Portal 2 Mystery Turrets
This is the end of Portal 2 co-op level 4-9. We have brought some turrets along with us. This is not as easy as it sounds.

This was done entirely in game with no cheating or console commands or editing of any sort. Can you figure it out?

Jetz2011-04-26 00:44:56
Quick! Which one of these isn't a turret?
Ninja2011-04-26 02:32:09
Is it the tall one?! I bet it's the tall one!
Endgame2011-04-26 02:41:45
It's obviously the one on the far right. Look how suspicious it is, fools.
Right2011-04-26 12:47:37
No its the one on the far left ... turrets are always active.
Almost Pure2011-04-26 15:15:34
No! The one on the far right is active. It's only blinking.
Sgt. Gary2011-04-26 21:14:26
It's P-Body!!!
2011-04-26 23:14:47
Who did you do the Co-op with?
None Of Your Busniss 2011-04-30 00:32:56
Badspot ur Bad Person You Siad A Swear In A Kids Program Thats Ileagal
Synchro2011-04-30 21:28:27
"None Of Your Busniss (IP: 2011-04-29 19:32:56
Badspot ur Bad Person You Siad A Swear In A Kids Program Thats Ileagal"

oh jesus christ that is so fucking funny
None Of Your Busniss 2011-05-01 00:23:38
What The F*** U Just Say To ME!
Shy2011-05-01 20:14:32
Cool! look New!
Tonkka2011-05-02 11:58:13
None Of Your Busniss (IP: 2011-04-29 19:32:56

1. Who said Blockland is a kids program?
2. Who said Blockland is a program?
3. Who said sweating in a kids program is illegal?
4. Who told you badspot listens these comments?
5. You just sweared.
MegaScience2011-05-04 20:16:42
Dang, I always wanted to do that. But I always Rambo all the turrets. The start of the level, I run in and knock them all over. Then at the vertical Excursion Funnel area, I'd run up there with the other turrets and Rambo them.

I remember last time, I'd save one and hand it to my partner, who'd be laughing hysterically at how I just went wild at them, holding a long survivor.
RAAFAT2011-05-07 18:53:47
Maddix2011-05-10 23:18:38
Back on track People! Looks to me like they are all turrets.. Is that even the Right question?
Macdoo2011-05-12 15:45:39
I bet it's that one hiding behind the second and third turrets, the little green boxy one.
Noblaum2011-05-13 14:11:58
That's just a leprechaun telling them to shoot the fuck out of Atlas when he gets there.
Citrus2011-05-13 20:27:55
The one on the far left looks normal. I THINK THE REST ARE SUSPICIOUS. THEY HAVE EVIL, ORANGE EYES! D:

Nah, far left.
Nero2011-05-19 15:04:01
i think the question is how he got thos turrets to that place...
piratesfan212011-05-23 18:15:49
Maybe there is no answer, maybe its just a trick
AWESOME:D2011-06-08 19:35:18
I think the wrong turret is the left one. I mean, look at the picture! It is not working so how could it be real? All turrets are active!
Munchie2011-06-21 18:36:15
lilrobot2011-08-04 04:51:31
you should let me play portal 2 with you.
jntcoolman2011-08-09 18:30:58
No!! none of them arent turrets cause if you look at the body of the turrets then p-body's body then they are the same so p-body is a turret but with modifications like they took out the kill command the guns replaced the sides with arms and made the legs made for testing so p-body is technically a turret just modified to be built for testing and not to kill
LeetZero2011-08-20 23:17:23
I'd say the joke isn't related to the bots, but to the screen.
A hi-tech sci-fi stuff-you-never-seen facility requiring a disk to proceed. I mean seriously, what?
FUCKER2011-08-21 18:21:51
2011-08-24 04:40:38
Let me guess. You used the portal gun to create portals they would fall into, bounce right back up, but before they came back down you moved the portal, until this was achieved.
DJ2011-08-31 22:41:41
The one on the Far left is Broken and Not Looking at the Camera, Is that it?
Jirue2011-12-03 23:14:55
One of these things is not like the other!
bird eggz2012-04-30 11:25:12
P-Body2020-01-01 09:08:49
Is it me? Is it really me?

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