Comic Dear Steve Jawbs

Comic 'Dear Steve Jawbs'

Panel 1
[Door slams open]
Ms.Sleep: AAAh!!
Ms.Think: I have contemplated what I would do if I got jaw cancer like Ebert...
Ms.Sleep: ah... ok

Panel 2
Ms.Think: And decided I would get an iPad with a custom soundboard app and communicate entirely with movie and tv show clips
Ms.Sleep: haha well... It's good to have a plan...

Panel 3
Ms.Think: Yeah. Also now I know what to say when poeple ask me what it would take for me to buy an iPad

Iban2011-03-08 22:58:41
Jaw Cancer is a low threshold for buying apple products.
Bloody Mary2011-03-08 23:07:45
So wait, they're 3 shapely lesbians that share a bed?
Pi2011-03-09 01:10:04
I bet the real reason for this comic was the fact that if you look beneath the waistline on slides 2-3...
Guilty Bystander2011-03-09 01:53:20
@Bloody Mary

I know, things just get better and better. Although Natalie apparently has her own room, perhaps as punishment for waking her roommates in the middle of the night and feeding them chicken embryos.
Eli2011-03-09 02:04:10
Ha ha well this is awesome!!!
s2011-03-09 04:12:12
Is Ebert the cashier from previous comics?
hn2011-03-09 05:51:24
huh? that's clearly a dude in the bed in panel 1
Dippindots2011-03-09 06:42:54
hn, look at the curve of the hip, it's a gal.

also panel 3 nice scrotum
Enter2011-03-09 08:58:51
HAha things are getting better by the minute
2011-03-09 11:28:14
- is that her sleeping in panel 1?
Bad Speller2011-03-11 06:05:41
lol boobies
MegaScience2011-03-18 10:41:37
@Dippindots: I'm so thin, I sort of have that shape... Sort of. Not as pronounced, though. :D
Reverb2011-03-20 22:50:52
Anon2011-04-19 13:33:11
You women are painfully beautiful, always in their underwear, and LESBIANS, but they never do anything (except dry hump in that Mass Effect one). This comic series is kinda like hell.
Maddy2011-07-18 22:56:46
They Both look Sexy If they also were my girlfriend...
Mady022011-07-18 22:57:57
hot?...HOT?!?!?!?!...THE're not hot there sexy...well and hot :P
Mady022011-07-18 22:59:22
i saw another laydy sleeping...i bet shes is more sexy
Mady022011-07-18 22:59:57
i luv boobied girls! :D
Stellar2011-10-08 03:31:52
Its sad that he is dead now...
Quontos2015-01-15 08:10:53
I love how you draw da boobs.

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