intelligence laughed at this.
David8192011-07-03 01:26:40
Sophisticated Person2011-07-15 07:40:50
More Mass Effect? :3
Mady022011-07-18 23:08:27
three words for em' sexy...and wierd
Mady022011-07-18 23:09:07
Awwwww no more sexy pages...:(
Bank2011-07-24 01:15:14
Big breasts huh.
MegaScience2011-07-24 11:26:03
I only inquired because I know you can draw men, and I did not expect that you would fill such roles with female equivalents whilst having such an ability. I also never noticed that you established your females as specific characters, in which case it might be prudent to create profile for them like other sites.

- I am 18.
- They used to want to diagnose me, but then they determined I was smarter than other students at the time and did not need it.
- None.
- We would not understand how to home-school. So I have not been.

Also, the link got moved: http://www.tacticalsites.com/skylark/pics/L4Dcomic2.jpg
Attention whore2011-10-19 03:41:23
Those who want to play left4dead2 with me, gamertag is DarkMetaWolf.

Yes, I'm a girl.

Yes, I'm forever alone.

Yes, I realize none of you care.


- Zypher
2012-03-04 17:56:25
I hate mummies
2014-01-15 20:53:12
Why is Zoey a blonde? She has brown hair.

Why is Ms. Louis white? Louis is black.

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