Biodegrading Counterpoint
Scotch-Brite public relations has provided me with this compelling counterpoint to the argument set forth in the Biodegrading Comic.

Reactor Worker2011-02-13 22:25:36
You stay classy internet. Stay classy.
MegaScience2011-05-24 22:24:09
... The fuck?
ToastBro2011-08-10 15:52:50
Oh lol...
Mr. event2011-08-11 03:35:09
Pocket pussy
Menen2011-08-17 17:56:49
Badspot what the hell?
Trogtor2011-08-31 17:02:01
Its his Masturbation Machine
Dr Maxwell2011-09-11 09:36:43
Please use it's proper name, "Magnificent Masturbation Station".
Scowl2011-10-02 21:00:58
I'd prefer, "Magnificent Masturbation Manifestation."
Thompson2012-03-24 03:26:39
Will try.
Rebldomakr2016-04-19 06:06:08
Just buy a fleshlight you cheap motherfucker
Waves2016-07-15 19:33:43

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